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UPC: 101
Sky: 101

21:35 The Saturday Night Show (T)

Brendan O'Connor is joined by The Voice of Ireland judge Una Foden and TV and radio...

22:55 Irish Pictorial Weekly (R) (T)

Satirical sketch show focusing on the country's political and media culture, using a...

UPC: 102
Sky: 102

21:00 No Country for Old Men (T)

(2007, Literary Adaptation) A hunter takes the money left at the scene of a botched...

23:10 Live at the Apollo (R) (T)

Kevin Bridges hosts the stand-up comedy from the Hammersmith Apollo in London,...

UPC: 103
Sky: 103

22:20 Keith Barry: Brain Hacker (R) (T)

The showman and magician is joined by Uri Geller as he sets out to prove that...

23:20 Ireland's Paramedics (R) (T)

A look at what paramedics must deal with on the country's streets. A cyclist is...

UPC: 104
Sky: 104

22:25 Ceol ar an Imeall (R)

Featuring music by alt-electronic band Tell No Foxx, who perform their tracks Pure...

22:55 Sudden Impact

(1983, Detective/Thriller) Maverick detective Dirty Harry pursues a woman taking revenge on the men who raped her. Crime...

UPC: 106
Sky: 105

22:30 Amsterdam Nights

Policeman Marty patrols the city's Red Light District, and finds himself facing a tough shooting test at the gun range.

23:00 Family Guy

Brian accidentally sells Stewie's favourite teddy bear at a garage sale, so dog and baby embark on an epic journey to...

UTV Ireland
UPC: 110
Sky: 116

22:00 Play to the Whistle (T)

Captains Bradley Walsh and Frank Lampard are joined by guests including Harry...

22:45 James May's Toy Stories (R)

The presenter joins forces with Edwina Currie to build a full-size bridge out of...

UPC: 108
Sky: 141

22:30 Match of the Day (T)

Gary Lineker presents highlights of the latest Premier League clashes, including...

00:00 The Football League Show (T)

Manish Bhasin presents highlights and all the goals from the latest fixtures in the...

UPC: 109
Sky: 142

22:30 Up in the Air (T)

(2009, General Movie/Drama) A corporate downsizing expert finds his emotionally detached lifestyle under threat from an...

00:15 Snooker: The World Championship (T)

Highlights of the concluding session on day eight at the Crucible Theatre in...

UPC: 110

22:15 Inside Man (T)

(2006, Detective/Thriller) A negotiator deals with a hostage crisis at a bank, but a political fixer is sent to make sure...

00:35 Teleshopping

Buying goods from home.

Channel 4
UPC: 111
Sky: 135

21:00 Paul (T)

(2011, Science Fiction) A captive alien escapes from a secret military base and seeks the help of two English comic-book...

23:05 Role Models (T)

(2008, Comedy) After a brush with the law, two irresponsible men have to look after troubled kids as community service....

UPC: 112
Sky: 137

22:00 Scary Movie (T)

(2000, Comedy) Terrified teenagers go to ridiculous lengths to avoid being slain by a serial killer in a ghost-like mask....

23:45 Rude Tube (R) (T)

Alex Zane introduces a countdown of 50 of the greatest online fails - including selfies, gadgets and even an exorcism going...

UPC: 118
Sky: 139

22:00 Bill Bailey Qualmpeddler (R) (T)

Stand-up comedy from London's Hammersmith Apollo, accompanied by light-hearted...

23:05 8 Out of 10 Cats (R) (T)

Team captains Sean Lock and Jon Richardson are joined by Paul Hollywood, Gabby...

UPC: 114
Sky: 106

21:00 Poseidon (T)

(2006, Thriller) A group of passengers tries to escape from a capsized cruise ship before it sinks. Remake of 1970s disaster...

22:55 Hawaii Five-0 (R) (T)

Vince Fryer is shot in an alleyway, prompting the team to track down the culprit,...

UPC: 115
Sky: 121

22:00 Mad Dogs (R) (T)

Barricaded in their villa, the friends are keen to end their Majorcan nightmare, and previously unmentioned vendettas rise...

