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UPC: 101
Sky: 101

06:50 Shopping from Home

A chance to buy goods from the comfort of the armchair.

07:25 Today (R) (T)

Daily magazine show featuring entertainment and celebrity news, consumer advice, and Ireland's biggest giveaways. Presented...

UPC: 102
Sky: 102

06:55 Makers

A look at iconic Irish craft and craftmakers.

07:00 Dig in Diner

Waitress Muireann and Digger the gardener explore food from the soil to the table, introducing fresh produce and great...

UPC: 104
Sky: 104

06:30 Teleshopping

A chance to buy goods from the comfort of home.

07:01 Rekkit Rabbit (R)

The mischievous rabbit is hauled in front of a Chakabrakian court, where he is put on trial for juggling pumpkins.

UPC: 106
Sky: 105

06:05 The Steve Wilkos Show

The former US Marine, who also used to be head of security on The Jerry Springer...

07:00 That '70s Show

Kelso drops Jackie off in Chicago, but her homesickness gets the better of her. Nostalgic comedy, starring Mila Kunis and...

UTV Ireland
UPC: 110
Sky: 116

06:00 Good Morning Britain (T)

A lively mix of news and current affairs, plus health, entertainment and lifestyle...

08:30 Lorraine (T)

Entertainment and fashion news, as well as showbiz stories, cooking and celebrity gossip. Presented by Lorraine Kelly.

UPC: 108
Sky: 141

06:00 Breakfast (T)

Round-up of national and international news, plus the latest from the money markets.

09:15 Fake Britain (T)

The 'edible' glitter that no one would want to eat, the people posing as bailiffs to threaten small businesses and the fake...

UPC: 109
Sky: 143

06:45 Oxford Street Revealed (R) (T)

The undercover police crack down on a new trick used by distraction thieves on...

07:30 Len and Ainsley's Big Food Adventure (R) (T)

Len Goodman has his first taste of Korean barbecue food and samples Swedish cuisine,...

UPC: 110

06:00 Good Morning Britain (T)

A lively mix of news and current affairs, plus health, entertainment and lifestyle...

08:30 Lorraine (T)

Entertainment and fashion news, as well as showbiz stories, cooking and celebrity gossip. Presented by Lorraine Kelly.

Channel 4
UPC: 111
Sky: 135

06:45 3rd Rock from the Sun (R) (T)

Dick is accused of letting Mary wrap him around her finger, and promptly makes a...

07:10 3rd Rock from the Sun (R) (T)

Harry hangs out with the popular crowd at Rutherford but finds that social success...

UPC: 112
Sky: 137

06:45 Charmed (R) (T)

Leo confesses to Piper that he is an Avatar, despite warnings from Alpha and Beta that she should be left to find out by...

07:30 Charmed (R) (T)

The Avatars enlist Leo to protect the Seer because she has information that could help them destroy a demon group. Darryl...

UPC: 114
Sky: 106

06:00 The Dog Whisperer (R) (T)

Renowned dog trainer Cesar Millan helps the owner of a pet grooming business tackle...

07:00 Monkey Life (R) (T)

The team is forced to step in when Ben is injured by the alpha male during the chimp introduction. Orang-utan Hsiao-Quai...

UPC: 115
Sky: 129

06:00 Andromeda (T)

Rommie's emotions cause problems for the crew when the ship's systems shut down at a crucial moment. Lexa Doig stars.

07:00 Andromeda (T)

An old acquaintance of Beka's dies and leaves her with a cryptic message. Before she can decipher it, she must venture back...

UPC: 133
Sky: 152

06:30 Sunrise

National and international news, presented by Eamonn Holmes.

07:00 Most Haunted (R) (T)

Yvette Fielding and a team of paranormal investigators visit Jamaica Inn, Cornwall,...

UPC: 130
Sky: 118

06:35 Psych (R) (T)

Part one of two. Shawn and Gus must hunt down an unstable playwright after he is driven insane by the cancellation of his...

07:20 Emmerdale (R) (T)

Chas wakes up to find a knife in her bed, and her reaction has terrible consequences. Laurel gives away Nicola's secret, and...

UPC: 131
Sky: 119

06:25 Heartbeat (R) (T)

The police have to intervene when a woman complains about a neighbour's dead cow, and Vernon decides to launch a...

07:30 Murder, She Wrote (R) (T)

Witchcraft comes to Cabot Cove as Jessica investigates strange happenings involving...

