Aaron Paul isn't going to be in the New Star Wars VII, what sort of dastardly-worded headline would give you that impression?

No, instead, everyone's favourite meth-head is rumoured to be playing a part in a spin-off of the series, which could see him playing a young Han Solo.

The news came from a post on the well known Star Wars fan site, Making Star Wars, when Editor-in-Chief Jason Ward reported the rumours he claimed to have gotten from a reliable source.

So basically it could all be bullshit, but really exciting bullshit, so we'll plough ahead with it. 

The current working title is "Luminac Industrial Goods", and supposedly the filming will overlap with The Force Awakens, so that'll be at least two Star Wars films being shot simultaneously. 

There's been three Star Wars spin-offs announced, with Godzilla director Gareth Edwards lined up to helm at least one, so let's put two and two together and say he's doing this one right? Maybe, maybe not.

What we know for sure is there's going to be a boat load surrounding these films, from what they're about to who's working on them, and all the lies in between. So far all we know is that Aaron Paul could make a great Harrison Ford, and that we'd like to throw Chris Pratt's hat in the ring as Chewie.