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UPC: 101
Sky: 101

16:30 MasterChef: The Professionals (T)

The finalists spend three days at Heston Blumenthal's Michelin-starred Fat Duck...

17:40 Nuacht (T)

The latest news headlines.

UPC: 102
Sky: 102

16:35 Aaron Stone

Live-action adventure series about a teenager enlisted to become the real-life version of a legendary crime-fighting online...

17:00 Deadly 60 (T)

Steve Backshall sets out to visit six continents in search of Earth's 60 deadliest animals.

UPC: 103
Sky: 103

16:30 Judge Judy

Real-life small-claims cases, presided over by outspoken former New York judge Judy Sheindlin.

17:00 Judge Judy

Real-life small-claims cases, presided over by outspoken former New York judge Judy Sheindlin.

UPC: 104
Sky: 104

15:50 Rugbai Beo: Women's World Cup 2014

USA v Ireland (Kick-off 4.00pm). Coverage of both teams' opening Pool B fixture,...

17:50 Dance Academy (R)

Sammy and Ollie's friendship heads into unchartered territory when they embark on a road trip, while Christian joins them to...

UPC: 106
Sky: 105

16:00 The Steve Wilkos Show

The former US Marine, who also used to be head of security on The Jerry Springer...

17:00 Tipping Point

Quiz show, hosted by Ben Shephard, in which contestants answer questions to win turns on an arcade-style machine that...

UPC: 108
Sky: 141

15:00 Commonwealth Games (T)

Continued coverage from Glasgow, where the ninth day of the 20th staging of the...

18:00 BBC News (T)

UPC: 109
Sky: 142

16:15 Flog It! (T)

Anita Manning and James Lewis help value items at Balbirnie House near Glenrothes, Fife, including a Japanese ivory panel...

17:15 Pointless (R) (T)

Quiz show in which contestants try to score the fewest points possible by giving the least obvious correct answers to...

UPC: 110

16:00 Tipping Point (R) (T)

Quiz show, hosted by Ben Shephard, in which contestants answer questions to win...

17:00 The Chase (T)

Bradley Walsh presents as four contestants answer general knowledge questions and work as a team to take on quiz expert the...

Channel 4
UPC: 111
Sky: 135

16:00 Deal or No Deal (T)

Players try to beat the banker and guess the contents of mystery boxes, and could double their winnings with box 23 - if...

17:00 Couples Come Dine with Me (T)

Three pairs of partners from Edinburgh compete to win the £1,000 prize,...

UPC: 112
Sky: 137

16:00 Revenge (R) (T)

Emily targets Victoria's guilty conscience by arranging for her to speak at a benefit for families of the victims of the...

17:00 How I Met Your Mother (R) (T)

Lily becomes jealous of Marshall and Chloe's relationship and starts stalking the...

UPC: 118
Sky: 139

16:40 A Place in the Sun: Home or Away (R) (T)

Jonnie Irwin and Jasmine Harman help Sharon and Simon Robinson, who want to buy a...

17:45 A Place in the Sun: Summer Sun (R) (T)

Sara Damergi helps Steve Cross fulfil his lifelong dream of living abroad by showing...

UPC: 114
Sky: 106

16:30 Futurama (R) (T)

Rapidly rising temperatures threaten all life on Earth, so an emergency conference is convened in Japan - where Professor...

17:00 The Simpsons (R) (T)

Mr Burns vows to reclaim his beloved teddy bear from Maggie. Featuring the voices of...

UPC: 115
Sky: 121

16:00 Got to Dance (T)

A sneak peek at the forthcoming series as Davina McCall and judges Adam Garcia, Kimberly Wyatt and Ashley Banjo return to...

17:00 Ashley Banjo's Secret Street Crew (R) (T)

The choreographer meets members of a youth orchestra who are keen to add another...

UPC: 133
Sky: 152

16:00 Sun, Sea and A&E (T)

Documentary following the misfortunes of British tourists who find themselves lying...