UPC: 132
Sky: 120

06:50 The Sweeney (R) (T)

Regan and Carter track down those responsible for killing a driver and injuring a policeman while making off with vehicles...

07:45 Minder (R) (T)

A professional gambler asks Arthur to hide a group of people who might be able to help him win at roulette. Comedy drama,...

Sky Atlantic
Sky: 108

06:30 Seinfeld (R) (T)

George tries to win the heart of the clerk at the photo store, Newman accuses Jerry of mail fraud, and Elaine's reputation...

07:00 Seinfeld (R) (T)

Kramer arranges a Jewish singles night, Jerry dates a woman who has a mentor, while Elaine is asked to fire an unruly...

E! Entertainment
UPC: 147
Sky: 151

06:30 Teleshopping

A chance to buy bargains galore.

07:00 Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami

Kris comes to visit and feels it is her motherly duty to tell Scott to stay away...

Sky Living
UPC: 124
Sky: 107

06:00 Border Security USA (R) (T)

Officers at JFK Airport in New York uncover a brutal child-smuggling operation, and...

07:00 Nothing to Declare (R) (T)

Fly-on-the-wall documentary following the lives of customs and immigration officers...

Sky Living It
UPC: 158
Sky: 172

06:00 Obese: A Year to Save My Life USA (R) (T)

Cosmetology student Ashley works with Chris Powell in pursuit of her goal to lose...

07:00 Four Weddings (R) (T)

Featuring a tea party reception in a quaint village setting, a burlesque performance...

UPC: 122
Sky: 111

06:00 Home Shopping

A chance to purchase goods from the comfort of home.

07:00 Flip Men

Doug and Mike buy a former crystal meth laboratory, and have to contend with drug users, dealers and police while trying to...

Channel 5

06:55 Pip Ahoy! (R) (T)

The friends are alarmed to see Morris Maurice having difficulty with his train, which ends up halfway into the sea with...

07:10 Little Princess (R) (T)

The youngster tries to decide what kind of gift to make for her mum.

Sky: 109

06:10 Real Rescues (T)

Police and fire crews deal with a chemical emergency on a dual carriageway, and ambulance teams are called out after a man...

07:00 Hart of Dixie (T)

Wade competes in a battle-of-the-bands competition, while Lavon has an eye-opening experience. Comedy drama, starring Rachel...

Universal Channel
UPC: 123
Sky: 113

06:00 Numb3rs (T)

The evidence in the death of an aspiring Hollywood star points to a leading actor, his friends and a doppelganger. David...

07:00 Teleshopping

A chance for viewers to buy bargains galore at home.

UPC: 129
Sky: 114

06:00 Quantum Leap

Sam steps in to save the life of a persecuted rape victim whose wealthy and powerful attacker has driven her to contemplate...

07:00 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A mystical artefact sends Buffy back in time to the creation of the first slayer....

Sky: 155

06:00 Brain Doctors (T)

At Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital, senior paediatric neurosurgeon Jay Jayamohan operates on a three-year-old girl with a...

07:00 Home Shopping

A chance to purchase goods from the comfort of home.

Good Food
Sky: 133

06:30 Gary Rhodes' Perfect Christmas (T)

How to cook a stress-free classic Christmas lunch without getting up at the crack of...

07:00 Jamie's Family Christmas (T)

Gennaro Contaldo joins the chef to show how to make the most of Christmas...

Sky Arts
UPC: 141
Sky: 121

06:00 Landscape Artist of the Year (T)

Frank Skinner and Joan Bakewell present the final from Stourhead in Wiltshire, where...

07:30 The South Bank Show (T)

Melvyn Bragg conducts an in-depth interview with Game of Thrones author George RR...

Challenge TV
UPC: 157
Sky: 145

06:45 Deal or No Deal

Another chance to see one of the most nail-biting episodes of the series in which one lucky contestant tries to guess the...

07:30 Bullseye (R) (T)

Quiz that tests contestants' skill at darts and their general knowledge.

Fashion TV
UPC: 502

06:30 fashion breakfast


07:00 fashion breakfast


UPC: 825
Sky: 796

06:54 Un Objet, Une Histoire

Everyday furniture and accessories also have their story to tell. But who remembers...

07:00 Le Journal de Radio-Canada

The televised news programme from the Radio-Canada team.

