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Electric Picnic ROUND-UP Posted by Lauren on 30 August 2008. Mood:

See our photos from Electric Picnic from Day One, and Day Two and Day Three.


A late ending on Saturday night meant a late start on Sunday morning; but being positioned in the Charlie Chaplin campsite meant that we could hear no less than three bands at once, as well as a rude awakening by My Bloody Valentine soundchecking at 11am (I have never heard a guitar as loud). Cowboy X sounded supremely tight and strong, and I'm miffed that I missed them. Ham Sandwich sounded.. er.. like they had a good crowd, and the heavenly voices of the Dublin Gospel Choir even wafted over from as far as the Main Stage.

The first band viewing of the day, however, was a few minutes of Candi Staton on the main stage, which saw a hell of a lot of people chilling out and soaking up the lovely sunshine. From there, I walked over to These New Puritans, who drew a shamefully small crowd, but were one of the most potent bands I saw all weekend. It's hilarious how the sole female member always looks so stoic and mannequin-like behind her AppleMac.

Turin Brakes on the Crawdaddy stage followed, and while they were fine (a little drab in parts), they were worth watching simply for the comedy value of their bass player, who so obviously desperately wants to be a frontman that it's almost sad. Highlight of their set was their biggest hit 'Save Me (Underdog)', but the sometimes-dodgy sound in that tent meant that their harmonies suffered.

Foals followed in the same stage and were surprisingly great; their long instrumental passages may be hard to get into in a normal gig setting, but it went down really well with a festival crowd who just wanted to dance. 

The Roots put in a decent first twenty minutes, but it wasn't enough to drag me away from the Pieface stand, whose Hungarian Goulash pie was very nice indeed, and almost worth the twenty minute queuing time. Onward to the Electric Arena in time for Grinderman: Nick Cave is THE MAN. It's rare to see a frontman that you're actually afraid to tear your eyes away from in case you miss something, and he stalked the stage like a cross between an antelope and a mad preacher. Their set was good, but perhaps not magnificent; although a ferocious telling of 'No Pussy Blues' made it all worthwhile. Superb.

Even as a disinterested observer, My Bloody Valentine sounded fairly fecking amazing in the Electric Arena, so I popped in for twenty minutes of their set, which wasn't half as loud as I expected (despite a LOT of amps behind Kevin Shields), but a lot more powerful. It felt like 1991 as the lights and back-of-stage screen graphics really added to the atmosphere - people were going mental, and with good reason. I wouldn't have bothered before, but I'd definitely go to see them again if they played an indoor venue in Dublin.
Gossip drew a good crowd to the Main Stage, but there didn't seem to be as many people in the mood for dancing as there was for Franz Ferdinand on Saturday – which is a shame, because a sparkly-green-dress-attired Beth Ditto is a wonderful frontwoman.  Maybe it's because of the cold. Am I getting old?

Still, I didn't feel as old as the Sex Pistols looked.. Regardless of how you feel about Johnny Rotten, though, he's a funny character and looked even funnier in his trademark silly costume.. Strangely, he couldn't seem to get the crowd as pumped up as he was, though - and when one irate punter flung a drink in his direction, his reaction was brilliant: “To whoever threw a full drink up on stage.. SHAME ON YOU, YOU F*CK. WIT. Shame on you if you call yourself a f*cking Irishman - NEVER SPILL A DROP, you fake Paddy.” It was great to hear the hits, but they do seem a bit jaded and didn't really hold my attention, so it was off to see a bit of wunderkind Conor Oberst in the Crawdaddy Stage, which was a bit average if you're not a maniacal fan. It seemed like a lot of the crowd had just strolled in out of interest as there was no real atmosphere even though the boy Oberst was giving it socks.

I should have gone to Chromeo, really (tent was packed, though) but it was so bloody cold at that stage that I wandered around the outside for a bit and decided to call it a night - missing the burning of the wooden Eiffel Tower-shaped structure that closed the festival at 2am. Oh well. There were a lot of acts I'd have liked to see and didn't (Laura Marling, David O'Doherty, George Clinton - I heard that his bassist wore nothing but a nappy and that he was spanking Grace Jones on stage - The Presets, who were brilliant by all accounts), and lots more - but it didn't really matter. It would have been an incredibly enjoyable weekend even if I'd only seen 10% of what I wanted to. Electric Picnic really is the best festival in Ireland right now - roll on 2009.


Saturday's musical antics began with a non-musical slant; a trip to the Hot Press Chat Room (in the Spoken Word area) at 3pm to see Manchester's finest, Elbow, be interviewed. Guy Garvey is a gruffly charming bugger – it's impossible to dislike him. In fact, after Cathy Davey's set (brilliant - I've never seen her as vocally strong as she was yesterday, and her set was tight, if the setlist a little muddled) I spotted Elbow walking out of the tent and went to say hi to Guy. He's very lovely off-stage, too.

Knees-a-wobblin' from that encounter, I bumped* into none other than Alex Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand not two minutes later. With a terrifed look in his eyes, he said that he was looking forward to playing Ireland for the first time in ages. The Scottish quartet's set on the Main Stage later that night was bloody brilliant – they're the perfect festival band, they worked the crowd magnificently, their new songs sound great, and they're quite simply, a great pop band.

Other highlights during the day was Ra Ra Riot's first Irish gig, which was good, if a little samey – think Arcade Fire meets The Spinto Band. The Breeders were also pretty powerful (Cannonball was especially great), Tindersticks were as lush and gorgeous as expected, and Dan Deacon's madcap set in the Little Big Tent was insane (it was dubious how the Baltimore electro wizard's set would work from the middle of a crowd at a festival, but he got the crowd dancing in circles, creating a 'gauntlet' and various other hilarious antics).

However, Saturday belonged to two acts: Elbow and Grace Jones. The former's set in the Electric Arena started slowly and built to a magnificent crescendo (culminating in a wonderful, euphoric rendition of 'One Day Like This' which saw a very sweaty Guy Garvey climb down to the front of the barrier and sing the song draped in a tricolour).