23:00 Wild Things: Absolutely Livid (T)

Post-watershed version of the game show in which contestants dress as woodland...

UPC: 133
Sky: 152

22:00 Cop Squad (R) (T)

Documentary following the work of Cambridgeshire police officers as they tackle crime in a county renowned for its...

23:00 Police 10/7 (R) (T)

Following the work of police officers in New Zealand, featuring behind-the-scenes access to cases and new information about...

BBC Three
UPC: 116
Sky: 210

22:10 Happy Valley (R) (T)

Kevin realises the enormity of the situation he has created when Nevison tells him...

23:10 Family Guy (R) (T)

Lois goes to see a doctor who informs her she is Jewish, a revelation that pleases Peter - until a visit from the spirit of...

BBC Four
UPC: 117
Sky: 211

21:00 Inspector Montalbano (R) (T)

A bomb is detonated outside an empty storage room on a quiet Vigata street, bringing...

22:55 The Kate Bush Story: Running Up That Hill (R) (T)

Documentary exploring the singer's career and music from her 1978 debut single...

UPC: 130
Sky: 118

22:20 Celebrity Juice (R) (T)

Comedy quiz hosted by Keith Lemon, with Gino D'Acampo, Richard Osman, Denise Van...

23:05 Britain's Got Talent (R) (T)

Ant and Dec present the third audition show, as the judges - Simon Cowell, David...

UPC: 131
Sky: 119

22:00 Inspector Morse (R) (T)

The Oxford detective investigates a murder at a quiet country church and soon...

00:20 A Touch of Frost (R) (T)

Jack Frost's plans for a quiet weekend are disrupted by the gruesome discovery of a...

UPC: 132
Sky: 120

22:15 The Kingdom (T)

(2007, Detective/Thriller) An FBI agent investigates the bombing of a US military facility in Saudi Arabia, but faces...

00:30 Sneakers (T)

(1992, Comedy) A team of security experts is blackmailed into stealing a sophisticated electronic device. Comedy thriller,...

Comedy Central
UPC: 127
Sky: 112

22:00 Lee Evans: Roadrunner (T)

A performance recorded at London's O2 during the energetic comedian's 2011 tour,...

23:00 White Men Can't Jump

(1992, Comedy) A basketball hustler teams up with a fellow on-court conman and rival...

Comedy Central Extra
UPC: 134
Sky: 128

22:00 Jimmy Carr: Stand Up

The quick-witted comedian takes to the stage at London's Bloomsbury Theatre.

23:20 Peter Kay at the Comedy Store (T)

A stand-up performance by Bolton comedian Peter Kay recorded at the Comedy Store.

Sky Atlantic
Sky: 108

22:40 Phil Spector (T)

(2013, General Movie/Drama) A lawyer defending the music producer against a murder charge must decide whether to let him...

00:30 Looking (R) (T)

Patrick is upset after spotting Kevin and his boyfriend Jon at a farmers' market, while Agustin feels inspired and upbeat...

E! Entertainment
UPC: 147
Sky: 151

22:30 The Grace Helbig Show

Chat show, hosted by comedienne and actress Grace Helbig, who interviews...

23:00 The Royals

The true nature of Prince Liam, Queen Helena and Princess Eleanor's romances become clear at the annual masquerade ball....

Sky Living
UPC: 124
Sky: 107

22:00 Stalker (R) (T)

Beth and Jack investigate when a teacher who has received a string of threats is almost crushed to death at the school where...

23:00 Criminal Minds (R) (T)

A murderer taunts the team by displaying mock 'missing' posters with pictures of his...

Sky Livingit
UPC: 158
Sky: 222

22:00 Forbidden Love: My Husband Is Gay (R) (T)

Two couples, each consisting of one heterosexual and one homosexual partner, explain...

23:00 Bedlam (R) (T)

Jed and Ryan investigate when Ella sees an unknown child calling out to her, while Kate suffers from sleep deprivation and...

UPC: 126
Sky: 124

22:30 American Dad! (T)

The CIA teaches Stan about 'rubbernecking', the art of checking out other women away from the gaze of their wives, while...