17:00 Animal House (R) (T)

Documentary series shining a spotlight on the staff at SPCA Auckland, who dedicate...

BBC Three
UPC: 116
Sky: 210

14:00 Commonwealth Games (T)

Manish Bhasin presents further live coverage of the ninth day of the Glasgow Games,...

19:00 Commonwealth Games (T)

Dan Walker introduces a variety of live sport from across the ninth day of the...

UPC: 119
Sky: 118

15:55 The Jeremy Kyle Show (R) (T)

The host invites guests to air their differences over family and relationship...

17:00 The Real Housewives of Atlanta (R) (T)

The housewives find themselves in a place of peace and harmony after their visit to...

UPC: 131
Sky: 119

16:50 Duty Free (R)

David's flirting with Linda enrages Amy and although she warns him off, he appears to be taking no notice - so she decides...

17:20 Man About the House (R)

Chrissy and Jo are entranced when they meet Robin's older brother. Comedy, with...

UPC: 132
Sky: 120

15:55 Kojak (R) (T)

A spiritualist has visions of women being strangled. When her predictions come true, Theo contacts her to ask what else she...

16:55 The Sweeney (R) (T)

Regan assists a youth implicated in the brutal assault of an elderly money-lender. Karl Howman guest stars, with John Thaw...

Comedy Central
UPC: 127
Sky: 112

16:30 Two and a Half Men (T)

Courtney hooks up with Charlie after she is released from prison, and Alan worries...

17:00 Friends (T)

Ross and Rachel's separation begins to cause friction among the pals, who feel they have to choose between the estranged...

Comedy Central Extra
UPC: 134
Sky: 128

16:50 Rules of Engagement (T)

Jeff takes a day off to have some time for himself, Audrey discovers her bosses may...

17:20 Rules of Engagement (T)

Audrey is frustrated at Jeff's attitude when the egg implantation process begins,...

Sky Atlantic
Sky: 108

16:00 Without a Trace (T)

Part two of two. The kidnapper realises Samantha is an FBI agent and shoots her, forcing Jack to make a deal to ensure she...

17:00 Blue Bloods (R) (T)

The Reagans prepare for Mother's Day, an occasion that holds particular significance for them - but Frank is also trying to...

E! Entertainment
UPC: 147
Sky: 151

16:00 E! News

Round-up of the day's hottest entertainment news and gossip, featuring up-to-the-minute reports and stories with hosts...

17:00 Total Divas (T)

Eva plans to achieve a winning rank and ropes in fellow WWE star Fandango to help her. Meanwhile, Nikki and Brie enjoy a...

Sky Living
UPC: 124
Sky: 107

16:00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (R) (T)

Sara is used as bait to trap an elusive serial killer who is obviously well-versed...

17:00 RSPCA Animal Rescue (R) (T)

Following RSPCA workers in Australia, as officers help animals in need.

Sky Livingit
UPC: 158
Sky: 222

16:00 The Steve Wilkos Show

The former US marine, who also used to be head of security on The Jerry Springer...

17:00 The Steve Wilkos Show (T)

The former US marine, who also used to be head of security on The Jerry Springer...

UPC: 126
Sky: 124

16:00 Medium (T)

Allison decides to seek out a former schoolfriend who appears in her dreams, and a man needs help to find his missing...

17:00 Law & Order: Criminal Intent

The detectives investigate the murder of a maths student who operated an illicit...

UPC: 122
Sky: 111

16:00 Top Gear (T)

Richard Hammond drives the Porsche 918 Spyder and Jeremy Clarkson creates a public information film with James May to...

17:00 Lizard Lick Towing (T)

Cassie returns to the town, and reveals a shocking secret to Bobby, while Cousin...

UPC: 120
Sky: 110

16:40 Open All Hours (T)

Arkwright loses his trousers on the way to the wedding of Nurse Gladys Emmanuel's niece. Comedy, starring Ronnie Barker and...

