The hit series 24 is to be finally turned into a proper theatrical film franchise, and not just a feature length episode that will be released on DVD. According to Variety, Jack Bauer will head over to Europe to take on some wrong sorts over here.

Kiefer Sutherland is also an Executive Producer on the show, and is the one who has apparently pushed prolific screenwriter Billy Ray's pitch on the story - which studio 20th Century Fox are happy with. Ray has written the likes of State of Play and Flightplan, while he helmed Shattered Glass and, most recently, Breach.

It's when they would shoot the movie that may cause the biggest headache, as the TV schedule for 24 is hardcore, and the shows hiatus doesn't really give enough time for a location shoot in Europe. It's thought a regular director of the TV show would take the reins for the film.