23:00 Family Guy (T)

Joe cheats on Bonnie following some bad advice from Peter, but Lois forces her husband to get the pair back together when...

UPC: 122
Sky: 111

22:00 Russell Howard's Good News (T)

The comedian offers his perspective on stories dominating the media, whether on TV,...

23:00 Russell Howard's Good News (T)

The comedian presents his favourite sports stories from the past six series,...

UPC: 120
Sky: 110

22:20 Porridge (T)

Fletch tries to ensure that Godber has not blown his chances of early release after he gets into a fight a week before his...

23:00 That Mitchell and Webb Look (T)

Sketches include a chance to jump off a cliff for just £2, how to win a yacht,...

Channel 5

22:10 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (T)

A car that used to belong to a murderer is being sold off at a convention dedicated...

23:05 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (R) (T)

Stabler and Tutuola link an artist's death to a similar murder - but another...

Sky: 109

21:00 In the Line of Fire

(1993, Thriller) A secret service agent who failed to stop the Kennedy assassination...

23:40 Resurrection (T)

Marty is taken to a government facility, where he discovers he is one of the Returned. Henry is tormented by bad memories,...

UPC: 151
Sky: 132

22:00 New Tricks (T)

The body of a missing computer expert turns up in a morgue under a false name, so Strickland asks the team to investigate....

23:00 Murdoch Mysteries (T)

The detective investigates when a nurse is murdered by her patient at the asylum....

Universal Channel
UPC: 123
Sky: 113

22:00 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (T)

Benson's professional relationship with Stabler comes under increasing pressure as...

23:00 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (T)

Stabler teams up with a new partner to investigate an assault on a 16-year-old girl,...

UPC: 129
Sky: 114

21:00 Push

(2009, Science Fiction) Individuals with psychic powers join forces to bring down a sinister government agency. Sci-fi...

23:10 12 Monkeys

Cole finds himself in 2017 with the plague at its most destructive, while an increasingly desperate Jones is faced with a...

Sky: 158

22:20 What Remains

A detective is called in when a couple discover a body in the flat above their new home. Murder mystery, starring David...

23:40 The Secret of Crickley Hall (T)

Drama about a grieving London couple haunted by the children who lived in their...

UPC: 512
Sky: 196

22:00 Escape to the Country (T)

Jules Hudson visits South Devon to help a couple searching for a cottage property,...

23:00 Escape to the Country (T)

Denise Nurse helps a mother and son moving from Norfolk to be closer to their...

Sky: 155

22:00 Louis Theroux: Miami Mega Jail (T)

Part two of two. The reporter meets an alleged triple murderer and follows younger...

23:00 When Ghosts Attack (T)

A woman believes a ghost is jealous of her new love, while a single mother has a...

Good Food
Sky: 133

22:00 The Hairy Bikers' Food Tour of Britain (T)

Si King and Dave Myers visit Herefordshire, where they cook a traditional county...

23:00 The Hairy Bikers' Food Tour of Britain (T)

Si King and Dave Myers head for Leicestershire, where they battle against local chef...

Sky Arts 1
UPC: 141
Sky: 129

21:00 Cream: Farewell Concert (T)

After only two years together, Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton bid...

22:45 Beat Beat Beat (T)

A 1960s performance by blues-rock outfit the Yardbirds, featuring future Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page.

Sky Arts 2
UPC: 142
Sky: 130

20:00 Andre Rieu: And the Waltz Goes On (T)

The violinist and his Johann Strauss Orchestra perform a concert at the Vienna Town...

23:00 Buddy Rich: Live in '78

A concert by the drummer recorded in the Hague in 1978, in which he and a big band...

Challenge TV
UPC: 157
Sky: 145

21:30 Stars in Their Eyes (T)

The soundalike singing contest comes to a peak as Matthew Kelly presents the grand...

22:45 The Chase (R) (T)

Bradley Walsh presents as four contestants answer general knowledge questions and work as a team to take on ruthless quiz...

Fashion TV
UPC: 502

22:30 Special Weekend

Join FashionTV all weekend long, as we take you on a complete journey with fashion?s greatest icons. Celebrate world glamor...

