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UPC: 101
Sky: 101

07:55 Today (R) (T)

Daily magazine show featuring entertainment and celebrity news, consumer advice, and Ireland's biggest giveaways. Presented...

09:00 Morning Edition (T)

A mix of news, sport, business, topical discussion and entertainment, presented by Keelin Shanley. Includes Weather.

UPC: 102
Sky: 102

08:15 Shutterbugs

08:30 Peppa Pig

Animation for younger viewers following the adventures of the cheeky piglet, her brother George and their friends.

UPC: 103
Sky: 103

07:00 Ireland AM

Magazine programme featuring health, safety, education and entertainment news, plus celebrity interviews. With Mark Cagney,...

10:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show

The host invites guests to air their differences over family and relationship...

UPC: 104
Sky: 104

08:05 Dora the Explorer (R)

Dora goes to see the doctor for her yearly check-up. She meets a few sick animals on...

08:30 Q Pootle 5

Groobie takes his friends on a surprise mystery tour, but things do not go to plan when the tourists start grumbling about...

UPC: 106
Sky: 105

08:05 Midday

Elaine Crowley and panellists chat about the issues that matter to women from all walks of life - from major news stories to...

09:00 Late Lunch Live

Martin King and Lucy Kennedy present the fast-paced show brimming with tasty recipes, chat and celebrity interviews.

UPC: 108
Sky: 141

06:00 Breakfast (T)

Round-up of national and international news, plus the latest from the money markets.

09:15 Rip Off Britain (T)

The team asks who should pay for the damage caused by potholes to drivers' cars. Plus, why deciding who is to blame for...

UPC: 109
Sky: 142

07:50 Close Calls: On Camera (R) (T)

Two men battle to launch a boat's life raft after the brand new vessel catches fire....

08:20 A Taste of Britain (R) (T)

Janet Street-Porter and Brian Turner explore Somerset, visiting Hestercombe Gardens...

UPC: 110

06:00 Good Morning Britain (T)

A lively mix of news and current affairs, plus health, entertainment and lifestyle...

08:30 Lorraine (T)

Opera pop group Il Divo chat to Lorraine Kelly about their European tour and perform Tonight from West Side Story.

Channel 4
UPC: 111
Sky: 135

08:00 Everybody Loves Raymond (R) (T)

Ray asks Marie to teach Debra how to make his favourite dish - spaghetti and...

08:30 Everybody Loves Raymond (R) (T)

Ray runs into trouble while trying to show Debra he can take over the running of the...

UPC: 112
Sky: 137

08:00 Suburgatory (R) (T)

Paula takes an interest in Tessa when she convinces Dalia, Kimantha, Kaitlin and Kenzie to wear feminist-inspired Halloween...

08:30 Happy Endings (R) (T)

Jane and Brad spend Halloween house-sitting for friends in the suburbs, while the...

UPC: 114
Sky: 106

08:00 Futurama (R) (T)

First-ever episode of the sci-fi animation series, charting the adventures of a pizza-delivery boy in the year 3000....

08:30 Futurama (R) (T)

Fry pays his first visit to the moon, and persuades Leela to accompany him on an expedition in search of the original lunar...

UPC: 115
Sky: 121

08:00 RSPCA Animal Rescue (R) (T)

Following RSPCA workers in Australia, as officers help animals in need.

08:30 RSPCA Animal Rescue (R) (T)

Following RSPCA workers in Australia, as officers help animals in need.

UPC: 133
Sky: 152

08:00 6ixth Sense with Colin Fry (R) (T)

The medium tries to make contact with the dead in front of a studio audience.

08:30 6ixth Sense with Colin Fry (R) (T)

The medium tries to make contact with the dead in front of a studio audience.

UPC: 130
Sky: 118

08:15 The Cube (R) (T)

Paramedic Alan and fitness expert Jodie take part, aiming to complete tasks within the confines of the cube to win a jackpot...

09:15 Winners & Losers (R) (T)

Sophie realises the stalker was someone closer to her than she could have imagined,...

UPC: 131
Sky: 119

07:20 Wild at Heart (R) (T)

Danny faces a tough decision when his investigation into an animal-smuggling ring...

08:25 Wycliffe (R) (T)

An ancient Cornish folk ritual ends in murder - and provides Wycliffe with one of the most baffling mysteries of his career....