Ms. Jones, meanwhile, is a completely fascinating creature. Unsurprisingly, she took the stage over twenty minutes late (with many people starting to boo in impatience), but once 'Nightclubbing' kicked off, the wait was worth it. She's as mental as expected, and her between-song banter is top-notch (examples: “I woke up this morning and didn't f**king know where the f**k I was.. I said 'It smells like Ireland'”, and “Does anyone have a f**king spliff? I want a f**king spliff.. throw it up on stage if you have one.”) Multiple headset changes, a lot of arse-displaying (her legs are AMAZING) and a few new songs thrown in for good measure just made her a pleasure to watch – even if you weren't a fan.

A late-night trip to the Body&Soul area followed, where Donal Dineen was spinning some choons till the early hours, as well as a trip on the Ferris Wheel (total rip-off), and a couple of very fun hours spent in the Silent Disco. One more thing: don't knock a ride on the Merry-Go-Round at 3am till you've tried it.

*saw him walking past and chased him down like a rabid dog


Leaving Dublin early was a good idea; although it meant rising at an unholy hour, our tent was pitched by 11am and the traffic problems that many encountered were practically non-existent.

First impressions of Electric Picnic '08: it's bloody HUGE. There may be the same capacity (32,500), but the site itself seems to have been expanded a good deal. There are more areas, tiny cafes, makeshift stages and stalls than ever before, which is very cool.

Anyway, to the music; Kíla opened the Main Stage with an enjoyable and energetic set of their rock-trad fusion, replete with dancing girls (who doesn't like dancing girls?), an acrobat lady who spun around on a big ribbon (no idea what the technical term for that is), and had drawn a sizeable crowd (lots of little kiddies, too) to the stage by the time their set was over. Lead singer Ronan O Snodaigh was intent on 'making love' to the crowd for their 55 minute set - not sure about that, but he definitely got 'em warmed up.

I hung around the main stage afterwards to see 15 minutes of Tinariwen's set, which was good, but would have been really great in a tent - then headed to Jape in the Crawdaddy tent, which was absolutely packed to the rafters. Richie was very obviously delighted with the turnout, too - he was like a hyperactive 5 year old on a sugar rush as he realised the crowd knew the words to his songs - and I wish I'd seen his set from the start.

Christy Moore's set in the same tent followed, but after ten minutes of being subjected to a highly obnoxious crowd who were very obviously only there to get pissed and sing along to anything remotely Irish, I headed back to the Main Stage for Goldfrapp, which was mostly excellent. She may be 102, but Alison Goldfrapp still very much has 'it'. The folkier material from their new album was less well-received than the likes of the upbeat 'Train' and 'Strict Machine', which were superb. Plus, they opened with 'Utopia', which was beautiful.

Sigur Ros were next up, and while I'm not the biggest fan of the Icelandic band, I was willing to be won over. A strong start soon became a monotonous trudge, and the lack of screens of the main stage (like at Bjork last year) were detrimental to creating a good atmosphere. That didn't stop the majority of the front row from 'bawling their eyes out', according to one photographer who was there to witness the strange phenomenon of 'Overreactionitis'.

So, I left before their set was over and headed to the Body & Soul area for the Balanescu Quartet, whose set in the natural ampitheatre had drawn an enormous crowd (unfortunately most of whom were intent on talking all the way through, so little was actually heard of them.) That said, their cover of Kraftwerk's 'The Model' was wonderful.

It does sound like I'm moaning, I know, but I am having a good time.. really..

Looking around the extended Body and Soul area brought to mind the 'Lost Vagueness' part of Glastonbury, and it seems the organisers are really going for that vibe (which is cool). There's really an endless supply of things to do.. plus the food is good..

I can hear Liam O Maonlai on the main stage now, so I'm off to see a bit of his set, I think. More tomorrow.

PS - The weather is really messed up - there was a 10 minute period of really intense sunshine yesterday, which then became covered by cloud.... it's now quite cloudy, but warm. As long as it doesn't rain, though, I'll be happy.

*Looks ominously at sky*

Body & Soul Area: The Village Hall stage times Posted by EI Team on 28 August 2008. Mood:

8.00-8.40: Queen Elvis
9.00-9.40: Carly Sings
10.00-10.40: Gavin Glass & the Holy Shakers
11.00-11.40: The Mighty Stef
12.00-12.40: No Banjo
1.00-1.40: Radio Gee
2.00-4.00: The Village Disco

8.00-8.40: The Cujo Family
9.00-9.40: I Draw Slow
10.00-10.40: Reverend Jim Burr
11.00-11.40: The Sick & Indigents
12.00-12.40: Vendetta Orchestra
1.00-1.40: Prison Love
2.00-4.00: The Village Disco

8.00-8.40: Kiss my Bluegrass
9.00-9.40: The Spooks of the Thirteenth Lock
10.00-10.40: The Blood Red Mountain Band
11.00-11.40: The Big Bag of Sticks
12.00-12.40: The Violets
1.00-1.40: The Timber Tramps
2.00-4.00: The Village Disco

Electric Picnic Cinema times Posted by EI Team on 28 August 2008. Mood:

72 hours of non-stop films..


