If you were around in the late '80s and early '90s, you'll remember a very short-lived TV show called Alien Nation.

It was based on a movie that starred James Caan and Mandy Patinkin (yes, the guy from Homeland / The Princess Bride / Criminal Minds) about, well, alien refugees who get drunk on gone-off milk and are trying to integrate into Los Angeles society.

Like the best in sci-fi, it was all an allegory for civil rights, inclusivity in society, gentrification, so on and so on. The TV series, even though it only ran for one season, became something of a cult hit and the same goes for the film as well. Therefore, it's kinda cool to see that another attempt is being made at the film with an excellent director attached to it all - Jeff Nichols.

Jeff Nichols' career has been pretty damn interesting. This year's Midnight Special was one of our most highly-anticipated films and it completely delivered, whilst the social docudrama Loving with our very own Ruth Negga is receiving hugely positive reviews and Oscar buzz before it's even been released.

Nichols has signed on to write and direct the remake of Alien Nation for Fox, however no official release date has been confirmed as of yet. Nevertheless, it makes for an interesting choice as his next project and one we'll be definitely keeping an eye on in the meantime.


Via TheWrap