UPC: 132
Sky: 120

07:50 The Professionals (R) (T)

Bodie and Doyle are assigned to investigate when a shipment of silver bullion goes...

08:55 Kojak (R) (T)

Theo investigates the apparent suicides of several businessmen.

Comedy Central
UPC: 127
Sky: 112

08:00 Mike & Molly (T)

Mike tries to find out if he is fertile enough to get Molly pregnant. Meanwhile,...

08:35 Mike & Molly (T)

Mike storms off over a disagreement with Molly, so she goes on a shopping spree at...

Sky Atlantic
Sky: 108

08:00 Star Trek: Enterprise (R) (T)

Archer leaves Trip in charge of the Enterprise when he is assigned a secret mission...

09:00 Without a Trace (R) (T)

A former district attorney disappears and investigations lead to her unstable...

E! Entertainment
UPC: 147
Sky: 151

08:00 E! News

Round-up of the day's hottest entertainment news and gossip, featuring up-to-the-minute reports and stories with hosts...

09:00 E! News

Round-up of the day's hottest entertainment news and gossip, featuring up-to-the-minute reports and stories with hosts...

Sky Living
UPC: 124
Sky: 107

08:00 Sun, Sea and A&E (R) (T)

Documentary following the misfortunes of British tourists who find themselves lying...

09:00 RSPCA Animal Rescue (R) (T)

Following RSPCA workers in Australia, as officers help animals in need.

Sky Livingit
UPC: 158
Sky: 222

08:00 Ghost Hunters (R) (T)

Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson visit Corpus Christi, Texas, to investigate alleged...

09:00 Ghost Hunters (R) (T)

Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson investigate the murders committed in 1969 by a gang...

UPC: 126
Sky: 124

08:00 Medium (T)

Allison dreams about a haunted house and knocking down a girl with her car, and believes both visions are somehow connected.

09:00 Leverage (T)

Nate and the team climb a mountain to recover evidence against a corrupt financier. Crime drama, starring Timothy Hutton.

UPC: 122
Sky: 111

08:00 Top Gear (T)

The presenters build their own versions of motor homes for a bank holiday weekend in the West Country, and the Audi R8 V10...

09:00 Top Gear (T)

Richard Hammond puts the Volkswagen Touareg to the test in Sweden, and Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are the Stars in a...

UPC: 120
Sky: 110

07:50 Sorry!

Timothy is sent to speak to the father of the boy bullying his godson - and discovers bad behaviour runs in the family.

08:30 Bewitched (T)

Tabitha causes all sorts of trouble when she conjures up a prince. Spell-casting comedy, starring Elizabeth Montgomery.

Channel 5

08:15 Peppa Pig (R) (T)

Madame Gazelle shows Peppa and her friends how to make a time capsule.

08:25 Peppa Pig (R) (T)

George and Peppa spend the day at the beach, where they have fun playing in the rock pools.

Sky: 109

08:00 Beverly Hills Pawn

Yossi is offered a spacesuit costume, but wants a second opinion on whether it is the genuine article.

08:30 Beverly Hills Pawn

Yossi and Aria meet Neil Armstrong's son, and a dog trainer sells a necklace.

UPC: 151
Sky: 132

08:00 Murdoch Mysteries (T)

The detective investigates murders linked to Egyptian antiques, leading Crabtree to...

09:00 Murdoch Mysteries (T)

The detective investigates an explosion and infiltrates an anarchist group led by...

Universal Channel
UPC: 123
Sky: 113

08:00 Quincy ME (T)

Sam and Quincy are sent to a Caribbean island, where an American-manufactured anti-diphtheria drug has apparently begun...

09:00 Motive (T)

Flynn investigates the death of limousine driver Scott Hayward, a crime committed by mild-mannered cruise ship terminal...

UPC: 129
Sky: 114

08:00 Teleshopping

A chance for viewers to buy bargains galore at home.

11:00 A Town Called Eureka

Fargo is convinced Holly is still inside the Matrix computer, but the DOD is...

Sky: 166

08:00 Lovejoy (T)

Feature-length episode. An American widow buys some clever fakes from a crooked dealer - much to the anger of Lovejoy, who...

09:00 Bergerac (T)

Jim tries to investigate a robbery with the most slender of leads. Detective drama, starring John Nettles.