Discovery Channel
UPC: 208
Sky: 520

06:30 How It's Made

The methods used to make conga drums, metal plating and buttons, and how they have evolved over the years.

07:00 Bear Grylls: Born Survivor

Former Special Forces adventurer Bear Grylls demonstrates survival skills for...

Animal Planet
UPC: 213
Sky: 523

06:30 The Zoo

The gorillas move into their new rainforest home, the baby mangabey monkey meets his troop and newborn lambs are welcomed to...

07:00 Too Cute!

A shy cavalier King Charles spaniel is coaxed out of her shell. Three dalmatians show off their skills at a fire station.

Discovery History
UPC: 212
Sky: 535

06:00 Time Team

The team visits the Cotswolds, where experts suspect members of Romano-British high society once built their homes, but are...

07:00 Time Team

Tony Robinson and the team head to Padstow, Cornwall, to investigate why 1,500-year-old pottery and metalwork originating in...

UPC: 121
Sky: 125

06:30 The Golden Girls

Blanche is surprised when she bumps into the only man who ever turned her down.

07:00 Cake Boss

The team goes fishing to get inspiration for a shark cake. Back at the bakery, Buddy has a birthday surprise for Mauro and...

Discovery Science
UPC: 211
Sky: 525

06:00 Mega Builders

Following construction workers in Madrid as they work on the world's largest highway project.

07:00 Mega Builders

A team of construction experts embarks on a project to build a concrete arch bridge in a rugged canyon downriver from the...

Discovery Turbo
UPC: 156
Sky: 524

06:00 Fifth Gear

The team tests a Range Rover V8, and three covertibles are pitted against each other to see which has both supercar speed...

07:00 How It's Made: Dream Cars

The crew visits the birthplace of the classic Zenvo ST1, and conduct a in-depth...

Discovery Shed
UPC: 155
Sky: 242

06:00 Thinking Tackle

Danny Fairbrass is joined by Simon Scott, and the duo try to catch carp at Hardwick Lake at the Linear fisheries in...

07:00 Thinking Tackle

Ali Hamidi presents Carp Academy at Manor Farm Fishing in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, where 15 young angers battle it out,...

Investigation Discovery
UPC: 504
Sky: 522

06:50 Animal Cops Houston

Chief investigator Jim Boller and his team are given an unusual task - moving four...

07:40 Animal Cops Houston

The team wades through thick mud to retrieve a wild boar, and rescues ostriches...

Discovery Home & Health
UPC: 210
Sky: 240

06:30 Sextuplets & The City

Digna takes a belly dancing lesson while Victor watches the children, sets up the...

07:00 Deliver Me: Home Edition

A woman suffers from hyperthyroidism and is put on bed rest following the cessation...

UPC: 214
Sky: 167

06:30 Cash Cab: After Dark

Taxi passengers find themselves playing for a big cash prize as they answer as many...

07:00 American Chopper

Mikey Teutul looks back at the highlights, low points and wild and wacky moments from the series, including his father and...

Sky: 532

06:00 Home Shopping

A chance to purchase goods from the comfort of home.

09:00 Deadly 60

Steve Backshall visits Thailand where he encounters a king cobra, meets two dangerous members of the cat family and scales a...

Sky: 537

06:25 Edwardian Farm (T)

Alex Langlands, Peter Ginn and Ruth Goodman put on a party when a paddle-steamer docks at the Morwellham Quay, bringing a...

07:10 Cash in the Attic (T)

Jennie Bond and Paul Hayes search for valuables at the home of 83-year-old Marcel...

Travel Channel
Sky: 249

06:00 Thane Direct


09:00 Mysteries at the Castle

A daring prison break plays out at a forbidding stronghold in Holland.

Sky Movies Premiere
UPC: 320
Sky: 301

06:00 Montana (T)

(2014, Thriller) A teenage criminal joins forces with a former Serbian soldier as they both seek revenge on the same...

08:00 Maleficent Special

Alex Zane interviews the cast of the Disney fantasy movie telling the story of the evil sorceress from Sleeping Beauty.

Sky Movies Comedy
UPC: 301
Sky: 308

06:35 Lovesick (T)

(2014, Comedy) Romantic comedy, starring Matt Le Blanc as an eccentric head teacher who goes clinically insane every time he...

08:10 Lake Placid

(1999, Comedy) Four parties investigating a mysterious death by a lake discover a man-eating 30ft crocodile with an...

