Sales Agreement

Here at we like to provide you with as many services as possible and this includes directly selling tickets for some of the events that we cover on our website. As a result we have to deal with the legal stuff to make sure you know where you stand whenever you buy any tickets through the website. There are no refunds or exchanges unless in the event of a cancellation.

The Company

The website (for ease of reference we will call this "the website") is operated by Entertainment Media Networks Limited, incorporated in Ireland.

1. Acceptance

When you access the website to purchase tickets for events, you are accepting our terms and conditions. You have to accept them via a tick box before you can pay for or confirm your purchase.

2. Agency

When we sell tickets for events on the website, we do so as an agent for the event organiser whether this be a venue or promoter. As a result the following are important:

(a) We can't be held responsible if the event does not take place. In the event of an official cancellation, we can issue refunds and/ or tickets to an alternative event by the same "event organiser" (according to arrangements put in place by the event organiser), but this will ultimately remain the responsibility of the event organiser.

(b) We can't be held responsible for the venue at which the event is taking place or any action or accident that occurs within it. Unfortunately accidents can happen and if something does happen to you at an event that is not your fault then you will have to take this up with the event organiser.

(c) We can't be held responsible for the event itself. Of course we would hope that you enjoy it, but if for whatever reason you are dissatisfied then you will have to take this up with the event organiser.

(d) We can't be held responsible if you are not allowed entry for any reason, including lateness, dress code, or any other reason that the event organiser can at their discretion employ. Late arrival is not something '' will ever offer refunds for.

4. Information

Whilst we make every effort to ensure the website is kept up to date we cannot be held responsible if you discover that some information on the website proves to be incorrect or inaccurate.

5. Trade Marks

Except in the case of any other trade marks or other intellectual property that are owned by third parties, the name and the logos used by the Company on the website are copyrighted to the Company and trade marks operated by it. You must not use any trademarks or copyright material whether owned by the Company or third parties for any purpose whatsoever. Regrettably we must take immediate legal action against any person whom we find to be in breach of this obligation. Infringing copyright is a criminal offence.

6. Limitation of Liability

To the extent that is permitted by law the Company disclaims all liability to you for any liability, loss or damage, direct or indirect, that you may suffer whether using the website, purchasing tickets for an event, attending an event or otherwise, whether arising under contract or otherwise. In the event that the Company is found to owe you any liability then such liability shall be limited to the amount or sum that you have paid for tickets for an event.

7. Disputes

Naturally we hope that disputes will not occur. However if they do occur then they may be mediated in Ireland or be dealt with through the Courts in Ireland and under the laws of Ireland.

8. Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. By providing personal information such as your name and e-mail address via the website, you agree to our contacting you. Each email communication you receive from us will have the option to remove your e-mail address from our mailing list. The ticket booking form also includes a check box asking you for permission for us to add you to our mailing list and the mailing list of the event organiser. This is an opt -out mailing list that you can untick in the booking form. The 'event organiser' will be given your information regardless of your opt out status, but will not be able to contact you outside of an emergency related to the event if you do opt out.

From time to time, we may include links in our e-mails to other web sites which we think may be of interest to you. During the course of any visit to our site, the pages you see, along with a short text file called a "cookie", are downloaded to your computer. Many websites do this, because cookies facilitate useful features such as the ability to identify whether a user has successfully logged into the site or to find out whether the computer (and probably its user) has visited the website before.

The Company is committed to keeping all personal data within the meaning of the Data Protection Act 1988 private and secure according to the terms of that legislation, and any acts or regulations amending same or issued under it. We do not distribute information outside Ireland. We will only disclose personal data where it is required by law to do so or you authorise us to do so. We take reasonable steps to secure the personal data held by us to prevent it being accessed by third parties. We regularly update and review this Privacy Policy.

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