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UPC: 101
Sky: 101

14:45 Fair City (R) (T)

Dan decides to lie to Yvonne about cheating on her. Meanwhile, Farrah and Max plot against Christy but end up pushing him...

15:15 Catherine's Family Kitchen (R) (T)

Chef Catherine Fulvio hosts a barbecue at Ballyknocken to thank some of the people...

UPC: 102
Sky: 102

15:10 House of Anubis (T)

Mystery drama focusing on strange happenings in the dorms of an elite boarding school.

15:20 House of Anubis (T)

Mystery drama focusing on strange happenings in the dorms of an elite boarding school.

UPC: 103
Sky: 103

15:00 Emmerdale (R) (T)

Marlon scuffles with Ross as he tries to stop him entering the church, while Brenda takes April to Gennie's grave in an...

15:30 Late Lunch Live

Martin King and Lucy Kennedy present the fast-paced show brimming with tasty recipes, chat and celebrity interviews.

UPC: 104
Sky: 104

15:00 La Vuelta Beo

Coverage of the seventh stage of the Vuelta a Espana, which features a 169km journey from Alhendin to Alcaudete. With...

17:05 Bog Stop (R) (T)

Jenny Ni Bhrolachain from Gaelscoil Iarfhlatha, Liam O Ceallaigh-Loinsigh from Gaelscoil Chnoc na Re and Roisin Ni Mheachair...

UPC: 106
Sky: 105

15:05 The Steve Wilkos Show

The former US Marine, who also used to be head of security on The Jerry Springer...

16:00 The Steve Wilkos Show

The former US Marine, who also used to be head of security on The Jerry Springer...

UPC: 108
Sky: 141

15:00 Escape to the Country (T)

Jules Hudson helps a family of six with a £360,000 budget find a rural home in...

15:30 Hairy Bikers' Meals on Wheels Back on the Road (R) (T)

Part two of two. Si King and Dave Myers return to Slaithwaite in West Yorkshire,...

UPC: 109
Sky: 142

14:45 Celebrity MasterChef (R) (T)

The well-known faces are challenged to cook sticky toffee pudding and a two-course...

15:30 Coast (R) (T)

The team investigates the culture, history and legends of Britain's islands, including Fair Isle, Orkney, the Western Isles...

UPC: 110

15:00 Secret Dealers (R) (T)

Antiques experts Mark Stevens, Mike Melody and Tim Hogarth enter a bidding battle to...

16:00 Tipping Point (T)

Quiz show, hosted by Ben Shephard, in which contestants answer questions to win turns on an arcade-style machine that...

Channel 4
UPC: 111
Sky: 135

14:40 Countdown (T)

Words-and-numbers game, with Nick Hewer and Dictionary Corner guest Martin Lewis.

15:30 Deal or No Deal (T)

Noel Edmonds hosts the high-stakes game show in which contestants can walk away with as much as £250,000 - or as...

UPC: 112
Sky: 137

15:00 Melissa & Joey (R) (T)

Male nanny Joey moves into Melissa's home to make his childcare work easier, but his...

15:30 Melissa & Joey (R) (T)

Joe fears that being a nanny will affect his love life, so Mel lies to get him a...

UPC: 118
Sky: 139

15:05 Four in a Bed (R) (T)

Village bakers Diane and Max Seivewright, the owners of Ombersley B&B in...

15:40 Four in a Bed (R) (T)

The B&B owners gather to find out who has won the competition. Diane and Max feel...

UPC: 114
Sky: 106

15:00 Modern Family (R) (T)

Plans for a relaxed evening at Jay's turn out to be anything but, Mitchell is not...

15:30 Modern Family (R) (T)

The Dunphys and Pritchetts head Down Under so Phil can get in touch with his...

UPC: 115
Sky: 121

15:00 Last Man Standing (R) (T)

Mike relives his adventurous youth, and Vanessa reminisces about life before she...

15:30 Last Man Standing (R) (T)

Ed seeks Mike's advice as he prepares to make a decision, and the girls introduce...

UPC: 133
Sky: 152

15:00 Animal House (R) (T)

Documentary series shining a spotlight on the staff at SPCA Auckland, who dedicate...

15:30 Animal House (R) (T)

Documentary series shining a spotlight on the staff at SPCA Auckland, who dedicate...

UPC: 130
Sky: 118

14:55 The Jeremy Kyle Show (R) (T)

The host invites guests to air their differences over family and relationship...

16:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show (R) (T)

The host invites guests to air their differences over family and relationship...

