Glenn Close will attend the screening

“a gripping ensemble piece” - The Guardian

Albert Nobbs unfolds within the opulent rooms of Dublin’s most luxurious hotel, a place designed for the enjoyment of the privileged class. For those who live and work there, however, private dramas are unfolding, and much is not as it seems. Take Albert, the shy butler. He keeps to himself for a very good reason. Albert is actually a woman.

Nineteenth-century Ireland was not an easy place for a single woman of no means. To keep herself from destitution’s door, Albert (Glenn Close, who played the role in an off-Broadway adaptation) has spent over twenty years pretending to be a man. By now it would seem that nothing could spoil her immaculate ruse, but when a handsome painter arrives at the hotel, Albert is tempted to let the mask she’s worn for so long slip away.

Based on the short story ‘The Singular Life of Albert Nobbs’
by George Moore, the film benefits immeasurably from its adaptation, the fruit of a collaboration between Close and Booker Prize–winning author John Banville. Their witty exchanges are handled with utter finesse by the cast, which features not only Close, Mia Wasikowska and Aaron Johnson, but also Brendan Gleeson and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. - Toronto International Film Festival

Glenn Close won Best Actress for Albert Nobbs at the Tokyo Film Festival and has been nominated for an Academy Award

Irish composer Brian Byrne composed the score both for Albert Nobbs and for The Good Doctor