17:20 Open All Hours (T)

Arkwright invents a saint's day as a pretext for checking a suspected shoplifter's pockets. Comedy, starring Ronnie Barker...

Channel 5

15:15 The Memory Keeper's Daughter (T)

(2008, General Movie/Drama) A doctor decides to send his newborn Down's syndrome...

17:00 5 News at 5 (T)

Emma Crosby presents a round-up of the day's headlines from around the world.

Sky: 109

16:30 Beverly Hills Pawn

Yossi and Aria meet Neil Armstrong's son, and a dog trainer sells a necklace.

17:00 Primeval (T)

An anomaly opens underwater, dragging a teenage boy into a drain, so Cutter's team launches a frantic search that leads to a...

UPC: 151
Sky: 132

16:00 Murdoch Mysteries (T)

Murdoch meets Marcel Guillaume, the detective who was the inspiration for Georges...

17:00 Castle (T)

Beckett and Castle learn a murder victim had a wife and a fiancee, but the case is complicated further when they discover he...

Universal Channel
UPC: 123
Sky: 113

16:00 Law & Order (T)

A nurse is arrested on suspicion of performing illegal sterilisations on teenagers without their knowledge - a policy that...

17:00 Law & Order (T)

Fontana and Green track down a woman who has not only killed a young mother and stolen her newborn son, but also managed to...

UPC: 129
Sky: 114

16:00 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Giles returns to Sunnydale, protecting three teenage girls who have the potential to...

17:00 Smallville

Clark and Lois set off for a romantic break at an inn, where they encounter Chloe and Oliver - and the villainous Silver...

Sky: 166

16:00 Bergerac (T)

Jim goes against his better judgement and helps Philippa Vale discover who is trying to kill her.

17:00 Lovejoy (T)

While in hospital, Lovejoy asks Lady Jane and Tinker to sell a terra cotta Chinese pig to a Chinese banker. However, they...

UPC: 512
Sky: 246

16:00 A Place in the Sun: Home or Away

Troy and Sally Leacock, whose home was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, turn to...

17:00 Fantasy Homes by the Sea (T)

Jenni Falconer helps a couple find their perfect home on the south Devon coast.

Sky: 248

16:00 Helicopter Heroes

Rav Wilding follows the work of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance service as it helps a jockey who has been thrown from her horse...

17:00 Emergency Bikers (T)

A schoolboy is hit by a car, the paramedics are called to a canal boat, and the...

Good Food
Sky: 247

16:30 MasterChef: The Professionals - Michel's Classics (T)

Michel Roux Jr creates more classic dishes from the show, including chicken with...

17:00 River Cottage Veg (T)

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall goes wild swimming with vegetarian triathlete Colin...

Sky Arts 1
UPC: 141
Sky: 129

16:45 Arts Scholarships 2014 - Compilation

A look at the work of all five recipients of Sky Academy Arts scholarships, who each...

17:45 Begin Again Special

Mark Ruffalo, Keira Knightley and James Corden discuss their roles in the comedy...

Sky Arts 2
UPC: 142
Sky: 130

16:15 Masters of American Music

The story of jazz singer Billie Holiday, who broke away from her life on the streets...

17:35 Nina Simone: The Legend (T)

Profile of the celebrated jazz and blues singer and musician, who was renowned for...

Challenge TV
UPC: 157
Sky: 145

15:40 Total Wipeout (T)

Richard Hammond and Amanda Byram host as 20 more contestants compete in physically demanding games on the purpose-built...

17:00 The Crystal Maze (T)

Another team takes on ingenious games and fiendish challenges in a giant fantasy...

Fashion TV


FashionTV presents the world?s greatest and most memorable fashion moments. Join us as we grant you exclusive access to the...

17:00 fashion news


UPC: 825
Sky: 799

16:29 Questions pour un Champion

A general knowledge quiz presented by Julien Lepers.

17:00 Flash Info

News up-date in pictures from the TV5MONDE news staff.