UPC: 512
Sky: 243

08:00 The Hotel Inspector (T)

Alex Polizzi tries to change the fortunes of the Astor, a three-star establishment...

09:00 Escape to the Country (T)

Alistair Appleton helps a retired couple search for a home in the New Forest,...

Sky: 245

08:00 Most Haunted (T)

Presenter Yvette Fielding and a team of investigator go in search of paranormal activity in Lancashire's Royal Court Theatre.

09:00 Most Haunted (T)

Yvette Fielding and a team of investigators visit Newton House in Wales, where stories of strangulation and suicide make it...

Good Food
Sky: 244

08:00 Rachel Allen's Cake Diaries (T)

The chef makes cakes to be given as gifts, including cupcakes, vegan raspberry...

08:30 Rachel Allen: All Things Sweet

The chef makes a vanilla custard slice, a mango and lime drizzle cake, and a...

Sky Arts 1
UPC: 141
Sky: 129

08:00 My Shakespeare (T)

Christopher Plummer is joined by Ian McKellen, Simon Russell Beale and Jonathan Miller to explore the challenges posed by...

09:00 Hollywood: Singing and Dancing (T)

The series celebrating the magic of musical films explores the 1950s, when Marilyn...

Sky Arts 2
UPC: 142
Sky: 130

08:00 Mahler Symphonies

Italian conductor Daniele Gatti leads the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in a performance of Mahler's Symphony No 5.

09:25 Amelia

La La La Human Steps perform the modern dance piece created by choreographer Edouard Lock. Featuring an original score using...

Challenge TV
UPC: 157
Sky: 145

08:00 Golden Balls (T)

Jasper Carrott hosts the show in which four contestants enter a game of truth and bluff to find cash prizes hidden inside a...

09:00 Golden Balls (T)

Jasper Carrott hosts the show in which four contestants enter a game of truth and bluff to find cash prizes hidden inside a...

Fashion TV
UPC: 502

08:00 fashion breakfast


08:30 fashion breakfast


UPC: 825
Sky: 796

08:08 Les Escapades de Petitrenaud

Criss-crossing France, Jean-Luc Petitrenaud travels around a city or region to...

08:34 Jardin Vu Par..

(, reserved) Take a fresh look at designers who choose to express themselves through gardens. This is also an opportunity to...

National Geographic
UPC: 215
Sky: 526

08:00 Big, Bigger, Biggest

An exploration of London's Underground, the biggest metro system in the Western...

09:00 Wicked Tuna

The contest enters week five - and with the bluefin tuna as scarce as ever, the captains try new ways to outsmart their...

Discovery Channel
UPC: 208
Sky: 520

08:00 Gold Rush

Dakota Fred finds gold at Porcupine Creek, Jack and Todd Hoffman argue about how to set up their claim and Parker Schnabel...

09:00 Auction Hunters

Allen Haff and Ton Jones score a 1970s skateboard and a bullet-proof vest at an auction in Long Beach, California.

Animal Planet
UPC: 213
Sky: 523

08:00 Wildlife at the Zoo

A Sumatran tiger gives birth to three cubs, while Hunter the koala sets off for a...

08:30 Wildlife at the Zoo

A giraffe embarks on a five-day sea journey, while Hunter the koala arrives in...

Discovery History
UPC: 212
Sky: 535

08:00 Hitler: A Profile

Examining how the Fuehrer's lust for war, nationalism and contempt for democracy led to the Holocaust.

09:00 Great Planes

Documenting how allied forces in Europe began flying in the twin-engine A-26 during September 1944, and how it gained its...

UPC: 121
Sky: 125

08:00 Long Island Medium

Theresa Caputo and Larry have a hard time saying their good-byes to daughter Victoria after moving her into her new college...

08:30 Long Island Medium

Theresa Caputo receives a visit from her daughter Victoria, who has some news, and meets a boy hoping to speak to his...

Discovery Science
UPC: 211
Sky: 525

08:00 How Stuff's Made

The way different types of wood determine the tone of a drumbeat, and how a revolution in archery is allowing bows to shoot...

08:30 How Stuff's Made

The technology behind the manufacture of crayons. Plus, how 2,800 pipes work in harmony in an organ.

Discovery Turbo
UPC: 156
Sky: 524

08:00 Overhaulin' Chronicles Vol. 1

Chip Foose and a team of mechanics repair and revamp tired old vehicles.

