The best and the worst of movies, music, TV, entertainment and more from the 2010s

And just like that, the 2010s are nearly over so we're looking back on the best (and worst) movies, music, TV and more from the decade that was.

Didn't that fly by? One minute we're ringing in 2010 screaming along to 'Bad Romance' and the next Lady Gaga is acting and winning Oscars. And that was just her decade.

We've had more superhero movies than we can count, seen the meteoric rise of Netflix and streaming in general, Ariana Grande has gone from Nickelodeon to biggest popstar on the planet, and we've found ourselves emotionally destroyed by the goings-on in Westeros, Fleabag's misadventures and Woody's final goodbye to Andy and his fellow toys, amongst many, many others.

So get nostalgic and tuck into everything that was the 2010s.