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Wednesday 2 September

Today will be a fresh, bright day, with a mixture of sunny spells and cloudy periods. Showers well scattered at first, will be more widespread this afternoon and early evening, with a few heavy ones in places. Top temperatures 13 to 17 C., in a moderate northwesterly breeze.

Further showers in places tonight, but some dry periods also with a few clear spells developing. Lowest temperatures 5 to 9 C.

Tomorrow's Weather

Thursday 3 September

Tomorrow, Thursday, will be another fresh day. Rather cloudy generally, but some sunny spells will develop. Showers will become fairly widespread as the day progresses, with some heavy ones in places. Top temperatures 13 to 17 C., in a moderate north to northwesterly breeze.

Headline: Mainly dry, settled weather for the rest of the week and the weekend, but a few isolated showers will occur at first and it will be relatively cool.

Wednesday night: Mostly areas dry, with clear spells and light north to northwest winds, but a few scattered showers will occur, mainly near north and northwest coasts. Min. 5 to 9 C.

Thursday & Friday: Mainly dry, with a mix of cloud and sunny spells, but a few isolated showers are still possible, especially in the north and northwest. Cool, with max. temperatures of 14 to 17 Celsius, in a light to moderate north to northwest breeze.

Weekend: Temperatures will improve slightly, with maximum daytime values of 15 to 18 Celsius, highest in the south and southeast. It will be mainly dry, with some sunny spells, but some cloud also, with a slight chance of an isolated light shower. Light to moderate north to northwest winds on Saturday will become light and variable by Sunday.

Monday& Tuesday: Early indications suggest that it will be dry, with light winds and daytime temperatures in the mid to high teens.

Report issued:02/09/2015 05:16

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