UPC: 131
Sky: 119

15:00 Hamish Macbeth (R) (T)

Isobel returns to Lochdubh in the company of a single mother and her young son who...

16:05 Barbara (R) (T)

Martin lands an interview with a TV celebrity, little suspecting what he's letting himself in for, and Barbara's mum's ashes...

UPC: 132
Sky: 120

14:50 Kojak (R) (T)

A singer tries to prove her father was wrongfully imprisoned for murder, but she attracts the attention of the real killer....

15:55 Magnum, PI (R) (T)

Thomas sets out to solve a murder on the Masters estate, but his efforts are complicated by a delusional Higgins, who's...

Comedy Central
UPC: 127
Sky: 112

15:00 Friends (T)

Chandler and Ross face two bullies at Central Perk, while Monica decides to have a flutter on the stock market. Comedy,...

15:30 Friends (T)

Rachel's birthday party is enlivened by two people she did not count on turning up - her parents. Comedy, guest starring...

Comedy Central Extra
UPC: 134
Sky: 128

15:00 Two and a Half Men (T)

Alan worries that Charlie's womanising is getting out of control. Charlie Sheen and...

15:30 Two and a Half Men (T)

Alan throws himself enthusiastically into planning Evelyn's wedding, while Charlie...

Sky Atlantic
Sky: 108

15:00 Star Trek: Enterprise (R) (T)

The ship encounters a vessel in the Delphic Expanse that could help locate an enemy...

16:00 House (R) (T)

The staff perform risky open-heart surgery on a matador who inexplicably starts experiencing seizures after being treated...

E! Entertainment
UPC: 147
Sky: 151

15:00 Tia and Tamera (T)

Tia learns that she must make a big decision about her role on The Game, and Tamera struggles when she starts filming while...

16:00 E! News

Round-up of the day's hottest entertainment news and gossip, featuring up-to-the-minute reports and stories with hosts...

Sky Living
UPC: 124
Sky: 107

15:00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (R) (T)

A woman terrified of intruders is killed by a stalker who adds a bizarre flourish by...

16:00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (R) (T)

Grissom and the team struggle to apprehend the murderers of an elderly woman, while...

Sky Livingit
UPC: 158
Sky: 222

15:00 Nothing to Declare (R) (T)

Fly-on-the-wall documentary accessing the world of national security at Australia's...

15:30 Nothing to Declare (R) (T)

Fly-on-the-wall documentary accessing the world of national security at Australia's...

UPC: 126
Sky: 124

15:00 Monk (T)

A woman suspects her brother-in-law was responsible for the death of his wife, but Adrian struggles to connect him to the...

16:00 Medium (T)

Allison becomes the target of a serial killer from the past, who possesses people and seeks further victims. She faces a...

UPC: 122
Sky: 111

15:00 Top Gear (T)

A rally car competes against a jet-powered kayak on a frozen lake, and there is a race across the Yorkshire Dales. Gordon...

16:00 Top Gear (T)

The presenters test out their designs for amphibious vehicles on a Staffordshire lake, and actor Philip Glenister is the...

UPC: 120
Sky: 110

15:00 I Dream of Jeannie

The genie gives her powers to Tony at a big reception. Vintage comedy, starring Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman.

15:30 I Dream of Jeannie

Tony and Roger go to a tough training camp after being called weaklings by a fitness instructor. Vintage comedy, starring...

Channel 5

14:20 NCIS (R) (T)

Inquiries into the death of a marine land the team squarely in the middle of an inner-city gang war, forcing Gibbs to...

15:20 Blind Trust (T)

(2007, Thriller) An innocent woman convicted of murdering her boyfriend goes on the run, and discovers her own lawyer is...

Sky: 109

15:00 Betty White's Off Their Rockers (T)

Hidden-camera comedy show in which the actress and a team of fellow senior citizens...

15:30 Betty White's Off Their Rockers (T)

Hidden-camera comedy show in which the actress and a team of fellow senior citizens...

UPC: 151
Sky: 132

15:00 Sue Thomas: FBEye (T)

Sue and Jack go undercover to find out why a judge and a lawyer were murdered, when...

16:00 Murdoch Mysteries (T)

The detective is taunted by a murderer who leaves dolls with personal messages at...

Universal Channel
UPC: 123
Sky: 113

15:00 In Plain Sight (T)

A couple in the witness protection programme want to get divorced, leaving Mary struggling to keep the family out of danger....

16:00 Law & Order (T)

A man is found murdered in a local park and it is initially suspected that the death is drug-related, but a man with...