09:00 Fast N' Loud

Part two of two. With the 1976 Bronco over budget, Richard's patience is tested and he considers selling his Shelby Mustang.

Nat Geo Wild
UPC: 216
Sky: 528

08:00 World's Creepiest Killers

An exploration of menacing animals, from deadly swamp creatures to giant spiders.

09:00 Beast Man

Pat Spain explores sightings of the Brazilian mapinguari, which is described as a large one-eyed beast with a mouth in its...

Discovery Shed
UPC: 155
Sky: 242

08:00 Fifth Gear

Stig Blomquist takes Jonny Smith for a drive on ice, and the convertible Mercedes SLS AMG is pitted against an Aston Martin,...

09:00 Wheeler Dealers

Auto enthusiast Mike Brewer finds an affordable Morgan to restore, but it provides mechanic Edd China with one of the...

Investigation Discovery
UPC: 504
Sky: 522

07:40 Disappeared

The case of Michelle McMullen, whose car was found abandoned in September 2008. Pennsylvania investigators set about...

08:30 Disappeared

The case of John Glasgow, an Arkansas chief financial officer whose car was found abandoned in a state park a day after he...

Discovery Home & Health
UPC: 210
Sky: 240

08:00 Buying the Beach

John and Amy hope to buy their own private island off the coast of South Carolina, but even with a healthy budget of...

08:30 Property Wars

The buyers check out a small house, where Ed is drawn to it for nostalgic reasons, and Doug sees it as as an easy...

UPC: 214
Sky: 144

08:00 Cash Cab: After Dark

Taxi passengers find themselves playing for a big cash prize as they answer as many...

08:30 Cash Cab: After Dark

Taxi passengers find themselves playing for a big cash prize as they answer as many...

Sky: 532

06:00 Home Shopping

A chance to purchase goods from the comfort of home.

09:00 Infestation (T)

The documentary examines the invasive species and pests that threaten cities, including bed bugs, termites, cockroaches,...

Sky: 537

08:00 Antiques Road Trip (T)

In the last leg of their journey, Jonathan Pratt and Philip Serrell travel from...

09:00 Dickinson's Real Deal

David Dickinson helps members of the public in Lancaster sort the treasures from...

History Channel
UPC: 217
Sky: 529

08:00 Storage Wars

Jarrod and Brandi have to break some bad news to one of their employees, while Rene tries to dominate his rivals.

08:30 Storage Wars

Ivy makes a career-changing bid, and gossip surrounds Jarrod and Brandi's Long Beach store.

Sky Movies Premiere
UPC: 320
Sky: 301

07:45 Contest (T)

(2013, General Movie/Drama) A teenager enters a TV cooking contest, only to find himself working with the school bully who...

09:15 Goodbye World (T)

(2013, General Movie/Drama) A couple living a self-sufficient lifestyle end up having to shelter their friends following a...

Sky Movies Comedy
UPC: 301
Sky: 308

07:45 Stand Up Guys (T)

(2012, Comedy) Three ageing gangsters are reunited when one gets out of prison, and try to recapture their glory days. Crime...

09:35 The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (T)

(2013, Comedy) Two feuding magicians must put aside their differences to outshine a...

Sky Movies Action & Adventure/HD
UPC: 302
Sky: 307

06:00 Any Given Sunday (T)

(1999, General Movie/Drama) An American football player suffers a serious injury,...

08:40 King Arthur (T)

(2004, Adventure) A Roman commander in fifth-century Britain comes to realise his true destiny is to lead the people against...

Sky Movies Family
UPC: 303
Sky: 306

08:10 Corpse Bride (T)

(2005, Romance) A shy bridegroom accidentally marries a ghostly bride and becomes stranded in the netherworld. Stop-motion...

09:35 The Blue Umbrella

(2013, Animated Movie/Drama) Animated fantasy by Pixar, in which two umbrellas fall in love during a rainy night in a city,...

Sky Movies Drama & Romance
UPC: 308
Sky: 310

06:00 The Four Feathers (T)

(2002, Literary Adaptation) An officer resigns from the military, earning the...

08:20 Hide Away (T)

(2011, General Movie/Drama) A haunted man arrives in a quiet harbour town, and seeks solace from his troubled past in...

