Oscar season is almost upon us and as we start to compile our lists of who and what we think deserves a nod (John Hawkes for The Sessions, Ben Affleck for Argo etc) one name we don't expect to see printed on any such list is Lindsay Lohan's. No, we usually find her name mentioned on various offenders' lists, causing trouble with the po po and what not; y'know, the usual. The actress has since come out to say that ahead of her dream of falling in love, she wants to bring home an Oscar. Thing is, the closest she'll probably ever come to earning herself a statue is for her turn in The Parent Trap, and that was fourteen years ago. Since then it's been pretty much one cinematic toothache after another. "I'm not focused on that yet," said Lohan in an interview about current TV flick Liz and Dick in which she portrays the late Elizabeth Taylor. "I want to do a ton of movies first. After I win an Oscar, I can start thinking about love."

Alright Linz, in a bid to help you come back from the depths of despair, the constant rows with Dina, your fiery mother, and the hassle of that permanent jewellery you like to wear (otherwise known as handcuffs) we're going to take a look at some of your most recent roles and see if there's anything remotely Oscar worthy among them.

Scary Movie 5 - Coming soon to a cinema near you and if the posters are anything to go by, Lohan winds up in bed with Charlie Sheen which, let's all agree here, can only be a good thing. Ding ding! Oscar in the bag.

Liz and Dick - Good effort with the Liz Taylor impersonation - you've certainly got the eyebrows down pat - but given that your co-star, 'Dick', described this himself as a B movie, we're goign to go out on a limb here and presume it's a steaming pile of pants. Oh and the Oscars don't acknowledge TV movies; soz.

Labour Pains - Boasting a stellar cast of actors nobody has ever heard of EVER, this flick tells the story of a young woman who pretends to be pregnant in order to avoid being fired from her job. But when she starts to enjoy all the special treatment coming her way from friends and family alike, she does her best to carry on with the lie for the full 9 months. Compelling stuff.

Mean Girls - Without doubt the best flick on this list, after the aforementioned The Parent Trap that is, Mean Girls was Lindsay Lohan at her best; healthy looking, funny at points, the quintessential teen actress. Little did she know then that her co-stars Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried would go on to completely outshine her, both starring in many impressive A-List movies. Although don't worry, they've not won an Oscar yet either; there's STILL TIME!

Freaky Friday - You'd think starring opposite Jamie Lee Curtis would earn you at least some acknowledgement but nah, you were much too annoying as parent-loathing guitar playing emo in Freaky Friday. A fun movie though, if you're at home in bed, slightly delusional from a cocktail of Vick's Vapo Rub and antibiotics.

So what do you reckon folks, will Lindsay Lohan ever win an Oscar?