22:55 Special Weekend

Join FashionTV all weekend long, as we take you on a complete journey with fashion?s greatest icons. Celebrate world glamor...

UPC: 825
Sky: 796

21:00 Le Grand Show

Julien Clerc Michel Drucker welcomes Julien Clerc for a unique ''Grand Show'' to mark the release of his album ''Partout la...

23:00 Le Journal de la Rts

All the news from RTS.

National Geographic
UPC: 215
Sky: 526

22:00 $400 Million Emerald Mystery

The story of how up to eight individuals have claimed to be the proprietors of the...

23:00 JFK: The Lost Bullet

Re-examining film showing John F Kennedy's assassination in Dallas, using...

Discovery Channel
UPC: 208
Sky: 520

22:00 Moments of Terror

People relate stories of when they faced extreme danger, including a skydiver who fell 14,000ft after a parachute failure,...

23:00 Nasa's Unexplained Files

Documentary exploring mysterious objects and events caught on Nasa's cameras....

Animal Planet
UPC: 213
Sky: 523

22:00 Frank in Brazil

Frank Cuesta's experiences of being bitten by a piranha and facing a highly poisonous snakes are followed by a meeting with...

23:00 Pit Bulls & Parolees

Tia recruits the twins to rescue a dog from the bottom of a deep hole. Then, Mariah...

Discovery History
UPC: 212
Sky: 535

22:00 Time Team

Tony Robinson and the team uncover a wealth of finds during an excavation in York, including a Roman skeleton, the pillars...

23:00 Weapons of War

The story of the Afrika Korps, a tank division formed in 1941 to assist Germany's Italian allies and push back British and...

UPC: 121
Sky: 125

22:00 Sex Sent Me to the ER

A Halloween tryst goes wrong when a couple have sex in a cemetery. Plus, there is a...

23:00 My 600lb Life

At just 24, Bettie Jo is housebound and reliant on her husband for even her most basic needs. Now, she does her best to shed...

Discovery Science
UPC: 211
Sky: 525

22:00 Ghost Asylum

The team travels to Oklahoma City to investigate an evil asylum known as St Vincent's Mental Home, where a history of horror...

23:00 Ghost Stalkers

John and Chad revisit their own near-death experiences while investigating a vortex at the Old Taylor Memorial Hospital in...

Discovery Turbo
UPC: 156
Sky: 524

22:00 Fast N' Loud

Part one of two. Classic car specialists Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufmann acquire a 1931 Model A to restore.

23:00 Fast N' Loud

Part two of two. Aaron has big plans for a 1964 Dodge truck with a Chevrolet motor, while Richard closes a deal on a 1965...

Nat Geo Wild
UPC: 216
Sky: 528

22:00 Kingdom of the Apes

Part two of two. Two chimpanzee brothers - Freud and Frodo - fight for power in the...

23:00 Freaks & Creeps

Zoologist Lucy Cooke embarks on a mission to find strange animals, beginning her...

Discovery Shed
UPC: 155
Sky: 242

22:00 Thinking Tackle

Adam Penning and fisheries scientist Simon Scott head to Farlows in Buckinghamshire.

23:00 Thinking Tackle

Ali Hamidi fishes for carp at Linear Fisheries in Oxford. Plus, tips on different types of tackle and bait.

Investigation Discovery
UPC: 504
Sky: 522

22:00 Nightmare Next Door

The murder of 19-year-old Brandie Danielle Davis, whose strangulated body was found...

23:00 Killer Clans

The fortunes of an 85-year-old man, whose much younger wife drew him into the shadowy world of a notorious Romany gypsy...

Discovery Home & Health
UPC: 210
Sky: 240

22:00 Tanked

Brett Raymer and Wayde King try to turn a pinball machine into a state-of-the-art aquarium, and discover if a high-tech...

23:00 Tanked

Brett Raymer and Wayde King transform a fridge into a high-tech aquarium with a water dispenser, and design a shark tank for...

UPC: 214
Sky: 144

22:00 Dual Survival

Cody Lundin and Joe Teti travel to Zambia, where they must survive elephants and deadly hypothermia, and an argument...

23:00 Weird or What?