1.00-3.15pm I'm Not There (135 minutes)
3.15-3.20pm Unicef Short (4 minutes)
3.20-5.05pm Neil Young: Heart of Gold (103 minutes)
5.05-6.45pm 28 Weeks Later (99 minutes)
6.45-8.40pm 30 Days of Night (113 minutes)
8.40-10.35pm Beowulf (115 minutes)
10.35-12.35am Pan's Labyrinth (119 minutes)


12.35-2.50am Across the Universe (133 min)
2.50-4.30am Wizard of Oz synchronized to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon (101 minutes)
4.35-6.35am Control (120 minutes)
6.35-8.15am The Princess Bride (98 minutes)
8.15-10.40am Transformers (144 minutes)
10.40-12.50pm Stardust (127 minutes)
12.50-2.20pm The Simpsons Movie (87 min)
2.20-2.25pm Unicef Short (4 min)
2.25-4.05pm Juno (96 min)
4.05-6.05pm Lars and The Real Girl (106 min)
6.05-8.05pm Superbad (118 minutes)
8.05-8.15pm Danger High Voltage (10 min)
8.15-9.40pm Once (83 min)
9.40-10.50pm Kila: Once Upon a Time (70 min)
10.50-12.45am Irish Film Board presents.. Live Action shorts (115 minutes)


12.45-2.40am Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street (116 minutes)
2.40-4.20am Team America: World Police (98 min)
4.20-6.20am Hairspray (117 minutes)
6.20-7.50am Looney Tunes (90 minutes)
7.50-9.25am Shrek The Third (93 minutes)
9.25-11.15am Ratatouille (111 minutes)
11.15-1.20am Unicef Short (4 minutes)
11.20-12.50pm Irish Film Board presents.. Animation shorts (90 minutes) 12.50-1.25pm Alvin and The Chipmunks (92 min)
1.25-2.40pm I'm Not There (135 minutes)
2.40-4.45pm Volver (121 minutes)
4.45-6.55pm Knocked Up (129 minutes)
6.55-9.00pm Joe Strummer - The Future is Unwritten (123 minutes)
9.00-10.30pm Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and Sing (93 minutes)
10.30-12.35am Shine A Light (122 minutes)
12.35-2.25am In Bruges (107 minutes)

International Comedy Club stage times Posted by EI Team on 28 August 2008. Mood:

International Comedy Club

FRI AUG 29th ( MC Des Bishop) 

8.00pm David O’ Doherty
7.15pm Andrew Maxwell
6.45pm Andrew Stanley
6.30pm Damien Clark
5.45pm Ian Coppinger
5.30pm Aidan Bishop
4.45pm Colm O’Regan
4.30pm Carol Tobin 

SAT AUG 30th ( MCs Aidan Bishop & Barry Murphy)

8.00pm Des Bishop
7.15pm Adam Hills
6.30pm David McSavage 
5.45pm Bernard O’Shea
5.00pm Kevin Gildea
4.00pm John Bishop
3.15pm Jarleth Regan
2.45pm Colum McDonnell
2.30pm Gerry Mallon
1.45pm John Lynn
1.30pm John Colleary

SUNDAY AUG 31st  ( MCs Des Bishop & Aidan Bishop )

8.00pm Jason Byrne
7.15pm Joe Rooney
6.30pm PJ Gallagher
5.45pm Colin Murphy
5.00pm Karl Spain
4.00pm Maeve Higgins
3.15pm Paddy Courtney
2.45pm Eric Lalor
2.30pm Tommy Nicholson
1.45pm Willa White
1.30pm Eleanor Tiernan   

Body and Soul stage times released Posted by Lauren on 27 August 2008. Mood:

There will be three stages in the Body and Soul area this year. The area's main stage (dubbed The Chill Stage) has been included in Entertainment.ie's main timetable, as that's where the biggest acts will be playing - but you can see the times for other two stages below..


4.30pm Mr Weasel Goes Electro
6.00pm Kevin Blake (live electronic)
7.30pm N.S.E. (dubstep / live electronica)
9.00pm Special Guest
10.30pm Andy Barlow
12.30am Pathaan (Dance/World/Uplifting)
01.30am Raster Eyes
02.30am Bruce Bickerton (Alucidnation)
02.30am Ashes and Snow (amazing documentary film)
1.30pm Chequerboard
3.00pm The Crew and Jimmy The Hideous Penguin and Deviant
4.30pm Shane Mannion
6.00pm Chris and gramaphone
7.30pm Cinephile
9.00pm Giani (psy breaks / upbeat / funky)
10.30pm Aliji (glitch hop/dubstep/digidub)
12.30am Astech (dubstep / dance / urban)
2.00am David Bickley
3.00am One Giant Leap (new release)
12.00pm Mass….with Stevie G
3.00pm DJ Ruaille Buallie
4.30pm Aidan Kavanagh
6.00pm Jimmy Behan (live electronic)
7.30pm Guest
9.00pm Rumpistol
10.30pm Alex Paterson
12.00am Maurizio (deep/funky/slow)
1.30am Phil RetroSpector
3.00am Raster Eyes


3.00pm Pressure Drop DJ
4.00pm Sophie Coyle
5.00pm Francesca Bainn
6.00pm Yukina and Paulie Backbone
7.00pm Ugly Megan
8.00pm Guest
9.00pm Pressure Drop DJ
10.00pm Guest
12.00pm Abigail Smith
1.00pm Pressure Drop DJ
2.00pm Steve Manning (space camp)
3.00pm Rodeopathic
4.00pm Robotnik
5.00pm TUCAN
6.00pm Isé
7.00pm Ping Pong
8.00pm Carosel
9.00pm Bone
10.00pm Guest
12.00pm Bahh Band
1.00pm Aine Duffy
2.00pm Brad Pitt Light Orchestra
3.00pm Lisa O'Neill
4.00pm Fia Rua
5.00pm Chai Wallah
6.00pm Ultan Conlon
7.00pm T-Woc
8.00pm Jamie Woon
9.00pm Chai Wallah
10.00pm Guest


Electric Picnic: weather update Posted by Lauren on 27 August 2008. Mood:

Today's weather update, thanks to Met.ie, is as follows:

"Friday will be a largely dry, warm day, with some good spells of sunshine at times. Temperatures will climb to the high teens, possibly the low twenties further inland, with light to moderate westerly winds, backing later to a more southerly flow.

Saturday will see temperatures falling back a degree or two, it will still be mild, with light to moderate south to southwest winds. It will be a mostly dry day, however, some rain will develop along western coastal areas during the afternoon and evening, this will ease off overnight.

Sunday should be a mostly dry day, with some sunny spells at times. It will however be slightly cooler, with temperatures struggling to reach the high teens, with light west to southwest breezes. A band of rain will spread through the country on Sunday night."

