O'Reilly Theatre

Join us on the 9th December for a One Day Bonanza at Belvedere College.
Feel free to just pop by for hot chocolate and cake or even some lunch. You will also find lots of Christmas Wreaths and other such greenery together with Belvedere College jams - ideal for Christmas presents.
At 3pm there will be a Fashion Show in the OReilly Theatre featuring students and teachers modeling all the latest fashions.
Alternatively you can pick up a case or two of wine at one of our wine tastings In Belvedere House just in time for Christmas.
Don't forget to visit the Live Crib in the Courtyard on the way to the First Year's Football Marathon in the gym.
Lastly, but by no means least, join Frank McNamara and Family, Kathy Nugent and several other Irish artists perform at the Variety Show in the OReilly Theatre at 8pm.
Merry Christmas!