National Geographic
UPC: 215
Sky: 526

16:00 Survive the Tribe

Survival expert Hazen Audel rides into Siberia's Altai mountains with a group of Mongolian Kazakhs, learning how its members...

17:00 Die Trying

An extreme rock climber attempts to scale the sheer faces of Yosemite's Triple Crown. It's a difficult enough challenge -...

Discovery Channel
UPC: 208
Sky: 520

16:30 Auction Hunters

Allen Haff and Ton Jones put their bidding skills to the test against Hawaiian locals, and discover a vintage motor scooter...

17:00 Sons of Guns

Will Hayden and the team take on the daunting task of adding a silencer to a fully automatic grenade launcher, while Kris...

Animal Planet
UPC: 213
Sky: 523

16:00 Too Cute!

Documentary following three litters of Savannah, Siberian and shorthair kittens through the first few months of their lives.

17:00 Animal Cops San Francisco

Lieutenant Scott uncovers an illegal cache of constrictor snakes, raising concerns...

Discovery History
UPC: 212
Sky: 535

16:00 Unsolved History

Tracing a parachuting plane robber from 1971, using the latest in sophisticated forensic techniques.

17:00 Mysteries of Asia

A journey to southern India, exploring some of the largest temples of all time, built around 1,000 years ago.

UPC: 121
Sky: 125

16:00 Cake Boss

Buddy tries to make a space-shuttle cake for Nasa that actually flies, and a disagreement over the store display causes...

17:00 Cake Boss

Buddy and Lisa finally renew their vows aboard a Disney Cruise. Later, potential storms threaten to make their beach wedding...

Discovery Science
UPC: 211
Sky: 525

16:00 Venice Sinking City

The efforts to prevent Italy's famous city from drowning beneath the rising tides of...

17:00 Food Factory

The production of chick peas, samosas, mini eclairs and organic milk.

Discovery Turbo
UPC: 156
Sky: 524

16:00 Fifth Gear

The team is joined by German racer Sabine Schmitz to test-drive road-legal extreme machines, including the Caterham 7...

17:00 Fast N' Loud

Aaron has big plans for a 1964 Dodge truck with a Chevrolet motor, while Richard closes a deal on a 1965 Mustang and a 1932...

Nat Geo Wild
UPC: 216
Sky: 528

16:00 Wild Russia

How Siberia's diverse wildlife manages to survive the region's extreme conditions, including musk deer, camels and gazelles.

17:00 Wild Russia

Documentary highlighting the natural wonders of the six geographical regions that make up Russia, beginning by exploring the...

Discovery Shed
UPC: 155
Sky: 242

16:30 Wheeler Dealers

Part two of two. Mike Brewer and Edd China continue their project to make a second-hand Peugeot 205 roadworthy again.

17:00 Wheeler Dealers

Part one of two. Mike Brewer obtains a Suzuki SJ410 on an online auction and hands the vehicle over to mechanic Edd China...

Investigation Discovery
UPC: 504
Sky: 522

16:00 On the Case with Paula Zahn

The case of Hazelynn Stomps, who tried to conceal her husband's murder by claiming...

17:00 Happily Never After

The devilish devotion that emerged when the union between god-fearing Llius and...

Discovery Home & Health
UPC: 210
Sky: 240

16:30 Quints by Surprise

The quintuplets tag along with their big sister Eliot and try to find a fun activity that all six of them can enjoy together.

17:00 Homes Under the Hammer

Developers Lucy Alexander and Martin Roberts explore properties about to be...

UPC: 214
Sky: 144

16:00 Wife Swap USA

A highly driven caterer and events planner switches with a relaxed woman who manages her husband's career as a magician and...

17:00 Mythbusters

Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman investigate a bizarre method of creating a fireball involving a stun gun, pepper spray and a...

Sky: 532

16:00 Life on Fire (T)

Volcanologists explore the heart of volcanos, revealing their inner workings. Narrated by Jeremy Irons.

