Do you love Groundhog Day? Would you say it's Bill Murray's best film? We definitely would.

Well, maybe that or Stripes. Or Ghostbusters. Anyway, as the real-life Groundhog Day is fast-approaching, a cinema in Liverpool is planning a pretty hardcore challenge for its regular customers. The Small Cinema - that's what it's called - in Liverpool is planning to screen Groundhog Day for 24-hours, non-stop, on February 2nd.

The 1993 classic comedy will be shown a total of 12 times in the space of the day, with those want to try take challenge being offered cups of tea and will only have to pay once. Christopher Brown, who works at the cinema, says that the idea came out from "a mixture of silliness and a genuine endurance challenge."

"At the very least, it'll give the audience a new-found appreciation for Bill Murray's character's plight," explained Brown. That it will.

However, to really get the experience of Groundhog Day, you need to get Ned Ryerson coming up to people who pop out of the screen to use the toilet. You remember Ned? Needle-nose Ned? Ned The Head? BING!