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Snow White and the Huntsman (Film) Snow White and the Huntsman rating: 3 Star

Should've been better, but beats Mirror Mirror by a mile - Simon Connolly

Snow White and the Huntsman starts as one would expect any Snow White film to begin. The Evil Queen kills her way to the throne and locks Snow White in a tower. Years later Snow White is identified as the fairest in the land and so the Queen decides she must be killed so that she can become immortal. As she is being transferred to her execution Snow White more ...

Prometheus (Film) Prometheus rating: 3 Star

Summary - TrickyFitz

A common trend in hollywood over the past several years has been the remake, sequel, prequel and re-boot of franchises from A Nightmare on Elm Street to X-Men and even Die Hard. Original movies have become far and few between. So when Sir Ridley Scott announced that he was jumping back into a universe which he helped create way back in 1979 one could be more ...

Prometheus (Film) Prometheus rating: 3 Star

A worthy entry to the franchise - Eoghan Bolger

Prometheus Prometheus is a science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott, it stars Nomi Rapace , Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender. The movie is been billed as a prequel to the Alien franchise and follows a group of scientists travelling to the alien homeworld to conduct an investigation there on the origins of mankind. The film is 124 minutes long. more ...

Moonrise Kingdom (Film) Moonrise Kingdom rating: 4 Star

Anderson excellence - Colm2305

If you're not a Wes Anderson fan don't waste your time, Moonrise Kingdom will not change your mind. It may be without Owen or Luke Wilson but this is still firmly set in Andersons quirky world of colourful palettes and erratic clothes all to the soundtrack of a battery powered portable vinyl player blasting out sixties French pop. It's charming and funny, more ...

500 Days Of Summer (Film) 500 Days Of Summer rating: 1 Star

The Catwoman of Kookie - spikeprint

Quirky movies should be resigned to the dustbin of film. I Heart Huckabees should have ended it all, then we would never have to see drivel like 500 Days of Summer. And maybe Zooey Deschanel would still be in some hipster suburb of New York rather than being the poster girl for a movement rather than a talented actress. Beyond awful, avoid this movie. more ...

The Raid (Film) The Raid rating: 4 Star

Let's fight! - Colm2305

The Raid is awesome. That's all you need to know. People get thrown into walls, fridges get blown ups, machetes get swung. If you like action you'll love The Raid. Forget about slow motion or over the top explosions, having a small budget works to The Raids advantage as every punch and kick matters. No special effects here just very hard working martial more ...

Men in Black III (Film) Men in Black III rating: 5 Star

Amazing! - Charlie

I went to this movie on the grounds i was a fan of the first one, i was really disappointed by number two but after seeing a trailer for MIB3 i knew i had to give one of my much loved films a second chance and it didn't let me down! Was fantastic, what i liked was they took out most of the cheese and bad story line that the second film had. Great story, more ...

Bel Ami (Film) Bel Ami rating: 2 Star

It's no Dangerious Liasions - mart1n

This type of story has been told many times before and it is a great story, it's a lovely tale of someone going in and social climbing using every means necessary to get there. But that story i just don't think it totally works here in Bel Ami. Cause first of al the main character  played by Robert Patterson should be slightly more interested in power and more ...

The Raid (Film) The Raid rating: 2 Star

A massive let down - Stefano Brucone

The overwhelmingly positive reviews that this film has garnered perhaps says more about the current state of the action movie genre than the actual quality of a movie that starts extremely well but then quickly becomes unimaginative and dull. Unlike his Hollywood contemporaries, Iko Uwais, relies on his impressive physicality rather than CGI. He plays a more ...

How I Spent my Summer Vacation (Film) How I Spent my Summer Vacation rating: 3 Star

A strong lead gets this a weak 3 stars,other wise wait for the dvd - Eoghan Bolger

How I spent my summer vacation How I spent my summer vacation is an action comedy film starring Mel Gibson and Dean Norris, it is one hour thirty five minutes long and sees Gibson as a criminal arrested for getting on the wrong side of the Mexican mafia, in prison he comes into contact with a boy that a mafia leader is after. Along with the boy he begins more ...

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