It's only a matter of time before a homogenised, clean-cut, sanitised version of Michael Jackson's life and career is made into a film.

The King of Pop's impact on popular culture is too much to deny being turned into a film. It may not be soon, but it's definitely going to happen at some point. However, before that time, Bubbles is the closest thing we'll get to a true recounting of Michael Jackson's life.

The script for Bubbles topped last year's Black List - that's the unofficial ranking of the best unproduced screenplays of each year - and has now been acquired by Dan Harmon of Community fame. The plan is to turn Bubbles into a stop-motion animated film ála Charlie Kaufman's Oscar-nominated Anamolisa.

The story follows the pet chimp from his adoption by Jackson from a research facility in Texas in 1983 through to his time in the Neverland Ranch. Bubbles was eventually moved to a sanctuary in Florida when he became too aggressive. Essentially, telling the story from the chimp's perspective is a round-the-houses way of approaching Michael Jackson's story without specifically requiring permission from his estate.

There's no word yet on what exactly the story will cover, whether it will focus on Jackson's child molestation trials or any of the other controversies in his life, but the film is expected to ruffle some feathers amongst the Jackson family.


Via Deadline