Despite the fact that 'Star Wars: Episode IX' is now - as of writing - 266 days away from release, we still have no idea what it'll be called.

Of course, this lack of information is completely intentional by Disney and JJ Abrams in order to build hype and keep everyone guessing. It does, however, lead to people coming up with some wild-ass theories about what 'Episode IX' will be about, and any kind of information you get is immediately suspect.

That being said, this poster - which turned up on Reddit last night after allegedly being removed from Twitter - looks pretty legit. Obviously, we're not going to post it here so we'll leave it a link right over here and you can take a look for yourself.

So, thoughts? It definitely looks real to us. For one, the outfits on Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) and Finn (John Boyega) appear to match an official photo that confirmed the end of filming for 'Episode IX' a couple of weeks ago. Secondly, what's up with C3PO being armed to teeth and carrying a giant rifle? That's way too crazy-looking to be fake, so it therefore has to be real.

There also appears to be a range of different and never-before-seen characters on the poster, including some kind of Daft Punk-looking female character, a new alien character beside Finn, the Knights of Ren in full display, and an entire legion of red Stormtroopers as well.

While it may not be the definitive, theater poster, our guess is that this is most likely a promotional image or the kind that's normally distributed around Star Wars Celebration and the like. Speaking of Star Wars Celebration, the event - which will likely see the reveal of the trailer for 'Episode IX' - takes place on April 11th and runs to April 15th, so expect a lot more 'Star Wars'-related news then.