Sam Smith may have won the Oscar for 'Best Original Song' a few weeks ago, but Lady Gaga has enjoyed a bigger jump in sales.

The Englishman caused much consternation - including with our own Brian Lloyd, who argued that he was not deserving of the award - by beating Gaga's 'Til It Happens to You' to the prize.

However, even though Smith won, and sales of 'Writing's On the Wall' increased by 466% in the week after the Oscars, according to Nielsen Soundscan [US figures], Lady Gaga sold more.

Billboard reports that 'Til It Happens to You', taken from the soundtrack to sexual assault documentary 'The Hunting Ground', sold fewer than 2,200 downloads in the week before the Oscars. However - perhaps due to her perfomance, or the furore that kicked off afterwards - it sold almost 28,000 downloads in the week afterwards. That's a whopping 2120% increase.

It's extra good news, as Gaga is donating a portion of the sales from the song to "organizations helping survivors of sexual assault."

What do you think was the better song?