Sky Movies Sci-fi/Horror
UPC: 304
Sky: 311

07:55 The Amityville Horror (T)

(1979, Horror) A newlywed couple think they have found their dream home until they...

10:00 The Haunting (T)

(1999, Horror) Three insomniacs are lured to a reputedly haunted house, where they are made to confront their deepest fears....

Sky Movies Disney
UPC: 305
Sky: 305

08:10 Toy Story 2 (T)

(1999, Comedy) Buzz Lightyear races to rescue Woody when he is stolen by a toy collector planning to sell him to a museum....

09:45 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

(1937, Animated Movie/Drama) Disney animated version of the Brothers Grimm story...

Sky Movies Greats
UPC: 307
Sky: 304

08:05 Men in Black (T)

(1997, Science Fiction) A cop joins a secret force policing aliens on Earth, and teams up with a veteran partner to track...

09:45 Men in Black II (T)

(2002, Science Fiction) An alien plots to destroy humanity - and the only one who can stop her is a retired agent whose...

Sky Movies Select
UPC: 306
Sky: 312

07:45 Mo' Better Blues

(1990, General Movie/Drama) A self-centred jazz trumpeter's ambition alienates everyone who cares about him. Spike Lee's...

09:55 Jarhead (T)

(2005, War) A newly enlisted Marine endures a gruelling tour of duty in the Gulf War in 1991. Drama, based on the book by...

Sky Movies Showcase
UPC: 318
Sky: 303

07:00 So Undercover (T)

(2012, Comedy) A teenage private eye is hired by the FBI to pose as a college student and protect the daughter of a witness...

08:45 Primates of the Caribbean (T)

(2012, Comedy) A monkey joins forces with a band of simian pirates to save his home...

Sky Movies Crime & Thriller/HD
UPC: 309
Sky: 309

07:10 96 Minutes (T)

(2011, Police/Crime Drama) The lives of four teenagers from radically different backgrounds are unexpectedly thrown together...

09:00 The Temp (T)

(1993, Detective/Thriller) A temporary office worker embarks on a campaign of murder and intimidation to win a high-powered...

Turner Classic Movies
UPC: 327
Sky: 317

07:30 Gunsmoke

Part one of two. A down-on-his-luck drifter is tempted to assist a gang of bank robbers by making explosives for their next...

08:30 Cahill, US Marshal

(1973, Western) A lawman who has neglected his sons is dismayed to discover they have turned to a life of crime, but vows to...

UPC: 326

07:35 A Shot in the Dark

(1964, Comedy) Accident-prone Inspector Clouseau attempts to prove a French maid is innocent of murder. Comedy, starring...

09:15 Big Screen

The latest movie news and Hollywood gossip.

UPC: 604
Sky: 604

08:00 The Haunted Hathaways

Taylor goes to extreme lengths to boost the confidence of her gymnastics team's new...

08:30 The Haunted Hathaways

Miles tries to reassure his friend James that his family's home is not haunted so...

UPC: 606
Sky: 606

08:15 SpongeBob SquarePants

Adventures with the underwater pals.

08:30 Rabbids: Invasion

Animated adventures with the excitable rabbit-like creatures.

UPC: 608
Sky: 613

08:15 Newsround

Current affairs reports for children.

08:25 Monsters vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space

Halloween-themed spin-off from DreamWorks' blockbuster animated movie. Aliens...

UPC: 609
Sky: 614

08:15 Everything's Rosie

The ragdoll loses her beloved hair button during a race, but when she retraces her steps, all she finds is a paper package....

08:25 Woolly & Tig: Halloween

Tig discovers what Halloween is and decides to dress up as a bobble bug monster for...

Cartoon Network
UPC: 620
Sky: 601

08:00 The Amazing World of Gumball

Double bill. The youngsters set out to solve the mystery of who stuffed Principal...

08:30 Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitzu

Disney Channel
UPC: 613
Sky: 609

08:00 Phineas and Ferb

Extended Halloween special. The boys try to protect their family from Doof's latest invention - a machine that turns people...

08:50 Maker Monstober Special

UPC: 600
Sky: 624

08:10 Thomas & Friends

More railway adventures with the lovable engine and his pals.

08:20 The Curious World of Professor Fun and Dr Dull

Children's arts and crafts show, with Professor Fun in The Curious World.

UPC: 603
Sky: 603

08:00 The Tom & Jerry Show

Cat and mouse adventures.

