Winner, Un Certain Regard, Cannes Film FestivalMichel Franco (Daniel & Ana, JDIFF 2009), who after only two features has emerged as one of the finest and most imaginative young directors on the scene, has no use for conventional romantic couples in leading roles. He prefers family members caught up in unpleasant situations. In After Lucia, a depressed father and his teen daughter set out for Mexico City to begin new chapters in their lives after the death of his beloved wife, Lucia. Roberto (Hernán Mendoza) wants to eradicate the past; Alejandra (Tessa Ia), wants mainly to help her father and keep him from falling into complete despair.  

When Alejandra lets the handsome young Jose seduce her in the restroom, the cocky boy films it, then sends it out on the internet. This marks the beginning of the bullying, but it is some time before Roberto becomes aware of what has transpired and sees the footage. Finally, this listless man becomes energized. Not satisfied with a shoddy police investigation after Alejandra disappears at a class beach trip, he decides to take the law into his own hands.

Howard Feinstein, Screen International