You may very well be sick of hearing about Back To The Future 2 by the time 2015 finishes.

As you know, the second - and weakest - entry of the Back to the Future trilogy takes place almost entirely in the distant future of 2015.

There's flying cars, shrink-to-fit-your-size jackets, flatscreen TVs and a cafe that's purely devoted to retro culture. It's a wacky time, for sure.

No doubt someone would feel out of place in this crazy-ass future, right? You'd need a welcoming party to guide you through it, right?

Well, some folks on Facebook have done just that.

They've set up a welcoming party for Marty McFly when he arrives in his DeLorean from 1989.

The event, which has almost TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND attendees, will take place in Hill Valley, California on October 21st, 2015.

No doubt when the actual date comes around, there'll be plenty of themed parties  and whatnot to welcome McFly and Doc Brown.

If you're hosting your own Marty McFly Welcoming Party, do let us know!


via Facebook