17:00 Life on Fire (T)

The story of volcanic activity in the Pacific Ocean over millions of years. Narrated by Jeremy Irons.

Sky: 537

16:00 Bargain Hunt (T)

Tim Wonnacott presents from the Royal Welsh Agricultural Showground in Builth Wells, where two teams search for bargains to...

17:00 Find My Past (T)

The descendants of three soldiers who served during the First World War learn about their relatives' roles in the Christmas...

Travel Channel
Sky: 252

16:00 Bizarre Foods America

17:00 Monumental Mysteries

History Channel
UPC: 217
Sky: 529

16:30 American Restoration

Rick takes on a huge challenge when a giant slide from the 1960s shaped like a...

17:30 Shipping Wars

Jennifer delivers a parrot to its owner, while Rory ends up behind schedule when his van breaks down.

Sky Movies Premiere
UPC: 320
Sky: 301

15:30 Believe (T)

(2013, General Movie/Drama) Football coach Matt Busby comes out of retirement in the 1980s to train a group of Manchester...

17:15 One Chance (T)

(2013, General Movie/Drama) Premiere. Fact-based comedy drama about the rise to fame of amateur opera singer Paul Potts...

Sky Movies Comedy
UPC: 301
Sky: 308

16:20 In & Out (T)

(1997, Comedy) An Oscar-winning actor causes uproar by announcing on national TV that his former schoolteacher is gay....

18:00 Life (T)

(1999, Comedy) Two men receive life sentences for a crime they did not commit and end up getting in even more trouble behind...

Sky Movies Action & Adventure/HD
UPC: 302
Sky: 307

15:00 Gangster Squad (T)

(2013, Detective/Thriller) A secret police unit is formed to bring down the gangster who controls the Los Angeles...

17:00 Alex Cross (T)

(2012, Detective/Thriller) A homicide detective pursues an assassin on a killing spree who leaves surreal clues to the...

Sky Movies Family
UPC: 303
Sky: 306

16:50 Dennis (T)

(1993, Comedy) A well-meaning little boy's inability to stay out of trouble consistently infuriates his curmudgeonly old...

18:35 Dennis the Menace Strikes Again (T)

(1998, Comedy) The pint-sized terror wreaks fresh havoc on his neighbours when he...

Sky Movies Drama & Romance
UPC: 308
Sky: 310

16:30 The English Teacher (T)

(2013, General Movie/Drama) A teacher puts her reputation on the line by getting the...

18:10 Dangerous Minds (T)

(1995, General Movie/Drama) A former Marine retrains as a teacher but struggles to earn the respect of her class of low...

Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror
UPC: 304
Sky: 311

16:45 Wrath of the Titans (T)

(2012, Fantasy) Ancient Greek demi-god Perseus must defeat a race of monsters that...

18:40 Wolf (T)

(1994, Romance) An ageing publisher feels more aggressive and confident after being bitten by a wolf, but is also turning...

Sky Movies Disney
UPC: 305
Sky: 305

16:45 Up (T)

(2009, Animated Movie/Drama) An old man uses balloons to fly his house to South America, but finds an excitable boy scout...

18:25 The Little Mermaid (T)

(1989, Animated Movie/Drama) An undersea princess strikes a deal with a witch to...

Sky Movies Greats
UPC: 307
Sky: 304

15:40 Black Rain (T)

(1989, Detective/Thriller) Two New York cops scour Japan in search of a killer who gave them the slip in Osaka, only to get...

17:55 The X Files (T)

(1998, Detective/Thriller) FBI agents Mulder and Scully uncover evidence of an alien virus that threatens all life on Earth....

Sky Movies Select
UPC: 306
Sky: 312

16:10 Cape Fear (T)

(1962, Detective/Thriller) A sadistic ex-convict plays a cat-and-mouse game with the lawyer he holds responsible for sending...

18:10 Bernie (T)

(2011, Police/Crime Drama) A mortician kills the widow he looks after, then goes to great lengths to maintain the illusion...