Translation: Friday should be great, Saturday will be grand, and Sunday may be a bit rainy, especially at night - but by that stage, many people will be too monged/unwashed to mind.

Wellyometer reading doesn't move much - although that rain on Sunday night sounds ominous.

Taking a TAXI to Electric Picnic? Read This! Posted by Lauren on 27 August 2008. Mood:

Well lah-di-dah.. aren't you posh.

Taxis will not be permitted to enter the site unless previously agreed with promoter. We advise using the main entrance off the main road in Stradbally as the best pick up and drop off point.

Portlaoise CO-OP Taxis: Tel: 057 86 65555

Individual Taxis

  • Pat Byrnes Taxi Tel: 087 2857264
  • Carrolls Xpress Taxis Tel: 057 86 65000
  • Martin's Taxi Tel: 086 8770273
  • Streetcars Tel: 057 8660626
  • Dunnes Taxi Service Tel: 057 86 60022
  • Hughies Taxi Service Tel: 057 8662555
  • Andrew Molloy Tel: 057 86 22740

There are seperate parking facilities for coaches and mini buses, within the festival site. These parking and set-down facilities will be clearly sign-posted on the approach roads to Stradbally.

Taking a BUS or TRAIN to Electric Picnic? Read This! Posted by Lauren on 27 August 2008. Mood:


From Dublin
Friday 29th departures from 10am until 6pm from Custom House Quay.
Friday 29th Airport Pick up at 11am and 3pm.
Saturday 30th departures to festival 11am until 1pm
Coaches return to Dublin from 10pm Saturday & Sunday 31st
Coaches return to Dublin Monday morning until 2pm
Price: €25 Return
Coaches by Bus Eireann - Online Bookings

From Belfast
Information is available at Tel: 07747700820 or email johnmquigley@yahoo.com.


The nearest train station is Portlaoise train station which is about 15 minute drive away. You can check scheduled train from Dublin or other cities at www.irishrail.ie

There are coaches available at Portlaoise Train Station providing a special bus service from there to the festival site. The fare is €4.00 per person and will meet trains as follows:
Friday: 14:24 / 16:24 / 18:31 / 19:36 / 19:53 / 21:56
Saturday: 10:24 / 12:24 / 14:24
Return on Monday: 10:15 and 12:50

DRIVING to Electric Picnic? Read This! Posted by Lauren on 27 August 2008. Mood:

Driving Times

  • Driving from Belfast
    3 hours, 15 mins, take the A1 & then M1 to Dublin. Take the M50 on the outskirts of Dublin and leave the M50 at junction 9 and take N7 to Portlaoise, then N80 to Stradbally. Please note local traffic management plan for access to the festival site.
  • Driving time from Dublin
    50 mins, take N7 from Dublin to Portlaoise, then N80 to Stradbally, a 10 mins drive. Please note local traffic management plan for access to the festival site.
  • Driving time from Galway
    2 hours 10 mins, take N6 to Portumna, then R489 to Birr, N62 to Roscrea, N7 to Portlaoise, N80 to Stradbally
  • Driving time from Limerick
    1 hour 20 mins, take N7 to Portlaoise and then N80 to Stradbally. Please note local traffic management plan for access to the festival site.
  • Driving time from Cork
    2 hours, take N8 to Portloaise and then N80 to Stradbally. Please note local traffic management plan for access to the festival site.
  • Driving time from Waterford
    1 hour 10 mins, take N9 then N10 to Kilkenny, then N77 then N78 through Castlecomer toward Athy, then turn left onto N80 to Stradbally. Please note local traffic management plan for access to the festival site.

Please note that the Traffic Management Plan will be posted online nearer to the festival.


  • All car parks are free of charge and will be well sign-posted on the respective roads.
  • Car parks will be accessed via the Abbeyleix/Cork Road and the Timahoe Road.
  • Campervans will enter via the Abbeyleix/Cork Road only.
  • Disabled access will be via the Abbeyleix/Cork Road only.
  • Family camping and carpark (note a special family ticket is required for access) will be via the Timahoe Road.
  • Please follow road signage and Garda instruction.

Oxfam Ireland at Electric Picnic Posted by Lauren on 27 August 2008. Mood:

"Wellies and wedding dresses, furniture made from donated clothes, an interactive graffiti wall, an open mic area and the start of an all-island 'guitar relay' - just some of the highlights festival-goers can enjoy courtesy of Oxfam Ireland's biggest ever presence at this weekend's Electric Picnic.

As one of two colourful, eye-catching tents, the mobile Oxfam Ireland shop makes its return selling second-hand, vintage clothes and accessories to kit out revellers out in the required festival chic.

The adjoining tent sees the Oxfam Ireland Campaigns team host a space where people can use their own creativity and raise awareness. Use the supplied materials to customise clothes and make personalised T-shirts with your own logos and drawings; or express yourself as you add your own piece of graffiti (image or text) to the wall surrounding the Body and Soul area.

See it and hear it all for yourself at this weekend's Electric Picnic by visiting Oxfam Ireland's tents in the late night boulevard area, opposite the side entrance to Body and Soul."

Electric Picnic: weather update Posted by Lauren on 26 August 2008. Mood:

Today, the good folk at Met.ie are telling us that the weather during this year's Electric Picnic is likely to be as follows:

"Thursday will be a largely dry, warm day, with some good spells of sunshine at times. Temperatures will climb to the high teens, possibly the low twenties further inland, with light to moderate westerly winds.

It will be a similar day on Friday, with temperatures again in the high teens and the low twenties. The warmer weather will be in the east of the country. Winds will be light to moderate and will back to a more southerly direction.

Saturday will see temperatures falling back a degree or two, it will still be mild, with light to moderate south to southwest winds. It will be a mostly dry day, however, some rain will develop along western coastal areas during the evening."

That means that the Wellyometer reading is still looking optimistic..

