Adam Sandler has made a unique deal with Netflix to produce new, exclusive movies for the streaming service.

Whether you love or hate his movies, there's no denying that Adam Sandler is one of the most recognisable faces in Hollywood, and his latest deal with Netflix sees the streaming service look to branch out even further, with the next step being possible world domination.

Either way, Sandler and his Happy Madison Productions company will produce four movies that will premiere exclusively on Netflix, bypassing the usual theatrical release, in all the countries (nearly 50, by the latest count) that Netflix operates in. 

While his latest movies haven't really set the world alight, The Verge have helpfully pointed out that Netflix do know what we're streaming in the privacy of our own homes, and if this deal is anything to go by, then we're clearly watching a load of Sandler movies. 

There are no details on what the movies are going to be about, but we have managed to get some exclusive footage of them having a brainstorming session to pitch a few flicks to the man himself. 

Via The Verge