Somehow, just somehow we are not surprised with this bit of movie news. 2 Guns was a forgettable flick and I don't know anyone who saw it but it starred Marky Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington as tough buddy odd-couple cops (I think) so it's getting a sequel.

Producer Randall Emmett who is busy promoting his latest movie Lone Survivor (also starring Mark Walhberg as it happens) has spoken to Collider about his hopes to make a 2 Guns 2.

He articulately said, 'I mean, I think we’re having that conversation. You know, I don’t wanna be so bold to say, you know, it’s 100%. Of course it comes down to Denzel and Mark and the director, Baltasar [Kormákur], who’s doing Everest now, who have to make that decision. We, of course, would love to do a sequel and we are pushing for a sequel.'

Of course they would, the first one made €131.9 million worldwide.

He goes on to say that they have to find the 'right story' that they can 'fall in love with' before anything goes ahead. Ah - 2 Guns was a comic book first and had a sequel (3 Guns) can't they just use that story? Surely it can't be too crap for a Hollywood summer blockbuster. Has anyone read it? Would 3 Guns make good watching? Let us know below.