This Friday sees the release of horror film The Purge, which looks like it's going to be properly scary. This year already we've had the likes of Evil Dead, Antiviral, The Bay and Maniac as some quality scream-fests, but now we're gonna look forward to the ten horror films still come to out in 2013 that we're most looking forward to seeing on the big screen.

Release Date: June 7th
Misleading title aside, the first Last Exorcism was a surprisingly great and properly scary entry into the exorcism sub-genre, and the sequel finds the victim / survivor of the original slowly trying to rebuild her life. But the evil that possessed her once before has returned, with an evil more plan this time round.

Release Date: June 21st
A huge blockbuster budget ($175 million), an A-List director (Marc Foster, of The Kite Runner and Quantum Of Solace) and one of the world's biggest movie stars (Brad Pitt) all involved in a horror movie? You betcha! Based on the fantastic novel by Max Brooks, World War Z finds Pitt in the middle of a global virus pandemic, putting a new spin on the old zombie formula.

Release Date: August 2nd
From the same director of Insidious and its sequel, and also featuring those movie's star Patrick Wilson, this goes in a slightly different haunted house direction, as Wilson and Vera Farmiga play paranormal investigators who are attempted to rid Lili Taylor's house of a powerfully evil presence. Based on a true story, the trailer alone had us jumping.

Release Date: September 13th
All of the original cast have returned for the sequel - including headliners Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne - which, for anyone who seen the cliffhanger ending to the original, should stir up a lot of interest. The first Insidious was an old school haunted house jump-fest, with the Lambert family now investigating what the mysterious link is between the spirit world and their own.

Release Date: September 27th (TBC)
A group of tourists are enjoying a night out in an underground club in Chile when a particularly strong earthquake strikes. Having barely made it out of their alive, the get above ground to discover that the quake has torn open the local prison, and the entire city is crumbling and at the mercy of escaped murderers.

Release Date: October 11th (TBC)
Based on a novel by Joe Hill (son of Stephen King), Horns is the story of young man (played by Daniel Radcliffe) who wakes up the day after the mysterious death of his girlfriend (Juno Temple) to find that horns are sprouting from his forehead. From director Alexandre Aja (Switchblade Romance, The Hills Have Eyes), expect this brand of horror to be particularly surreal.

Release Date: October 25th
There is very little known about the fifth entry in this hugely successful horror franchise, but we can divulge some of the rumours we've been hearing; it's to be set in Mexico, right in the centre of the witches coven who are seemingly behind the entire thing, it is set to star Demi Lovato, and it may well be the final film in the Paranormal Activity series. Oh, and it'll most likely feature closed circuit cameras. But then you probably already knew that much…

 V/H/S 2
Release Date: October 31st (TBC)
The original V/H/S was a collection of six short horror films, and three of them were good, and three of them were not so good. The sequel has upped the ante by getting in a host of new and talented directors (the guys behind The Raid, The Blair Witch Project and Hobo With A Shotgun amongst others are on board) and early word has it that this is a huge improvement on the original.

Release Date: November 29th
Originally set to be released in March, this remake of one of the most famous horror movies of all time is getting pushed right back into the middle of award's season. Maybe the performances of a young tortured but telekinetic Carrie (Chloe Moretz) and her overbearing extremely religious mother (Julianne Moore) are awards worthy? We'll have to wait and see. A warning though, for those who haven't seen the original, the trailer for the remake gives away almost EVERYTHING.

Release Date: December 5th (TBC)
When a group of student activists leave New York and head to the Amazon to save a dying tribe, their worst nightmares come true when they crash in the jungle and get taken hostage by that very same tribe. Based on the graphic 70's horrors like Cannibal Holocaust, and from director Eli Roth (Cabin Fever, Hostel), expect blood and gore. And then more blood. And then even more gore.