‘What will we do this weekend?' – this is the million-dollar question asked weekly in WhatsApp and Snapchat groups around the country.

Let's face it; it's hard to think of activities to do with your friends – especially when you're living off a shoestring budget from pocket money or your part-time job at the local shop.

Traipsing through town window shopping loses its appeal pretty fast, and hanging out at each other's houses involves numerous interruptions from nosey parents on the regular. "But, what else can we do?" – ODEON has heard your cries and has come to the rescue with their specially priced teen tickets.

If you're 13 to 17, they have you covered - you can now work cinema outings into your budget. We firmly believe that a trip to the cinema makes for the ultimate day out with your friends and just in case you need some convincing, we've listed five reasons that back this up below.

Word of warning: be prepared for your social calendar to be filled for the rest of summer!

The Planning
Sometimes, planning your day out with your gang is almost as exciting as the actual event. In the week leading up, your phone is buzzing, Snapchats are flying in - you are a person in demand!

"Who's going", "What will we see", "How will we get there?", "What is everyone wearing?" - there's something exciting about planning an outing, especially to the cinema. It feels much more like an event than hanging out in each other's houses does. The pre-cinema planning has a way of stirring up excitement in you and has you looking forward to spending time with your friends.

The Snacks
Once you and your pals arrive to the cinema, it's time to get down to business – ‘Snack Business'. This step is a vital one in any cinema experience, and it is of the utmost importance that it's done right.

Now that you're saving money on your ticket, you have money to splash on large popcorn meals, nachos or pick ‘n' mix, or like us just get one of everything because we thoroughly believe in the mantra ‘Treat Yo' Self'. Pigging out at home watching TV by yourself is not as fun as pigging out in a dark movie theatre with your favourite people.

The Ads
The ads are a pinnacle moment in any cinema outing. They're the perfect time to settle in and get comfy, decide who's sitting next to who, get started on your array of snacks and most importantly – decide what you're going to see for your next cinema trip.

The Big Screen
Of course, the big screen is one of the main reasons why the cinema is the absolute best. Having the gang gathered around a laptop screen at Lucy's house doesn't quite have the same effect as experiencing the latest blockbuster on the big screen.

The size of the screen pulls you into the story in a way which isn't possible on a TV or laptop. You and your mates can forget about the outside world of school, parents and your upcoming dreaded family holiday for a couple of hours.

The Chats
No cinema day is complete without a thorough post-film analysis. Having the chats with your friends after the film is always necessary. Essential topics need to be discussed, such as your favourite parts of the film, your pick ‘n' mix choices and the hottie you all spotted in the lobby.

Whether the chats are had over a post-film ice cream or on the bus on the way home – it's the perfect way to round up your day out.

You can plan the ultimate day out with your friends now at ODEON cinemas nationwide.