Scientists explain bizarre events that have occurred around the world, including a man who appears to have been attacked by...

Sky: 532

22:00 Wild China (T)

A visit to the country's eastern seaboard, examining the Chinese government's efforts to manage environmental concerns while...

23:00 Galapagos (T)

How creatures adapt to the islands' extreme weather, including iguanas that climb more than 1,000 metres to lay eggs, and...

Sky: 537

22:20 Last of the Summer Wine (T)

Howard finds it difficult to hide his new bike from Pearl, and Clegg manages to make...

23:00 Ancient Black Ops (T)

A look at the deadliest forces throughout history, with this episode focussing on...

Travel Channel
Sky: 249

22:30 Airport 24/7: Miami

A runaway tug on the jetway crashes into Terminal F, rupturing a water main.

23:00 Airport 24/7: Miami

When an unstoppable elevator traps an innocent victim, all eyes focus on a high-risk...

History Channel
UPC: 217
Sky: 529

22:30 Storage Wars

Ivy and Rene pool their resources to get the better of Darrell and Brandon, while Jarrod and Brandi regain their passion for...

23:00 Storage Wars

Jarrod and Brandi plan a party to celebrate their shop's fourth anniversary, and Darrell comes up with a way to distract his...

Sky Movies Premiere
UPC: 320
Sky: 301

21:45 The Anomaly (T)

(2014, Science Fiction) A former soldier with parts of his memory erased goes on the run from a sinister conspiracy. Sci-fi...

23:30 By the Gun (T)

(2014, Gangster) An ambitious criminal is forced to choose between his family and girlfriend, or the respect of the...

Sky Movies Comedy
UPC: 301
Sky: 308

22:00 We're the Millers (T)

(2013, Comedy) A drug dealer recruits a fake family to give him a cover for moving a...

23:55 American Pie 2 (T)

(2001, Comedy) The teenage friends get together after their first year at college and set out to broaden their sexual...

Sky Movies Action & Adventure/HD
UPC: 302
Sky: 307

21:00 Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (T)

(2014, Thriller) An analyst for the CIA is forced into an undercover assignment when...

22:50 Pacific Rim (T)

(2013, Science Fiction) Earth is invaded by giant alien monsters, so equally massive robots with human pilots are created to...

Sky Movies Family
UPC: 303
Sky: 306

22:15 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (T)

(2003, Fantasy) A rogue captain and a blacksmith set sail to rescue a governor's...

00:45 Bean (T)

(1997, Comedy) A hapless art gallery security guard is sent to Los Angeles, where he is mistaken for a renowned art...

Sky Movies Drama & Romance
UPC: 308
Sky: 310

22:20 The Last King of Scotland (T)

(2006, Detective/Thriller) A Scottish doctor joins the inner circle of Ugandan...

00:30 Two Weeks Notice (T)

(2002, Comedy) A lawyer walks out on her job with a self-centred property tycoon,...

Sky Movies Sci-fi/Horror
UPC: 304
Sky: 311

21:00 Predator (T)

(1987, Science Fiction) A military team on a mission in a Central American jungle encounters a merciless alien hunter in...

23:00 Predator 2 (T)

(1990, Science Fiction) A tough cop investigating a series of gruesome murders discovers it is the work of an alien that...

Sky Movies Disney
UPC: 305
Sky: 305

21:45 Underdog (T)

(2007, Comedy) A bumbling beagle acquires superpowers and battles a mad scientist's plan to take over a city. Comedy...

23:15 That Darn Cat

(1997, Comedy) A teenager discovers her cat is carrying a message from a kidnap victim, and tries to find out where she is...

Sky Movies Greats
UPC: 307
Sky: 304

22:00 The Wolverine (T)

(2013, Adventure) The former member of the X-Men travels to Japan, and protects a tycoon's granddaughter from assassins....

00:15 V for Vendetta (T)

(2005, Science Fiction) A masked anarchist sets out to undermine Britain's totalitarian government and exact revenge on his...

Sky Movies Select
UPC: 306
Sky: 312

20:00 The Godfather: Part III (T)

(1990, Gangster) Ageing Mafia don Michael Corleone is haunted by past crimes as he...

