RTE 2 NCIS: New Orleans (T) Tue 01:20

NCIS: New Orleans (T)

A power cut plunges most of the city into darkness, and Pride is approached by his daughter's best friend, Frankie, who claims to have received an unnerving message from her fiance Nick, who has gone missing. Using background noise from his message, the team deduces Nick's location, but finds he has been killed. A chain of evidence leads to an abandoned house containing blueprints for New Orleans' electric grids, as well as the murder weapon, and as Pride and his colleagues investigate further, they begin to suspect Nick's death and the blackout are connected to an opportunistic gang planning to use the power cut as a cover for a looting spree. However, there is more to the case than meets the eye. Crime drama, starring Scott Bakula.

S02 E09