Antics and M*A*S*H* Soundsystem at the Picnic Posted by Lauren on 26 August 2008. Mood:

When the last amp is turned off on the Electric Picnic stages this weekend, you needn't worry about having to traipse back to the campsite for a singalong - because, unlike the new pub and club licencing laws, the good EP folk won't be kicking us out when the last act is finished. Read on for more details:

"As the evening's main entertainment winds down, late night revellers at this year's Picnic will be delighted to hear about two new areas that start late and finish even later.

Antics, one of the biggest indie clubs in Dublin, combine forces with Ireland's finest music festival to offer picnickers a truly unique party experience in The Fossett's Circus Tent for all three nights - from 11pm to 3am each night. Taking over from the clowns and trapeze artists, Antics will bring you the best of indie new and old with a very special unforgettable line-up.

Friday night Antics DJs, in association with Climaxx, will host a very special pyjama party. So pack your best PJs, and you could win a very special 'Antics at the Picnic' goodie bag.

On Saturday night, Antics teams up with one of the biggest indie nights in Galway, Strange Brew, to offer a wonderful combination of DJs who live and breathe great music and even better sessions. Held every Thursday in the Roisin Dubh, now approaching its 300th night, it brings you indie beats, alternative rock and good vibrations from the past, the present and the not-too-distant future!!

And, leaving the best till last on Sunday, Antics finish Sunday night with one of their most exciting acts - Meneo.

Also in the Little Big Tent, M*A*S*H Soundsystem will take over on Friday night from 11pm -  3pm, a DJ collective enowned in Dublin for their regular Thursday Club night at Dublin's South William bar."

Spoken Word Area: Info Posted by Lauren on 26 August 2008. Mood:

The Spoken Word Area at this year's Electric Picnic has been expanded with more jam-packed events to engage the brain and tantalise the senses. With everything from theatre, to political discourse, to how to put out your first novel, there really is a little pocket of cultural Ireland nestled proudly on the rolling lawns of Stradbally Hall.

Once again, Leviathan returns to nourish the addled minds of festival-goers with major debates. Hosted by broadcaster David McWilliams, who will reflect on the political and cultural legacy 40 years on from 1968 - the high-watermark of 1960s counterculture - the debate will feature Mark Kurlansky, author of the seminal "1968: The Year That Rocked the World", Derry civil rights activist, Eamon McCann and others.

It'll also feature eight of Ireland's most important writers, including Man Booker Prize winners Roddy Doyle and Anne Enright, speaking about their contributions to The Irish Times-Amnesty International series celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Michael James Ford with Trevor Knight will reprise their beautiful and moving performances of Oscar Wilde's classics 'The Happy Prince' and 'The Remarkable Rocket'.

Gary Jermyn's Electric Odes add to the star quality with a series of surreal, funny and moving tales from the world of rock 'n' roll - some of which may even be true!

And there's more...

RTE's Ryan Tubridy will host a brand new Festival Revue Show to cast a tired, emotional and lighthearted eye over the day's newspapers and the events of the weekend with a panel of artists and performers from across the Electric Picnic's stages and music from his good friends Clint Velour and the Camembert Quartet.

Salon du Chat returns with the unique and intriguing "speed-debating" concept.

There will be savage politically-tinged music and commentary from Paddy Cullivan and the Camemberts, Jinx Lennon, Captain Moonlight and White Cholera as well as other very special guests and we'll have a sneak preview of a brand new series of Langerland's viscious satirical cartoons for RTE television, taking in such subjects as the Irish language, the GAA, the IRA, the Gardai, and the Celtic Tiger.

New this year to the Picnic is The Word stage. Arguably the best showcase of Irish and International poets and spoken word artists to be presented on one stage in Europe this year, The Word projects the power of literature beyond the printed page. Hosted by Marty Mulligan, this years line up includes some of the world's top slam poets, including Shane Koyczan (Canada), winner of the US Slam Poetry Championship; and Disraeli (U.K).

The La Scala Theatre Stage is the only outdoor stage in the area which is in fact a breathtaking scale model of Milan's world-renowned La Scala Opera House. A programme of one-act theatre, weird and wonderful performances and classic storytelling will provide a calm oasis of engaging and thoughtful entertainment. The Vendetta Theatre Company will present a selection of plays including 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' and 'Disco Pigs', presented by Rail and Fregoli Theatre Companies. Headlining the remarkable La Scala stage on Sunday will be a performance by the legendary Henry Rollins.

Other new stages include The Poetry and Storytelling Stage and Caint: Gaeilge Beo (Irish Language Stage). A big bunch of Gaeilgeoiri are coming to the Picnic Aibhleiseach this year with their own tent to entertain. Des Bishop will headline the Comedian Hour, Tomas O Suileabhan will help you meet a gorgeous cailin or buachail at the Luas-Chliusaiocht speed-dating hour. Or you can simply learn to curse in Irish.

Meanwhile, in the Writer's Corner, three of Ireland's top thriller writers will be discussing their own novels and fielding questions from the audience. Hugo Hamilton will discuss Biography vs Fiction; Chick Lit will be dissected by novelists Morag Prunty, Noelle Harrison and journalist Edel Coffey; Multi-cultural Ireland will be highlighted by the inimitable Roddy Doyle along with help from Chris Binchy and Kevin Barry; two first-time novelists Julia Kelly and Denis Kehoe will share their experiences of getting published; and short stories will be covered by two leading practitioners, Anne Enright and Claire Keegan, who will be sharing their thoughts with Declan Meade.

Electric Picnic: weather update Posted by Lauren on 25 August 2008. Mood:

Only FIVE DAYS to go until Electric Picnic 2008 kicks off, folks - and the question on everyone's mind is: 'Are we going to get floods of Biblical proportions?'

Let's face it: sitting in your nice, dry bedroom on a Saturday afternoon watching the sort of rain that launched the ark fall from the sky is fun - but it's another story when you're in a field in the middle of Laois with 30,000 other people and a soggy pie in your hand (not a metaphor for anything).

