Al Murray, Pub Landlord, will soon be hitting the big screen. Now I for one have failed to see the appeal of this character, but I understand that many of you are pro Landlord. The success of Murray's tour with the waffling barman (whom he never planned on becoming his biggest and most lucrative creation) has lead him to pen a script for a feature length film.

He revealed his plans to The Sun newspaper: "I'd love to do a Pub Landlord film - in fact there's a script and some stuff already written... But with movies, you have to go and find someone who wants to make it. I guess it's 'in development'... With most projects I always think that until it's in the bargain bin of a service station for £1, it hasn't actually happened!"
Commenting on his unprecedented success, Murray said: "I can't believe it - that was never the plan. In fact there was no plan! The character was invented by accident, the most brilliant, divine accident to have happened.

"I think to myself, 'How the f**k did that happen?' It's amazing... If I'd sat down to try to work something out, I'd never have come up with it - but it seems to be working."

Would you be enthused to see this movie?