UPC: 129
Sky: 114

15:00 Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files

A mysterious light hovering above the water in Bodega Bay, California, and two New...

16:00 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy is saved from three of the Master's henchmen by the mysterious Angel, who...

Sky: 166

15:00 Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

Barry announces his long-awaited wedding to Hazel is definitely going ahead, and Oz...

16:00 Bergerac (T)

Part two of two. Jim investigates a confidence trickster being hounded by a pair of criminals. Drama, guest starring Tony...

UPC: 512
Sky: 243

15:00 The Hotel Inspector Returns (T)

Alex Polizzi returns to the Walpole Bay Hotel, a family-run establishment in...

16:00 A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

Laura Hamilton helps Nicholas and Pauline Patch, a couple searching for a second...

Sky: 245

15:00 Escape to the Country

Urban families, couples and individuals set out to find their ideal rural retreats.

16:00 Escape to the Country (T)

Alistair Appleton helps a couple find their ideal home in Devon. They want to be...

Good Food
Sky: 244

15:00 Rick Stein's German Bite (T)

The chef embarks on a culinary journey to find the best seafood from the north...

16:00 The Great British Bake Off: Masterclass (T)

Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry prepare pork pies filled with pork loin and quail's...

Sky Arts 1
UPC: 141
Sky: 129

15:00 All You Need Is Love (T)

The landmark series from the 1970s tells the story of ragtime music. Featuring rare...

16:00 Parkinson: Masterclass (T)

Author Michael Morpurgo talks to Michael Parkinson about his novel War Horse and its...

Sky Arts 2
UPC: 142
Sky: 130

14:00 Gala Performances

Tenor Placido Domingo performs in Miami, joined onstage by soprano Ann Panagulias.

15:15 The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life

Oscar-winning film about Holocaust survivor Alice Herz-Sommer, who shares her views...

Challenge TV
UPC: 157
Sky: 145

15:00 Golden Balls (R) (T)

Jasper Carrott hosts the show in which four contestants enter a game of truth and...

16:00 Total Wipeout USA (T)

American version of the game show, in which 20 contestants take on an extreme...

Fashion TV
UPC: 502

15:00 Top Photoshoots

Join fashiontv and take a trip behind-the-scenes at the world?s top photo shoots, from model highlights to glamorous...

15:30 Top Photoshoots

Join fashiontv and take a trip behind-the-scenes at the world?s top photo shoots, from model highlights to glamorous...

UPC: 825
Sky: 796

14:02 Les Dames

(, reserved) Queen of blood Martin wakes up naked, in the middle of the night, in an apartment he doesn't know and next to a...

15:46 Dans La Peau D'un Chef

Christophe Michalak has a guest chef for a week. Every day, in a master class, they...

National Geographic
UPC: 215
Sky: 526

15:00 Air Crash Investigation

The accident that befell West Caribbean Airways Flight 708 in August 2005, when...

16:00 Car SOS

Fuzz Townshend and Tim Shaw spruce up a 1970 Lotus Elan, whose ex-racing driver owner has a painful spinal injury that has...

Discovery Channel
UPC: 208
Sky: 520

15:00 The First World War

Germany's bid to end the conflict by launching a massive offensive on the Western...

16:00 Airplane Repo

Nick Popovich and his team of professionals travel to Turkey and France in the hunt for two Airbus A320 aircraft.

Animal Planet
UPC: 213
Sky: 523

15:00 Too Cute!

Nanook the shy chinook is the only boy in a litter of four and is training to become a sled dog. Meanwhile Rocky and Stanley...

16:00 Dogs 101

A look at whether a dog is able to use its ears to smell, which breed can predict an avalanche and if it is possible for a...

Discovery History
UPC: 212
Sky: 535

15:00 Time Team

The experts visit the Orkney Islands, where they excavate an underground chamber buried beneath a grassy mound known as Mine...

16:00 Time Team

Following an excavation in Ely, Cambridgeshire, carried out by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit, covering a strip of land...

UPC: 121
Sky: 125

15:00 Four Weddings Canada

Canadian version of the reality show in which four brides rate one another's wedding...

16:00 Ultimate Cake Off

The contenders have nine hours to build a cake that has moving parts and stands 5ft tall for the chance of winning the...

Discovery Science
UPC: 211
Sky: 525

15:00 How It's Made

The production processes involved in jukeboxes, tortilla chips and spark plugs, and how their manufacture has evolved with...