The good folk at Met Éireann have supplied us with a (not completely accurate) forecast for Thursday and Friday, which is as follows:

"Thursday and Friday will remain warm and humid, with most areas seeing a lot of dry bright weather and sunny spells developing from time to time. Temperatures will reach the low twenties across many eastern and southern regions in particular, and winds will be just light to moderate westerly."

Hi-fives all 'round!

We'll have a more accurate forecast as the week progresses, as well as updates on Saturday's and Sunday's forecast.

For now, though, we can be fairly optimistic with the following Wellyometer reading:

Possible stage times? Posted by Lauren on 25 August 2008. Mood:

The official stage times of Electric Picnic 2008 have not yet been announced, and there are some acts missing from the document below - but this may give you a rough idea of what time bands will be playing the festival.

Electric Picnic: Site Map Posted by Lauren on 25 August 2008. Mood:

Cooking Stage @ Electric Picnic: Info Posted by Lauren on 20 August 2008. Mood:

A Michelin All Star Culinary cast will make their debut at this year's Electric Picnic. For the first time ever, the Picnic will feature a Cooking Stage in the Body and Soul area from 2pm-7pm Saturday and Sunday.

Headlined by Rachel Allen, Dylan McGrath (Mint), Kevin Thornton (Thornton's), Derry Clarke (L'Ecrivian), Aine Maguire (formerly Winding Stair), Denis Cotter (Café Paradiso), Billy Scurry (Gruel) and Troy Maguire (Locks), the cast of gourmets will demonstrate their most delightful dishes in a purpose built kitchen tent, whilst debating whether life is too short to stuff a mushroom in their exclusive Q&As. Ireland's most feared food critic Tom Doorley will pass his verdict on the huge range of food on offer at the picnic , concluding with his own 'Dunlop' star award ceremony.

The first gourmet up to demo a meal will be Rachel Allen, who plans to entice the foodies with Gazpacho of crab & avocado, followed by an old fashioned but delicious classic steak, pan fried with chantrelles, brandy & cream. Rachel will then invite four audience members to recreate her meal pitting each contestant against the other. In true festival spirit she will then turn her hand her hand to mixing three mouth watering cocktails - a Martini, a Daquiri and Champagne Cocktail - to end the demonstration in a fittingly sparkling style.

From the land to the sea we turn to a fish theme. Saturday will see Kevin Thornton prepare, cook and present sea urchins - one of his favourite foods, found on the coasts of Ireland - a wonderful delicacy highly appreciated by the Japanese but little known in Ireland. Kevin's presentation of this dish is dramatic and evocative of the surroundings from which it comes. He will also demonstrate one his signature dishes - king scallops with sugar snap peas and squid ink sauce. Delicious!

Denis Cotter best known for his vegetarian dishes, will produce the most mouth watering dishes using the very sought after, delicious Chanterelle mushrooms, served with Nettle Gnocchi, and rice paper rolls with Asian greens. The humble potato will be given a new lease of life by Denis, returning it to the true culinary status deserved of such a vegetable. He will also be preparing some late night snacks for our partied out festival goers, including the best cheese on toast ever! In an epic 3 hour demonstration, the Picnic will also serve up a special Sunday Lunch with several other chefs using produced from all over the country.

The Cooking Stage will be located in the Body and Soul area, with 5 performances on Saturday and 3 on Sunday from the all star culinary cast, from 2pm-7pm.

The schedule is as follows:


2.00- 3.00pm - Rachel Allen
3.00 - 4.00pm - Kevin Thornton
4.00 - 5.00pm - Derry Clarke
5.00 - 6.00pm - Aine Maguire
6.00 - 7.00pm - Denis Cotter
7.00pm - Tom Doorley


2.00 - 3.00pm - Dylan McGrath
3.00 - 4.00pm - Billy & Troy
4.00 - 5.00pm - Billy &Troy
5.00 - 6.00pm - Billy & Troy
6.00 - 7.00pm - Rachel Allen
7.00pm - Tom Doorley


New Wilco album due next spring Posted by Lauren on 19 August 2008. Mood:

Wilco are planning to release their seventh album next spring, according to frontman Jeff Tweedy.

In an interview with a New York radio station, Tweedy said that the follow-up to 2007's Sky Blue Sky will "allow ourselves a little bit more leeway in terms of sculpting the sound in the studio and doing overdubs and using the studio as another instrument. Last time around, it was more of a document."

Wilco - 'War On War' (Live on Letterman)

Standing in the way of Coco Pops Posted by Lauren on 15 August 2008. Mood:

Electric Picnic organisers, take note: when Gossip play the festival in two weeks, you'd better have plenty of Corn Flakes at the ready.

Apparently, lead singer Beth Ditto has requested a lot of breakfast cereal for the band's rider at the UK's Creamfields festival next month.

""They've demanded Alpen, Corn Flakes, Weetabix - whatever they can get hold of," said a source."

Meanwhile, Girls Aloud have requested cheeseburgers and chips for their V festival rider.


Ditto gets her groove on

Foals say album was 'flawed' Posted by Lauren on 15 August 2008. Mood:

Foals have said that their debut album 'Antidotes' was 'flawed', and that they won't be working with TV On the Radio's David Sitek, who produced the album, again.

Frontman Yannis Philipakkis told BBC6Music that the band were disappointed with their end product.

"We don't feel like 'Antidotes' was an insurmountable record by any means," he said. "To us it sounds flawed. We just wanna make a different record.

"I think it will be better because we're older and we understand a lot more about music," he continued. "I think it's gonna have bigger contrasts in it than the first record, and we've been messing around with a lot of ambience and echoes and I think we wanna make something that's a bit lusher."

Foals - 'Balloons'

Electric Picnic: Line-Up Breakdown Announced Posted by Lauren on 13 August 2008. Mood:

As flagged by On The Record, the day-by-day breakdown of Electric Picnic 2008 has been announced, and is as follows...


