Cool, unique and independent movies that you don't have to get off your keester to enjoy? A festival that you don't need a pair of wellies and pack of wet wipes to survive? Hell YEAH! Well that's what our pals at Volta - the Irish owned and operated video on demand service for independent film - are providing; an online film festival. The first of its kind, STREAMS will run simultaneously on seven European Video on Demand platforms from December 1st (the beginning of CHRISTMAS!) right through to December 31st (PARTY TIME!)

So, you're probably wondering, 'what kind of cinematic fare is there to be sampled?' Well, STREAMS gives you access to fourteen recent European feature films and docs that have yet to premiere outside of their national territories. And they're all carefully selected in a way that gives you guys a wide range of films to choose from; they're nice like that at Volta.

How to avail of this unique festival experience? Simples! Head over to or (from December 1st - this Saturday!) and it's all fairly self explanatory. You can stream films individually for a steal at €2.99 or buy a festival pass for €24.99. As for the microwave popcorn? Well that you'll have to sort for yourselves.

Now for a few pichs of our own:

One Hundred Mornings - A handful of people are left struggling to survive in a remote village in rural Ireland following a catastrophic event. As supplies dwindle, tensions mount in a race for survival. When a roaming gang of thugs threaten to steal the last of their provisions the violence escalates. The survivors have to find a way to survive in a lawless world without power, money or communication.

Still Life - The delicate fabric of a family is torn apart when a son uncovers the shocking revelation that his father pays prostitutes to play the role of his own daughter. The son resolves to find out whether his father ever acted on his fantasies, while his sister must somehow sort through her own memories to ascertain whether or not he she was abused. Still Life is a compelling, chilling and remarkably self-assured debut from director Sebastian Meise.

All That Remains - Four people - bound by the common thread of a deeply personal loss - take to the road at a pivotal moment in their lives, hoping to move ahead. In Japan, Nakata resigns from a life-long career behind a desk to start the life he’s dreamed of for 30 years. He meets Ellen, a mysterious but endearing Westerner looking for a ride out of Tokyo. Across the ocean Ellen's brother Ben is heading North along the California coast on a mysterious quest. Along the way he picks up Sara, a spirited hitchhiker from Las Vegas who’s searching for a new life after a troubling marriage. On both sides of the ocean, the uneasy relationships between strangers evolve. As the road unfolds, their fates collide.

Sensation - When an Irish farmer dies, his sole heir Donal is left some land; but Donal hasn’t inherited much in terms of social skills. Despite the encouragement of his best mate, he finds it hard to talk to women, and in frustration turns to the internet. He hooks up with Kiwi call-girl Kim, who has a business plan to see her off her back and behind a desk, greeting punters at her own brothel. Donal’s newfound wealth might provide her with the money she needs, but what might Donal be getting out of the deal? And what demand is there for the services of prostitutes in rural Ireland anyway?