15:30 How It's Made

The technology used in the manufacture of pencils, metal recycling and coffee production.

Discovery Turbo
UPC: 156
Sky: 524

15:00 Wheeler Dealers

Mike Brewer finds a 1966 Morris Minor Traveller for the bargain price of £2,400, and makes plans for Edd China to...

16:00 Fifth Gear

Jason Plato experiences a Formula One driving simulator, and Vicki Butler-Henderson gets behind the wheel of the Aston...

Nat Geo Wild
UPC: 216
Sky: 528

15:00 Hunt for the Mystery Shark

Natali Tesche goes in search of the six-gill shark, which has fluorescent green...

16:00 Sharks of Pirate Island

Divers embark on a mission to free sharks and turtles from illegal fishing lines off...

Discovery Shed
UPC: 155
Sky: 242

15:00 Total Fishing

Matt Hayes and Mick Brown visit Horseshoe Lake where they angle for carp and tench using a feeder fishing technique.

15:30 Total Fishing

Matt Hayes and Mick Brown travel along the River Severn, near Upton in Worcestershire, in a bid to catch pike and perch.

Investigation Discovery
UPC: 504
Sky: 522

15:00 Disappeared

The case of 22-year-old Bradyn Fuksa, who vanished in July 2009 after taking a mysterious 10-hour hourney from Kansas to...

16:00 On the Case with Paula Zahn

The murder of Bill Stout, who was shot in his bedroom. The investigation initially...

Discovery Home & Health
UPC: 210
Sky: 240

15:00 Homes Under the Hammer

Developers Lucy Alexander and Martin Roberts explore properties in Derbyshire and...

16:00 Country House Rescue

Ruth Watson visits Carnfield Hall in Derbyshire, which owner James Cartland restored...

UPC: 214
Sky: 144

15:00 Supernanny US

Jo Frost visits the Krolikowski household, where parents Shannon and John appear to be waging a losing battle as their four...

16:00 Wife Swap

Laid-back single mother Bea trades places with etiquette fan Sue and must learn to take instructions from her counterpart's...

Sky: 532

15:00 Wild Canada (T)

Polar bear cubs discover ice, a young caribou dances in the cold and eider ducks dive for mussels.

16:00 Great Bear Stakeout (T)

First in a two-part documentary following the grizzly bears of the Alaskan...

Sky: 537

15:00 Flog It! (T)

The team travels to Buxton in Derbyshire, where Kate Bliss and Philip Serrell meet people willing to auction their...

16:00 Bargain Hunt (T)

Tim Wonnacott challenges two RAF engineers and a pair of murder-mystery fans to find the best buys in Tetbury,...

Travel Channel
Sky: 252

15:00 Bizarre Foods America

16:00 Bizarre Foods America

History Channel
UPC: 217
Sky: 529

15:00 Pawn Stars

The guys haggle over the prices of an antique pistol, a mining certificate issued to Mark Twain and a valuable Spider-Man...

15:30 Pawn Stars

The guys buy a valuable 1961 guitar, and discover a copy of National Geographic covering the first moon landing.

Sky Movies Premiere
UPC: 320
Sky: 301

14:45 Baggage Claim (T)

(2013, Comedy) An air hostess uses her job to identify potential candidates in a bid to get a fiance before her sister's...

16:30 Gravity (T)

(2013, Thriller) Premiere. Two astronauts left stranded in orbit make a perilous journey to reach the space station before...

Sky Movies Comedy
UPC: 301
Sky: 308

14:35 Nacho Libre

(2006, Comedy) A Mexican friar becomes a masked wrestler, hoping to win enough prize money to save the orphanage where he...

16:10 Napoleon Dynamite: Special Edition (T)

(2004, Comedy) An awkward teenager helps his friend win the class presidency, while...

Sky Movies Action & Adventure/HD
UPC: 302
Sky: 307

14:35 A Good Day to Die Hard (T)

(2013, Thriller) John McClane goes to Moscow and helps his CIA agent son stop the...

16:20 Batman Begins (T)

(2005, Detective/Thriller) A billionaire hones his fighting skills and becomes a masked vigilante to rid his city of crime...

Sky Movies Family
UPC: 303
Sky: 306

15:00 Antz (T)

(1998, Comedy) An ant sets out to prove his love for a princess and help her escape their brutal colony to find a promised...

16:30 Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (T)

(2012, Comedy) The escaped zoo animals try to get back to New York by joining a...

