If you've been following the media coverage of Star Trek: Into Darkness you'll know there was a bit of a to-do over that Alice Eve underwear scene, and whether or not it was necessary. Well, last night JJ Abrams decided to show us this deleted scene, which depicts a rather buff Benedict Cumberbatch taking a shower.

JJ debuted the clip during his appearance on Conan, while discussing the controversy surrounding Alice in her smalls. "I don't think I quite edited the scene in the right way," Abrams admitted. His colleague and Star Trek writer Damon Lindelof went as far as to say he regretted including the scene: "I copped to the fact that we should have done a better job of not being gratuitous in our representation of a barely clothed actress," he tweeted, before adding that Kirk is also seen shirtless in the first and second films.

Was it necessary to get Carol Marcus to pose in her undies? Well, long-term fans of the franchise will know she has quite the role to play in the original timeline, so Maybe that's why it was so important for him to see her in, eh, a new light?

We'll just shamelessly enjoy the Cumberbatch scene instead: We'll hardly see Sherlock buffing up like that, eh?