A biopic about WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is in the works. 

"Pandemonium" is set to be directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa who were the directing team behind Crazy, Stupid, Love. The pair are currently writers and producers on the TV series This Is Us. The scrips it written by Craig A. Williams whose previous credits include 2007's Underdog. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the script was initially shopped around last summer but without McMahon's blessing, studios were afraid to antagonise him by taking on the project. One of the producers, Andrew Lazar, has since managed to secure McMahon's life rights and when the new package was shopped around again recently there were plenty of suitors. 

Known for his iconic showmanship, Vince McMahon is the mastermind that made professional wrestling the phenomenon it is today. After buying out his father's company, the World Wide Wrestling Federation, in 1979 he went on to build it into what is now known as World Wrestling Entertainment.

It is not known how much of McMahon's life the film intends to cover. There really are so many events they could decide to focus on. There are the early years as he ruffled feathers in the industry by starting to promote his company nationally at a time when wrestling organizations were regional and worked under an understanding that they would not invade each other’s territories. Or it could involve the late nineties where the then WWF's ratings war with Ted Turner's WCW saw the creation of the attitude era and the formation of superstars such as The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and McMahon's son in law, Triple H. 

Whatever direction the filmmakers decide to go in, here's hoping the find room to fit in his face off with Donald Trump at Wrestlemania 23.