Sky Movies Drama & Romance
UPC: 308
Sky: 310

13:35 Sleepless in Seattle (T)

(1993, Comedy) A boy tries to find his widowed father a new wife via a radio...

15:25 Lincoln (T)

(2012, Biopic) Steven Spielberg's biopic of Abraham Lincoln, following his struggle to end the Civil War and abolish...

Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror
UPC: 304
Sky: 303

15:00 The Borderlands (T)

(2013, Horror) Two investigators are sent to uncover the truth behind reports of supernatural occurrences in a remote...

16:45 The Top Ten Show 2014

Countdown of the biggest box office hits in Britain and America.

Sky Movies Disney
UPC: 305
Sky: 305

13:45 Ice Princess (T)

(2005, General Movie/Drama) A bookish teenager shocks her family by devoting herself to becoming an ice skater with the help...

15:35 Dumbo (T)

(1941, Animated Movie/Drama) Disney animated adventure following a lonely young elephant who discovers that his oversized...

Sky Movies Greats
UPC: 307
Sky: 304

14:05 xXx (T)

(2002, Espionage) A jailed extreme sports star is offered a way out of prison if he agrees to take on a gang of...

16:15 xXx2: The Next Level (T)

(2005, Espionage) A government spymaster recruits an imprisoned soldier to prevent a...

Sky Movies Select
UPC: 306
Sky: 312

14:25 Grosse Pointe Blank (T)

(1997, General Movie/Drama) A hitman runs into trouble when he tries to combine his...

16:25 Bonnie and Clyde

(1967, Biopic) Fact-based gangster drama about the infamous couple who went on a headline-grabbing crime spree across the...

Sky Movies Showcase
UPC: 318
Sky: 311

13:55 Stand Up Guys (T)

(2012, Comedy) Three ageing gangsters are reunited when one gets out of prison, and try to recapture their glory days. Crime...

15:40 Chasing Mavericks (T)

(2012, General Movie/Drama) A teenager tracks down a well-known surfer and asks for...

Sky Movies Crime & Thriller/HD
UPC: 309
Sky: 309

15:10 Bad Company (T)

(2002, Comedy) A CIA operative has to transform a rough streetwise hustler into a credible replacement for his murdered...

17:20 Brake (T)

(2012, Thriller) A secret-service agent is kidnapped by terrorists, who try to force him to divulge classified information....

UPC: 323
Sky: 315

14:45 The Lavender Hill Mob (T)

(1951, Comedy) An unassuming bank worker hatches a plot to steal £1million in...

16:25 Toys (T)

(1992, Comedy) A zany inventor and his childlike sister clash with their uncle, who wants to use the family toy factory for...

Turner Classic Movies
UPC: 327
Sky: 317

15:00 Good Day for a Hanging

(1959, Western) A retired lawman resumes his duties, but earns the outrage of the...

16:40 Bad Men of Tombstone

(1949, Western) A thief escapes from jail with the aid of his cellmate's partners in...

UPC: 326

13:20 Hawaii

(1966, Historical/Period Drama) A 19th-century missionary tries to bring Christianity to the natives of the Hawaiian...

16:00 Little Man Tate

(1991, General Movie/Drama) A child prodigy is torn between the wishes of his mother and a psychologist keen to develop his...

UPC: 604
Sky: 604

15:00 Extreme Babysitting

A kitchen is flooded with oil, something strange lurks in a house's walls, and an...

15:30 Drake & Josh

The stepbrothers discover Megan has her first boyfriend, but they soon suspect he cannot be trusted.

UPC: 606
Sky: 606

15:00 Rocket Monkeys

Animated adventures.

15:30 SpongeBob SquarePants

Adventures with the underwater pals.

UPC: 608
Sky: 613

15:10 Strange Hill High

Templeton's science fair experiment goes drastically wrong when his attempt to blast into space sparks an alien invasion.

15:35 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

The Mayor of Crystal Cove enlists the gang to investigate the mystery of the...

UPC: 609
Sky: 614

15:00 Mister Maker Comes to Town

The artist demonstrates how to make a messy creature and a golden crown. He also...

15:20 Tumble Travels

Mr Tumble plans to take his family on a special day out.

Cartoon Network
UPC: 620
Sky: 601

15:00 Dragons: Riders of Berk

Fishlegs finds a special gem, but a flock of dangerous Changewings wants it back.

15:30 Teen Titans Go!

Disney Channel
UPC: 613
Sky: 609

15:00 Wizards of Waverly Place

Justin tries to stop Alex from going to the cinema with friends who are much older...

