Despite some analysts citing plummeting audience figures, the figures for 2017's worldwide box office were up 3% from last year - making it the highest box office figures in history.

ComScore's figures for 2017 have it that a total of just under $40 billion - $39.92 billion, to be precise - was made by cinemas around the world. Of this amount, $28.8 billion was made in box offices outside of the US, with the remaining figures - $11.12 billion - in the US.

According to Deadline's estimates, Beauty and the Beast is the No.1 film worldwide with a total take of $1.264 billion, with The Fate of the Furious made it to second place with $1.236 billion. The Last Jedi came in third after just a couple of weeks on release with $1.046 billion, but will likely finish out its run in the cinemas in either second or first place.


Via Deadline