Sky Movies Action & Adventure/HD
UPC: 302
Sky: 307

06:00 Bloodsport (T)

(1988, Adventure) A martial arts expert competes in a tournament where fights are often to the death. Action adventure,...

07:45 Anaconda (T)

(1997, Thriller) A crazed hunter uses a team of film-makers as bait to catch a gigantic killer snake in the Amazon jungle....

Sky Movies Family
UPC: 303
Sky: 306

06:20 Annie (T)

(1982, Family) An orphan wins the affections of a billionaire, but someone is out to ruin her chances of happiness. Musical,...

08:30 Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams (T)

(2002, Science Fiction) The pint-sized secret agents investigate a mad scientist who...

Sky Movies Christmas
UPC: 308
Sky: 303

06:00 Snowball Express (T)

(1972, Comedy) A New York accountant tries to turn a run-down Colorado hotel into a...

07:40 Holy Night! (T)

(2011, Comedy) The Christmas decorations in a house come alive at night and carry out a feud, while two of them investigate...

Sky Movies Sci-fi/Horror
UPC: 304
Sky: 311

06:00 Time Lapse (T)

(2014, Science Fiction) Three friends discover a camera that shows them images of the future, but are disturbed by what they...

07:50 The Purge: Anarchy (T)

(2014, Horror) A gun-toting loner protects a group of people lost on the streets...

Sky Movies Disney
UPC: 305
Sky: 305

06:00 Mulan II (T)

(2004, Animated Movie/Drama) The warrior heroine helps three princesses under her protection to escape from being forced...

07:30 Flubber (T)

(1997, Comedy) A professor invents a strange substance with a life of its own, but a criminal gang plans to steal it....

Sky Movies Greats
UPC: 307
Sky: 304

06:55 Who Framed Roger Rabbit

(1988, Comedy) A private eye in 1940s Hollywood tries to prove the innocence of a...

08:45 The Right Stuff (T)

(1983, General Movie/Drama) Seven Mercury astronauts risk life and limb to pioneer the American space programme. Fact-based...

Sky Movies Showcase
UPC: 318
Sky: 310

06:25 Grace of Monaco (T)

(2014, Biopic) Biopic of Grace Kelly, following her difficult transition to becoming princess of Monaco and role in a...

08:15 Let's Be Cops (T)

(2014, Comedy) Two friends pose as police officers hoping to enjoy the perks of the job, but end up in over their heads with...

Turner Classic Movies
UPC: 327
Sky: 317

06:35 Kung Fu

A flashback to when Caine left China after being pursued by a relentless lieutenant in the Emperor's army.

07:30 Kung Fu

Caine tries helping the depressed wife of an army sergeant with a drug addiction.

UPC: 326

05:30 The Winds of Autumn

(1976, General Movie/Drama) Drama, starring Chuck Pierce Jr. In 1884, an 11 year old...

07:15 The Golden Seal

(1983, General Movie/Drama) A lonely boy is heartbroken when his dog dies, but finds comfort in the companionship of a seal...

UPC: 604
Sky: 604

06:30 Victorious (T)

Tori must perform a famous movie monologue to pass a test, while Andre and Robbie join a ballet class to meet girls.

07:00 Game Shakers

UPC: 606
Sky: 606

06:30 SpongeBob SquarePants (T)

Double bill. SpongeBob cannot understand why his friends are avoiding him, and Mr...

07:00 Sanjay and Craig

Animation following the adventures of a 12-year-old boy named Sanjay Patel, who owns a talking pet snake named Craig.

UPC: 609
Sky: 614

06:45 Dinopaws

The Dinopaws meet a little open and closey creature - but everytime they try to make friends with him, he runs away.

07:00 Raa Raa the Noisy Lion

The cub decides to copy all the noises in the jungle - but discovers he cannot...

Cartoon Network
UPC: 620
Sky: 601

06:30 Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitzu

Four ninja warriors battle dark Lord Garmadon and his skeleton army.

07:00 Adventure Time

Finn goes on adventures with Jake the dog.

Disney Channel
UPC: 613
Sky: 609

06:30 Austin & Ally

Trish tries to make Austin seem more exciting in the hope of improving his public profile, but the plan backfires when a...

07:00 Jessie

A girl from the country moves into the building, and Emma helps her to fit in among New York high society.

UPC: 603
Sky: 603

06:30 Inspector Gadget

Bumbling detective Inspector Gadget battles the forces of M.A.D. with the aid of his gadgets and gizmos, his niece Penny and...

