Just a day after the first look at 'Toy Story 4' was unveiled, a second teaser appears online.

While the first featured all your favourite characters and introduced a new one, this second teaser features another two newbies.

Voiced by 'Key and Peele' stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, Ducky and Bunny are two carnival toys.

Toy Story 4 second teaser

In the clip, the pair chat away about the trailer for the latest 'Toy Story' movie. Woody and Buzz then join them.

You can check out the 'teaser reaction' here:

It hints that the sequel will include a carnival setting.

Aside from this teaser and the first trailer, the first poster for the film has also been unveiled (you can read our breakdown for it here).

We know the movie will be a tearjerker anyway as Tim Allen, who voices Buzz Lightyear, has spoken about how emotional the final act of the movie . He even said that he "couldn't make it through the last scene."

Tom Hanks, who voices Woody, referred to the film as "a moment in history." He added: "The emotional range of the movies has become more and more deep and profound and affecting."

'Toy Story 4' arrives in Irish cinemas on June 21st, 2019.