Promoting new films to the likes of industry types can often take some unusual forms.

For example, we here know of one Irish movie that was promoted by sending outlets a balaclava and a bag of nails. The marketers for It, for example, sent around a jack-in-the-box with Pennywise in it. Alien: Covenant sent out an actual facehugger - which you may have seen on the set of The Movie Show.

This, however, is a totally different league. A new psychological horror's that due out in the summer, Hereditary, is leaving creepy dolls on the doorsteps of American journalists, critics and - in one instance - to Oscar winner Barry Jenkins.

No letter, no explanation. Just a creepy doll asking the recipient to take care of them.

The film was a Sundance hit and the trailer's easily one of the best we've seen this year, so this is probably more about torturing people than actually promoting a film.

Either way, dolls are terrifying and finding one on your doorstep is a sure-fire remedy for sleeping too much.



Via Twitter