07:00 Tom & Jerry

Animated adventures with the cat and mouse duo, who persistently torment and humiliate each other.

UPC: 701
Sky: 126

06:20 Plain Jane

Louise Roe helps a woman who only dresses in black and grey to come out of her shell by challenging her to swim with sharks.

07:05 Judge Geordie

Vicky Pattison aims to solve domestic disputes, coming to the aid of boyfriends with trust issues, ex-fiances at war, and...

MTV Rocks
UPC: 702
Sky: 354

06:00 Morning Glory!

Start your day the right way, with a mix of great tracks from legendary artists.

08:00 Biggest! Hottest! Loudest!

Listen to the most awesome tracks from the hottest bands that are rocking our world...

UPC: 706
Sky: 356

06:00 Christmas Is Coming?

VH1 is getting geared up for Christmas so we are playing the best Christmas classics...

08:00 Festive Family Favourites!

There's no time like Christmas to get together with the family and gather round the...

UPC: 709
Sky: 357

06:00 Teleshopping

A chance for viewers to purchase goods from the comfort of home.

09:00 Talent Show Judges

The biggest hits from our favourite talent show judges be prepared to see killer tunes from Cheryl,, Alesha Dixon,...

Sky Sports 1
UPC: 402
Sky: 402

06:00 NFL - A Football Life

A profile of Sean Taylor, the former Washington Redskins player, who died aged 24.

07:00 NFL - A Football Life (T)

A profile of Bill Parcells, who served as head coach for the New York Giants, New...

Sky Sports Ashes
UPC: 403
Sky: 403

06:00 Live Test Cricket

India v South Africa. Coverage of the second day of the Third Test from Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium in Nagpur.

11:00 Cricket's Greatest (T)

A profile of Sunil Gavaskar, the former Indian opening batsman, whose run-scoring...

Sky Sports 3
UPC: 404
Sky: 404

06:45 Football Gold (T)

Crystal Palace v Sunderland from the 2013/14 season.

07:00 WWE: Smackdown (T)

Spectacular grappling action with the over-the-top stars of the States, profiling fighters causing a stir and following...

Sky Sports 4
UPC: 405
Sky: 405

06:00 PGA Tour Classic (T)

The 2007 AT&T National. Highlights of the inaugural tournament, staged at the...

07:00 PGA Tour Golf: Review of the Year

A look back at the 2015 campaign, featuring highlights from the year's most...

Sky Sports 5
UPC: 406
Sky: 406

06:00 Good Morning Sports Fans

Including news and views on today's early stories and a look at the back pages.

07:00 Good Morning Sports Fans

Including news and views on today's early stories and a look at the back pages.

Setanta Ireland
UPC: 105
Sky: 423

06:00 NASCAR

The Ford EcoBoost 400. Highlights of the 36th and final round of the Sprint Cup Series, held at the Homestead-Miami Speedway...

07:00 Liverpool v Manchester United: 1999/2000

Action from the Premier League clash at Anfield.

Setanta Sports 1
UPC: 401
Sky: 424

06:00 Swedish Hockey League

HV71 v Skelleftea AIK. Action from the top-flight ice hockey match at Kinnarps Arena.

08:00 Live BPL T20

Sylhet Super Stars v Rangpur Riders. Coverage of the Bangladesh Premier League T20 contest from Shere Bangla National...

Eurosport 2
UPC: 425
Sky: 411

06:15 EuroCup Basketball

The seventh round of matches in the group stage of a tournament won by BC Khimki last season.

07:30 The EuroLeague Basketball Show

Highlights from the Euroleague season, featuring the best teams from across the...

BT Sport 1
UPC: 409
Sky: 413

06:30 Irish Rally Review

The best of the action from the Glens of Antrim Forest Rally, the latest round of the 2015 Irish Rally series.

07:00 Global Goals

A round-up of the greatest goals from around the world, all accompanied by some great music.

BT Sport 2
UPC: 410
Sky: 417

06:00 FIA World Endurance Championship

Action from the latest round of the FIA World Endurance Championship.

07:00 Sea Master Sailing

Magazine show covering the latest grand prix sailing news and action.

UPC: 407
Sky: 426

06:00 Ohio @ Northern Illinois

College Football action as the Northern Illinois Huskies host the Ohio Bobcats at...

09:00 Pardon the Interruption

Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon face off on the day's hot sporting topics.

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