A fifth Final Destination film is happening, despite producers lying to us last time and declaring the last flick, The Final Destination.

According to Bloodydisgusting.com Nicholas D'Agosto (Fired Up) will play the lead with his life in peril, while Anchorman star, David Koechner is being sought for a part also - hopefully he gets to take the piss a bit. This time Death is stalking a bunch of youngsters who survived a suspension bridge collapsing. If there's not a porno about an orgy gone horribly wrong, that plays up on this franchise, then there damn well should be.

The last one was atrocious; barely watchable muck, with phoned in direction and acting. It really stopped being fun a while ago. Also, scripter of the equally shite A Nightmare on Elm Street remake, Eric Heisserer, is also responsible here.