At First Light
Booka Shade
Carbon Silicon
Christy Moore
Dawn Landes
Dobet Gnahore
Fovea Hex
Joan As Policewoman
Kissy Sellout
Late of the Pier
Little Green Cars
Lou Rhodes
Miles Electric
New Young Pony Club
Sigur Ros
Terry Callier
The Gutter Twins
The Stunning
Think of one's camping Shaabi
Wallis Bird
Yard Dogs


A Trak
Arno Carstens
Black Acid
Boss Volenti
Cathy Davey
Crash Ensemble
Crystal Castles
Cut Copy
Dan Deacon
Digital Mystikz
Franz Ferdinand
George Clinton
Grace Jones
Havana Son
Josh Ritter
Juana Molina
Kormac feat BS Quartet
La Rocca
Large Mound
Laura Izibor
Liam O'Maonlai
Lisa Hannigan
Mercedes Peon
Midnight Juggernauts
Mornington Singers
New York Fund
Ra Ra Riot
Rachel Unthank and the Winterset
Silver Apples
Super Extra Bonus Party
That Petrol Emotion
The Breeders
The Faint
The Flaws
The Herbaliser
The Kills
The Radio
Tobias Froberg
Ulrich Schnauss

SUNDAY 31st:

Adrian Crowley
Black Lips
Candi Staton
Ceili House Allstars
Conor Oberst
Cowboy X
Dengue Fever
Dublin City Big Band
Dublin Gospel Choir
Emmy The Great
Famer's Market
Florence & the Machine
Gemma Hayes
Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly
Ham Sandwich
Hayseed Dixie
Hercules & Love Affair
Iarla O'Lionaird's Invisible Fields
Ibrahim Electric
Jah Wobble's Chinese Dub
Johnny Flynn
Mahmoud Fadl's United Nubians
Mark Geary
Micah P Hinson
Michael Franti & Spearhead
My Bloody Valentine
School Of Language
Sex Pistols
Sinead O'Connor Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks
The Congos
The Dodos
The Roots
The Urges
These New Puritans
Turin Brakes
Wolfgang Haffner

And once we have the official set times, we'll let you know so that you can print out your personalised timetable and be all organised-loike.

Electric Picnic pixel thingy Posted by Lauren on 13 August 2008. Mood:

I don't know how I've never noticed this, but there's something strangely satisfying about making little colourful pictures from pixel things (technical term?). If you don't have a clue what I'm talking about, just click here.

Ra Ra Riot added to line-up Posted by Lauren on 13 August 2008. Mood:

New York-based sextet Ra Ra Riot have been added to the Electric Picnic line-up.

The Syracuse indie-rockers are about to release their full-length debut album 'The Rhumb Line', and will play their first Irish gig at Stradbally later this month.

Ra Ra Riot - 'Dying Is Fine'

The Kills team up with Arctic Monkeys Posted by Lauren on 12 August 2008. Mood:

Kills singer Alison Mosshart has spoken about her collaboration with Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys.

She told NME that the collaboration came about because Turner said that he had some music that would suit the rock chick's voice.

"It was a really fun thing," she said. "He had these songs he thought would be appropriate for me to sing on. We recorded it a while ago but we've both been so busy so I don't know if it'll come out."

Hear new Franz Ferdinand song for free Posted by Lauren on 12 August 2008. Mood:

Franz Ferdinand have made a brand new song available for fans to stream via their website.

'Lucid Dreams' is not a single, but is rumoured to be in contention for a place on the band's forthcoming third album.

It'll also be featured on the American Football video game (is that what the kids still call them?) Madden '09. Sellouts!

Hear the track by clicking here.

More acts added to Electric Picnic Posted by Lauren on 11 August 2008. Mood:

More acts have been added to Electric Picnic - some of which we have already furnished you with, but here's the 'updated' list nevertheless...

The Gutter Twins
Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks
Wallis Bird
Ham Sandwich
Florence and the Machine
Late of the Pier
The Kills


Get a taste of EP with Electric Picnic: The Documentary Posted by Lauren on 11 August 2008. Mood:

A screening of 'Electric Picnic: The Documentary will take place this week at Dublin's IFI, on Wednesday, August 13th at 10.45pm.

Here's the press bit:

"This feature-length documentary does its best to distill 100 acres of jolly Picnickers into an hour and a half, and comes away with a result of-sorts; you really have to be there, but if you weren't..

"Filmed on nine hand-held cameras with a small crew and directed by Nick Ryan from Image Now Films, Electric Picnic: The Documentary guides the audience through the boutique festival and treats us to such delights as the Manic Street Preachers, Polyphonic Spree, Mixmaster Mike and the Beastie Boys, The Magic Numbers, Soul II Soul, The Undertones, Iggy & The Stooges and many more..."

Cowboy X announce new single Posted by Lauren on 08 August 2008. Mood:

Dublin-based band Cowboy X have revealed details of the first single from their forthcoming second album.

'Japanese Toy' is now available at the band's MySpace page by clicking here.

Here's John and Karen from the band giving an update on studio progress.

Robotnik added to line-up Posted by Lauren on 08 August 2008. Mood:

Dublin musician Robotnik has been added to the Electric Picnic line up.

The man known to his mammy as Chris Morrin released his ace debut album 'Pleasant Square' earlier this year, and will play the Picnic's Body and Soul area.

Here's the video for 'People Walk Away'...

La Rocca Added To Line Up Posted by EI Team on 07 August 2008. Mood:

The Dublin four-piece who moved to LA to follow a deal with Dangerbird Records and the opportunity to work with producer Tony Hoffer (Beck, Air, Supergrass) have been added to the Electric Picnic line-up.

Their debut album The Truth was released across the big blue in 2006 but was only released here in their homeland in March. Songs from their forthcoming album Ok Okay have been featured on the TV show One Tree Hill. Ok so it's no OC but wait, they've had songs featured on that beautiful people riddled show as well.

If you feel like checking them out, here's the video for their single This Life.