23:00 Scarface (T)

(1983, Thriller) A Cuban immigrant to Miami becomes a powerful drug baron, but his empire is threatened by his paranoia and...

Sky Movies Showcase
UPC: 318
Sky: 303

21:00 The Wolf of Wall Street (T)

(2013, General Movie/Drama) A New York stockbroker lives a life of debauchery as he...

00:00 Ride Along (T)

(2014, Comedy) A tough cop takes his sister's boyfriend with him on duty, leading to a dangerous encounter with the city's...

Sky Movies Crime & Thriller/HD
UPC: 309
Sky: 309

21:00 Oldboy (T)

(2013, Mystery) A man who was kept prisoner for 20 years then released seeks revenge on the people who captured him. Spike...

22:50 The Green Mile (T)

(1999, Fantasy) A prison guard amazed by the healing power and gentle nature of a man on death row comes to doubt his guilt....

UPC: 323
Sky: 315

21:00 Colombiana (T)

(2011, Thriller) An orphan grows up to be an assassin while secretly plotting revenge on the gangsters who murdered her...

23:10 The Hole (T)

(2009, Horror) Three kids discover a mysterious hole in a basement, which leads to a strange world where they must face...

Turner Classic Movies
UPC: 327
Sky: 317

22:00 On Deadly Ground

(1994, Thriller) A tough firefighter clashes with the president of an oil company who is planning to drill in Alaska....

23:55 The Long Kiss Goodnight

(1996, Thriller) An amnesiac teacher discovers she was once a CIA assassin when she...

UPC: 326

22:35 Moon in Scorpio

(1987, Horror) Three Vietnam veterans go on a yacht trip to Acapulco with their wives, but the voyage is rocked by a series...

00:00 Be Cool

(2005, Comedy) A gangster who has reinvented himself as a movie-mogul now sets his sights on making it big in the music...

UPC: 604
Sky: 604

22:30 iCarly

T-Bo bans Carly from the Groovy Smoothie after she refuses to let him into the loft, while Freddie and Gibby learn the...

23:00 iCarly

Sam learns her mother is in jail in Las Vegas, so the gang raise the money to bail her out and head for the gambling capital.

UPC: 606
Sky: 606

22:30 Invader Zim

Fun and adventure with the little green alien.

23:00 Hey Arnold!

Animated comedy about a streetwise city kid.

UPC: 608
Sky: 613

19:00 Close

07:00 Arthur

The aardvark finally saves enough money to buy a new bike, but decides it is too nice to ride.

UPC: 609
Sky: 614

19:00 Close

06:00 Me Too!

Tina has to miss a fancy-dress party because of work, so she lends her costume to Bobby.

Cartoon Network
UPC: 620
Sky: 601

22:30 Chop Socky Chooks

The Chooks wake up on a mysterious island filled with dangerous perils as part of Dr Wasabi's new, deadly reality TV show.

23:00 Robotboy

Double bill. Robotboy tries to help his friend Chop defend himself against his TV partner's new co-star. Then, Tommy's...

Disney Channel
UPC: 613
Sky: 609

22:35 Groove High

Tom's music gains him a huge fan following among toddlers, and he ends up having to entertain a particularly obnoxious crowd...

23:05 Violetta

The singer confronts Tomas about his strange behaviour, Herman and Jade's wedding approaches, and the studio's reputation is...

UPC: 600
Sky: 624

18:55 Close

07:00 Jakers!

Animation in which a wise old pig tells stories of his childhood escapades.

UPC: 603
Sky: 603

22:30 LazyTown

Ziggy wants a baby troll after hearing a bedtime story about one, so the youngsters venture into the mountains and find one...

23:00 Skatoony

Animated game show with real live contestants, hosted by Chudd Chudders and the Earl.

UPC: 701
Sky: 126

22:00 Geordie Shore

With Holly gone, the atmosphere in the house takes a turn for the worse. Vicky and Jay fall out, Gaz plays away from home,...

23:00 Geordie Shore

A tough task awaits Jay and Gaz at a working men's club, and Holly makes a surprise return.