Sky Movies Showcase
Sky: 303

16:15 Pitch Perfect (T)

(2012, Comedy) A college freshman joins an a cappella singing group made up of social misfits to compete in campus music...

18:15 Step Up 4: Miami Heat (T)

(2012, General Movie/Drama) An aspiring dancer joins forces with a street...

Sky Movies Crime & Thriller/HD
Sky: 309

16:50 Captain Phillips: Sky Movies Special

Tom Hanks and director Paul Greengrass discuss making the film telling the true...

17:10 The Chamber (T)

(1996, Detective/Thriller) A lawyer struggles to win a reprieve for his grandfather - a convicted killer and white...

UPC: 323
Sky: 315

14:40 Swiss Family Robinson (T)

(1960, Family) An 18th-century family is shipwrecked on an island off the coast of...

17:10 Just Wright (T)

(2010, Comedy) A physical therapist falls for the basketball player she is treating, but he is more interested in her best...

Turner Classic Movies
UPC: 327
Sky: 317

16:50 Captain Horatio Hornblower RN

(1951, Literary Adaptation) The famous British sea captain is sent to aid a Latin...

19:05 South Sea Woman

(1953, Comedy) A showgirl tries to clear a marine charged with desertion by telling the story of their unlikely escapades...

UPC: 326

16:05 Convicts

(1990, General Movie/Drama) A depression-era teenager gets a job on a plantation and learns about life from the convicts...

17:35 Clean Slate

(1994, Comedy) A private eye with amnesia becomes the key witness in a murder trial. Comedy, with Dana Carvey and Valeria...

UPC: 604
Sky: 604

16:30 Victorious

Tor spends April Fools' Day playing tricks on all her friends, while remaining oblivious to the strange things happening...

17:00 Sam & Cat

The girls realise their company has the same name as a 1970s TV show. They track down the series' creators to resolve the...

UPC: 606
Sky: 606

16:30 SpongeBob SquarePants

Adventures with the underwater pals.

17:00 SpongeBob SquarePants

Adventures with the underwater pals.

UPC: 608
Sky: 613

16:30 Pop Slam!

Amberley Lobo looks back at highlights from the series, before crowning one of the acts she has previously judged as the...

17:00 Wizards vs Aliens

Part two of two. Benny's head is left reeling and he wants to swap back before sunset, but requires a hobbledehoy.

UPC: 609
Sky: 614

16:40 My Story

Uncle Wayne shares his memories of surfing in Australia with his niece, Kirra. he tells her about the history of the sport,...

16:55 Octonauts Special: The Great Penguin Race

Peso competes against a penguin in annual tournament the Iron Clam Competition.

Cartoon Network
UPC: 620
Sky: 601

16:30 Regular Show

Comedy following the surreal misadventures of Mordecai and Rigby, a pair of park groundskeepers who face a daily battle...

17:00 Adventure Time

Finn goes on adventures with Jake the dog.

Disney Channel
UPC: 613
Sky: 609

16:25 Liv & Maddie

Liv's boyfriend dumps her, but then tries to win back her affections when he realises she is judging a skating contest he...

16:55 Liv & Maddie

First episode of the sitcom about reunited identical twin sisters attending the same high school, one a former TV star, the...

UPC: 600
Sky: 624

16:50 Out the Back

Children's entertainment.

17:00 Grubz Up!

Animation encouraging children to grow and eat fresh food.

UPC: 603
Sky: 603

16:30 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

The gang heads to Mexico to search ancient Mayan ruins for the burial chamber of the...

17:00 Aloha, Scooby-Doo

(2005, Comedy) The gang investigate suitably spooky goings-on at a haunted surfing festival. Animated comedy, featuring the...

UPC: 701
Sky: 126

16:00 Catfish: The TV Show

Miranda prepares to meet her online companion Cameryn after years of chats - but she...

