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Tuesday 26 July

Mostly overcast today but dry for a time apart from some drizzle in places. As the day goes on, outbreaks of rain will spread from the west, becoming persistent in many areas this evening. Highest temperatures 14 to 19 degrees Celsius, mildest in the southeast. Winds light to moderate, west backing southwest.

Widespread rain early tonight but mainly dry conditions will develop as the night goes on, with cloud breaking in places by morning. Winds will veer westerly, light to moderate, overnight and lowest temperatures will range 9 to 14 degrees Celsius, coolest in the north.

Tomorrow's Weather

Wednesday 27 July

It will be mainly dry during the daytime on Wednesday, with some brightness in places at first. Generally overcast conditions will develop as the day goes on, however, and rain will begin to spread from the Atlantic during the evening and early night. Moderate, westerly winds will back southwest to south and slacken later. Highest temperatures 15 to 19 degrees Celsius, mildest in the southeast once again.

Wednesday night will be overcast, with some moderate or locally heavy falls of rain occurring as the night goes on. The rain will clear to showers during Thursday but this clearance may be a slow process for some areas, and there is unlikely to be much, if any, sunshine. Moderate, southwesterly winds will veer northwesterly during Thursday and it will become fresher overall later.

Friday will be much brighter generally but there will be scattered, mainly light showers to contend with also. Friday will be a much fresher day too, due to moderate or fresh, west to northwest winds persisting. West to northwest breezes will continue on Saturday next also, and all areas are likely to have occasional showers from late morning to early evening. On Saturday night, it will become mainly dry with clear spells, and Sunday is likely to continue mainly dry aside from light showers here and there. With ongoing west to northwest winds, temperatures over the weekend will be a few degrees below normal for the end of July. The early part of next week is likely to be largely dry and a good deal milder generally, but rain seems set to return from the Atlantic before the middle of the week.

Report issued:26/07/2016 07:41

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