Leonardo DiCaprio fans inspire the kind of loyalty that's usually only reserved for pop stars of the teenage variety.

As we reported a while back, Russian women are reportedly melting down their silver jewellery to help build their own version of an Oscar statuette should 'oul Leo not pick up the gong next Sunday night. However, if he wins, there'll undoubtedly be no need.

According to reports, some fans across Spain are meeting up in large numbers the night of the Oscars to help support Leonardo DiCaprio with... good thoughts, we're guessing? Anyway, there's one of those gatherings on in Ireland.

Yes, really.

So far, 4,500 people have agreed to meet up at The Spire on O'Connell St., Dublin on the night of February 29th to "go crazy together" and celebrate DiCaprio's win at the Oscars. Leonardo DiCaprio is heavily favoured to win for his powerful performance in Alejandro G. Innaritu's The Revenant, having already won both a Golden Globe and various other industry awards for the role.

If DiCaprio wins, it will be his first Oscar after six previous nominations. Many believed - ourselves included - that DiCpario should have won back in 2004 for his performance as Howard Hughes in The Aviator. DiCaprio won a Golden Globe that year and would go on to receive several other nominations for performances that included The Departed, Blood Diamond and Revolutionary Road with his Titanic co-star Kate Winslet.

You can read Gavin Burke's five-star review of The Revenant here and in the meantime, let's hope Leonardo DiCaprio wins next Sunday.


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