17:00 Catfish: The TV Show

Jeff believes he has finally found his dream girl after a string of bad luck with...

MTV Rocks
UPC: 702
Sky: 354

16:00 The Ultimate Rock VS Indie 100!

01:00 The Hot 10

UPC: 706
Sky: 356

15:00 The Official UK Top 40

A comprehensive countdown of the most popular current hits.

18:30 In Love With 2014: Top 5

UPC: 709
Sky: 357

16:30 The Penguins of Madagascar (T)

Double bill. King Julien is mistaken for a stray cat and adopted, and Skipper cannot...

17:00 My Wife and Kids (T)

The Kyles and Tylers take one another on at bowling, and Junior develops a crush on...

Sky Sports 1
UPC: 402
Sky: 401

14:00 Live Show Jumping

The Royal International Horse Show. Coverage of day four of the prestigious competition from the All England Jumping Course...

18:00 Sporting Greats (T)

A profile of Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter who holds the current 100m and 200m world records and won three gold medals...

Sky Sports 2
UPC: 403
Sky: 402

16:00 England's Best Ashes Days

A look back at day two of the Second Test in the 2006/07 series, which was staged at...

18:00 Live T20 Blast Cricket

Lancashire Lightning v Glamorgan. All the action from the opening quarter-final,...

Sky Sports 3
UPC: 404
Sky: 403

16:45 Live Women's Rugby Union World Cup

England v Samoa (Kick-off 5.00pm). Coverage of both teams' opening Pool A fixture,...

19:30 Live Women's Rugby Union World Cup

France v Wales (Kick-off 7.45pm). All the action from both teams' opening Pool C...

Sky Sports 4
UPC: 405
Sky: 404

15:30 WWE: Raw

Wrestling action from the States with the over-the-top stars.

17:30 Tight Lines

Keith Arthur hosts the fishing show, which includes a studio guest, features from around the world and emails from viewers.

Setanta Ireland
UPC: 105
Sky: 423

12:00 Live ATP Tennis

The Austrian Open Kitzbuhel. Coverage of the fifth day from the Tennis Stadium Kitzbuhel, featuring the quarter-finals.

18:00 Dennis Taylor

A profile of the 1985 world snooker champion.

Setanta Sports 1
UPC: 406
Sky: 424

16:45 NASCAR Trucks

The Mudsummer Classic. Highlights of the 10th round of the Camping World Truck Series, held at the Eldora Speedway in New...

18:00 NRL

Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles v Brisbane Broncos. Action from the opening match in the 21st round of fixtures, staged at...

UPC: 423
Sky: 410

16:00 Cycling: Tour de France

A look back at the 101st staging of the prestigious race, which began in Leeds,...

17:30 Triathlon

Action from the Snowdonia Slateman Triathlon, which saw competitors undertake a 1km swim, 51km bike ride and 11km run.

Eurosport 2
UPC: 425
Sky: 411

15:00 Athletics

The Junior World Championships. Highlights of the sixth and final day of the event, staged at Hayward Field in Eugene,...

17:00 Commonwealth Games

Action from the ninth day of competition in Glasgow, where diving and athletics were among the sports taking place.

BT Sport 1
UPC: 409
Sky: 413

16:30 World of Football

Action and news from the most high-profile leagues.

17:00 Caribbean Premier League T20 Cricket

Jamaica Tallawahs v Antigua Hawksbills. Highlights of the Twenty20 clash between the...

BT Sport 2
UPC: 410
Sky: 414

15:30 MLS

DC United v Toronto FC. A chance to see the Eastern Conference clash at the RFK Stadium in Washington DC.

17:00 Football

Chivas Guadalajara v Bayern Munich. Extended highlights of the pre-season friendly from the Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New...

UPC: 407
Sky: 417

16:00 MLB

Baltimore Orioles v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Action from the American League clash at Camden Yards. Not available...

19:00 Baseball Tonight: Trade Deadline Special

A team of experts discuss the latest moves in the trade market as teams position...

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