15:25 Jessie

Emma ignores Jessie's warnings that her new boyfriend is a bad influence, until he throws a party in her house without...

UPC: 600
Sky: 624

15:10 The Why Guy

Albie and his friends answer viewers' questions.

15:15 Balamory

Learning with the islanders.

UPC: 603
Sky: 603

15:00 Tom & Jerry

Animated adventures with the cat and mouse duo, who persistently torment and humiliate each other.

15:30 The Tom & Jerry Show

Cat and mouse adventures.

UPC: 701
Sky: 126

15:00 Catfish: The TV Show

Mike and Kirsten met on Facebook and quickly forged a deep connection, but after...

16:00 Catfish: The TV Show

Jesse wonders what her online partner Brian is hiding, after he asked her to live...

MTV Rocks
UPC: 702
Sky: 354

15:00 The Hot 10

15:50 Biggest! Hottest! Loudest!

UPC: 706
Sky: 356

15:00 The Official UK Top 40

A comprehensive countdown of the most popular current hits.

18:30 In Love With 2014: Top 5

UPC: 709
Sky: 357

15:00 SpongeBob SquarePants

Double bill. SpongeBob gets injured at work, and Squidward is driven mad by his...

15:30 SpongeBob SquarePants

Double bill. Patrick tries to rethink how he lives his life, and SpongeBob tries to...

Sky Sports 1
UPC: 402
Sky: 402

15:00 Football's Greatest Teams (T)

A look at Brian Clough's Nottingham Forest side from the mid to late 1970s,...

15:30 Premiership Years (T)

Classic games, infamous blunders and moments of skill from the 1998/99 season.

Sky Sports 2
UPC: 403
Sky: 403

13:55 Live Royal London One-Day Cup Cricket

Kent Spitfires v Gloucestershire Gladiators. Coverage of the quarter-final match at...

21:30 Sporting Rivalries

A look back as famous Ashes series between England and Australia, which has featured some of the most intense cricketing...

Sky Sports 3
UPC: 404
Sky: 404

15:00 US Open Tennis

Action from day four of the Grand Slam event at Flushing Meadows in New York, featuring second-round matches in the men's...

16:00 Live US Open Tennis

Coverage of day five of the Grand Slam event at Flushing Meadows in New York,...

Sky Sports 4
UPC: 405
Sky: 405

14:30 Live European Tour Golf

The Italian Open. Further coverage of the second day at the Circolo Golf Torino near...

17:30 Sporting Greats (T)

A look at the career of Jack Nicklaus, who is widely considered as the greatest golfer in the history of the game, after...

Setanta Ireland
UPC: 105
Sky: 423

14:00 Ligue 1

Nice v Bordeaux. A chance to see the French top-flight clash at the Allianz Riviera.

16:00 League of Ireland

St Patrick's Athletic v UCD. Another chance to see the top-flight clash at Richmond Park.

Setanta Sports 1
UPC: 401
Sky: 424

14:45 NASCAR Trucks

The UNOH 200. Action from the 13th round of the season, staged at Bristol Motor Speedway, Tennessee.

16:00 Belgian Pro League

Action from the top tier of football in Belgium.

UPC: 423
Sky: 410

13:00 US Open Tennis

Action from day four of the Grand Slam event at Flushing Meadows in New York, featuring second-round matches in the men's...

16:00 Live US Open Tennis

Coverage of day five of the Grand Slam event at Flushing Meadows in New York,...

Eurosport 2
UPC: 425
Sky: 411

15:00 Live Cycling: Vuelta a Espana

Coverage of the seventh stage of this year's race, which features a 169km journey...

16:45 Triathlon

Action from the Alpe d'Huez Triathlon in France, which is part of the Mass Participation Series.

BT Sport 1
UPC: 409
Sky: 413

15:00 Premier League World

A round-up of the latest news surrounding the Premier League, featuring interviews...

15:30 French Ligue 1 Preview

A look ahead to the next round of fixtures in the French football league.

BT Sport 2
UPC: 410
Sky: 414

12:00 Live MotoGP

Coverage of the second free practice session for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, ahead of the 12th round of the...

16:00 V8 Supercars Highlights

The Sydney Motor Sport 400. Action from the first and second races of round nine,...

UPC: 407
Sky: 417

15:00 College Football

South Carolina Gamecocks v Texas A&M Aggies. Action from the NCAA match at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbus.

18:00 College Football

Boise State Broncos v Ole Miss Rebels. Action from the official match to the open the new NCAA season, which took place at...

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