08:30 Tom & Jerry

Animated adventures with the cat and mouse duo, who persistently torment and humiliate each other.

UPC: 701
Sky: 126

08:00 Awkward

Jenna's 16th birthday is one humiliating experience after another. The aftermath of the house party leaves her wondering if...

08:30 Awkward

Jenna feels she is on solid ground with Matty when he asks her on their first real date, but she is thrown into confusion...

MTV Rocks
UPC: 702
Sky: 354

08:00 Let There Be Rocktober

10:00 Evolution Of

UPC: 706
Sky: 356

06:00 Rise and Shine

Tel: 01905 760820.

09:00 Top 10

Ultimate countdown of an artist or theme.

UPC: 709
Sky: 357

06:00 Teleshopping

A chance for viewers to purchase goods from the comfort of home.

09:00 2014's Pop Hook Ups: Top 10

Sky Sports 1
UPC: 402
Sky: 402

08:15 Football Freestyler

Football tricks from the world's leading exponents, presented by Dan Magness.

08:45 Football Gold

Classic archive action from the memorable 1994/95 derby clash between Manchester United and Manchester City at Old Trafford.

Sky Sports 2
UPC: 403
Sky: 403

08:00 Sporting Rivalries

A look back at famous Ashes series between England and Australia, which has featured some of the most intense cricketing...

08:30 Sporting Rivalries

A look at the basketball rivalry shared between the USSR and USA.

Sky Sports 3
UPC: 404
Sky: 404

08:00 Sporting Greats (T)

A profile of Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter who holds the current 100m and 200m world records and won three gold medals...

08:30 Sporting Rivalries (T)

The intense rivalry between the Netherlands and Germany, who have produced many...

Sky Sports 4
UPC: 405
Sky: 405

08:00 PGA Tour Golf

The CIMB Classic. Action from the second day of the event held at the Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club in Malaysia.

10:30 European Tour Golf

The BMW Masters. Highlights of the second day of the event held at Lake Malaren in Shanghai, China, where Gonzalo...

Sky Sports 5
UPC: 406
Sky: 406

08:00 Good Morning Sports Fans

Including news and views on today's early stories and a look at the back pages.

09:00 Football's Greatest Teams (T)

A profile of the Arsenal team that went unbeaten en route to winning the Premier...

Setanta Ireland
UPC: 105
Sky: 423

07:30 Ligue 1

St Etienne v Metz. A chance to see the French top-flight clash at the Stade Geoffroy-Guichard.

09:30 Ligue 1 Preview

A look ahead to the new season in the French top flight.

Setanta Sports 1
UPC: 401
Sky: 424

08:00 Belgian Pro League

Mouscron v Club Brugge. Action from the top-flight clash at the Stade Le Canonnier.

10:00 NHL Ice Hockey

St Louis Blues v Anaheim Ducks. Action from the Western Conference encounter at the Scottrade Centre.

UPC: 423
Sky: 410

07:30 Live Snooker: International Championship

Coverage of the sixth day's play at the Chengdu Eastern Music Park in China,...

09:30 Cycling: Hour Record Attempt

A look at Matthias Brandle's attempt to break the one hour record at the World...

Eurosport 2
UPC: 425
Sky: 411

08:00 The EuroLeague Basketball Show

Highlights from the Euroleague season, featuring the best teams from across the...

08:30 Figure Skating

The Skate America meeting. Highlights of the men's free programme at the Sears Centre Arena in Illinois.

BT Sport 1
UPC: 409
Sky: 413

08:15 SportsHUB

The latest news from the studio at iCity at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

08:30 Live A-League Football

Melbourne City v Adelaide United (Kick-off 8.40am). Coverage of the latest match...

BT Sport 2
UPC: 410
Sky: 414

07:30 V8 Supercars Highlights

The Gold Coast 600. Action from the second race of the 12th round of the season,...

08:30 MotoGP Tonight

Craig Doyle and Iwan Thomas round-up the racing from Japan, Australia and Malaysia, and there is an interview with Talan...

UPC: 407
Sky: 417

06:00 MLB

Kansas City Royals v San Francisco Giants. Action from the final game of the best-of-seven World Series at Kauffman Stadium,...

09:30 Baseball Tonight

A round-up of the latest MLB news and highlights.

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