MTV Rocks
UPC: 702
Sky: 354

22:00 Saturday Night Indie Disco

03:00 Teleshopping

A chance for viewers to purchase goods from the comfort of home.

UPC: 706
Sky: 356

21:00 Sing-A-Long With The Girls: Top 50

01:25 Music Never Felt So Good

UPC: 709
Sky: 357

21:00 Don't Cha Wish Your Party Was Hot Like This

01:25 Viva the Hits!

Non-stop selection of the hottest music videos, including current chart hits and classics from the recent past.

Sky Sports 1
UPC: 402
Sky: 402

22:00 SNF - Match Choice

Sarah-Jane Mee presents extended highlights from the Premier League, allowing viewers to access the latest round of...

23:30 SNF - Match Choice

Sarah-Jane Mee presents extended highlights from the Premier League, allowing viewers to access the latest round of...

Sky Sports 2
UPC: 403
Sky: 403

22:30 Indian Premier League

Mumbai Indians v Sunrisers Hyderabad. Action from the match in the Twenty20...

23:30 Indian Premier League

Chennai Super Kings v Kings XI Punjab. Action from the match at the M A Chidambaram...

Sky Sports 3
UPC: 404
Sky: 404

22:00 WWE: Late Night - Smackdown

Over-the-top wrestling action, featuring the latest fights from the Smackdown stable.

00:00 WWE From the Vault

The Big Show v Wade Barrett.

Sky Sports 4
UPC: 405
Sky: 405

20:00 Live PGA Tour Golf

The Zurich Classic of New Orleans. Coverage of the third day's play at the TPC of Louisiana in Avondale, where Seung-Yul Noh...

23:00 European Tour Golf

The Volvo China Open. Highlights of the third day of the event at the Tomson Shanghai Pudong Golf Club, which was won last...

Sky Sports 5
UPC: 406
Sky: 406

21:00 Live La Liga Football

Real Sociedad v Villarreal (Kick-off 9.00pm). Coverage of the Spanish top-flight...

23:00 ATP Tennis

The Barcelona Open. Highlights of day six in the clay-court tournament at the Real Club de Tenis Barcelona, featuring the...

Setanta Ireland
UPC: 105
Sky: 423

22:00 Ligue 1

Paris Saint-Germain v Lille. A chance to see the French top-flight clash at the Parc des Princes.

00:00 Golf Central

Round-up of the latest news and results.

Setanta Sports 1
UPC: 401
Sky: 424

20:00 Live NHL Ice Hockey

New York Islanders v Washington Capitals (Face-off 8.00pm). Coverage of game six of...

23:00 NRL Fulltime

A round-up of highlights from Australia's premier rugby league competition, which consists of 15 teams based in Australia...

UPC: 423
Sky: 410

22:05 Show Jumping

The second meeting of the Global Champions Tour, which was staged at the Cockerillkaai in Antwerp, Belgium.

23:15 Horse Racing Time

Highlights of top meetings from around the world.

Eurosport 2
UPC: 425
Sky: 411

22:00 Snooker: World Championship

Highlights of the second-round matches on day eight at the Crucible Theatre in...

23:00 Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0

The opening round from the Ciudad del Motor de Aragon in Alcaniz, Spain, where two...

BT Sport 1
UPC: 409
Sky: 413

22:00 Cornered - BT Sport Films

An insight into the life of journeyman boxer Johnny Greaves, who often accepts bouts...

23:00 UFC Fighting Talk

Monthly magazine series that delves into the UFC's hottest topics, provides fight previews and updates on the latest news,...

BT Sport 2
UPC: 410
Sky: 414

21:45 Bundesliga

Borussia Dortmund v Eintracht Frankfurt. Action from the German top-flight fixture at Signal Iduna Park.

22:45 French Ligue 1

Paris Saint-Germain v Lille. Action from the French top-flight clash at the Parc des Princes.

UPC: 407
Sky: 417

21:00 Live MLB

New York Yankees v New York Mets (Start-time 9.05pm). Coverage of the inter-league match at Yankee Stadium.

00:00 Live MLB

Milwaukee Brewers v St Louis Cardinals (Start-time 12.10am). Coverage of the National League Central encounter at Miller...

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