At 79 years of age, legendary director William Friedkin shows no signs of slowing down.

Having directed seminal films such as The Exorcist, The French Connection, Sorcerer, To Live And Die In L.A. and, most recently, Killer Joe, you'd think he'd take a break and rest on his laurels.

Not even close.

Friedkin's signed on to adapt To Live And Die In L.A. for a television series with fellow Oscar winner Bobby Moresco, who wrote the 2004 drama Crash.

The original, released in 1985, is considered a crime classic and launched the careers of Willem Dafoe, William Petersen and John Turturro.

It follows a Secret Service agent (Petersen) who's tracking a master counterfeiter (Dafoe) across Los Angeles and features one of the best car chases in film.

This, naturally, coming from the guy who did The French Connection.

There's no date set for when it'll air, however it's understood that the series will land on our screens some time in 2017, pending script approval.

So, thoughts? We're HUGE fans of William Friedkin, so the fact that he's involved with this intimately gives us a lot of hope.

To Live And Die In LA is an underrated classic, so we're happy to see it get a bit of love and, hopefully, people will seek out the original.

As for casting, Petersen has to make an appearance somewhere and you've got to put Wang Chung's soundtrack in there as well.

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