Blitzen Trapper, Absentee for Dublin date Posted by Lauren on 06 August 2008. Mood:

Electric Picnic attendees Blitzen Trapper and Absentee will both return to Dublin later in the year for a double headliner.

Blitzen Trapper are about to release their new album 'Furr', their first on the Sub Pop label, while London-based folk-rockers Absentee are working on the follow-up to 2006's 'Schmotime'.

They'll both play Whelan's on October 2nd. Tickets are €13.60 and on sale this Friday from usual outlets.

Cathy Davey plans Fringe Fest gig Posted by Lauren on 30 July 2008. Mood:

It's gonna be a busy autumn for Cathy Davey; as well as her forthcoming Electric Picnic set, she's been snapped up to host an evening of Gershwin and Gilbert & Sullivan songs, as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival in September.

'Songs That Scare Children (But In A Very Beautiful Way' will take place in the Spiegeltent on September 8th at 9.30pm.

Further details are not yet available, but it's believed that Ms. Davey will host performances of the aformentioned songs, as well as perform several tracks herself.

Clean and Neat (2004)

Johnny Rotten threatens newspapers with legal action Posted by Lauren on 30 July 2008. Mood:

Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon appeared on TV the other night to dispel claims that he is 'racist'.

Lydon chatted to Adrian Chiles on BBC's The One Show on Monday night, saying that he would take legal action against any publication that accused him of being racist, following his altercation with Bloc Party's Kele Okereke earlier this month.

"There's been a hell of a lot of 'freedom of the press', shall we say, where they've run wild, absolutely atrocious, really hurtful stories," he said.

"My grandchildren are Jamaican. It's an absolute offence to them and me when I read stories like that, that are allowed to go to print absolutely unfounded."

He added: "And [the newspapers] have the liberty to take liberties with a man like me and call me racist when my entire life has proved exactly the opposite. Any bugger that says so [that he's racist] is gonna have their day in court with me."


Duffy: 'I support illegal downloads' Posted by Lauren on 30 July 2008. Mood:

Welsh warbler Duffy has presumably caused the bigwigs at her record company multiple heart-attacks by saying that she supports illegal downloading.

In an interview with Shortlist magazine, she said: "It can go two ways - there are pros and cons to everything. Some people think it creates illegal access, but I think the big wheel is round, y'know? I think it's got more positives because it basically gives people access, what's the harm in that?

"Somebody asked me the other day what I thought of illegal downloading, and I thought, 'You know what? I don't care', because I think the majority are kids, and as they get old and get more income, they'll probably buy records. So it's just making music a part of everyone's lives."

Duffy giggles as she hides from Metallica

Digitalism announce Dublin DJ set Posted by Lauren on 28 July 2008. Mood:

If you enjoy Digitalism's set at Electric Picnic, you're in for a treat - the German duo will play a DJ set in Dublin later this year, too.

They hit The Academy on October 26th. Tickets on sale now.


Dark Room Notes to support Kraftwerk Posted by Lauren on 28 July 2008. Mood:

There are warm-up gigs, and then there are warm-up gigs - and Dublin-based band Dark Room Notes are undertaking the latter at Electric Picnic.

After their EP set, the quartet - currently preparing to record their debut album, due for release next March - will support the mighty Kraftwerk when the electronica pioneers play Luggala Estate on September 13th.

Tickets on sale from usual outlets now.

Here's the video for their wonderful debut single, 'Love Like Nicotine'.

Crystal Castles to play Dublin and Belfast Posted by Lauren on 28 July 2008. Mood:

Fans of Crystal Castles will be glad to hear that the pair's Electric Picnic set will not be their last set on Irish soil in 2008; they've announced Dublin/Belfast dates for later in the year.

The Torontonian duo will play The Academy on October 1st and Spring and Airbrake on October 2nd.

Tickets are £15.50 and on sale from usual outlets from this Thursday, July 31st.

Crystal Castles - 'Alice Practice' on 'Skins'

Download the Santogold/Diplo mixtape for free Posted by Lauren on 28 July 2008. Mood:

Santogold and producer Diplo have teamed up to create a mixtape, which they've made available for free download.

Santogold released her self-titled debut album earlier this year, which Diplo had a hand in producing.

The pair's mixtape includes tracks by the likes of Aretha Franklin, Barrington Levy and The B-52s and can be downloaded from here.


Cowboy X added to line-up Posted by Lauren on 28 July 2008. Mood:

Irish band Cowboy X have been announced as part of the Electric Picnic line-up.

The Dublin-based band are currently working on their second album, the follow-up to 2006's debut 'Who Are These People?, which is due for release before the end of the year.

They'll play the festival on Sunday, August 31st.


Franz Ferdinand reveal more album teasers Posted by Lauren on 28 July 2008. Mood:

Franz Ferdinand have revealed yet more teasers about their forthcoming third album.

The Glasgow-based band were due to release the follow-up to 'You Could Have It So Much Better' this autumn, but said several weeks ago that it had been pushed back to early 2009.

Frontman Alex Kapranos has now said that the quartet had employed some unusual tactics while recording.

"We have been doing a lot of experimenting in the studio with Dan. He's made us record the album in a much wilder way than we're used to," he said. "We did this thing in the studio called the Doppler Effect which is like when you are on the high street and you hear an ambulance go past and the sound of the siren pitch changes when it passes you.

"We were doing something similar on a track called 'What She Came For'. We were recording the guitar in this big hall next to our studio and Nick climbed into the ceiling and fed a microphone cable down through the rafters above the guitar speaker.

"Then when we were recording Dan was swinging this microphone above the guitar amp and we got this incredible sound."


Conor Oberst streams new album for free Posted by Lauren on 22 July 2008. Mood:

Conor Oberst has begun streaming his new album for free from his website, and will continue to do so until its release date in two weeks.

The Bright Eyes frontman is about to release his self-titled solo album ahead of his appearance at Electric Picnic.

You can hear it here now.

Franz Ferdinand play new songs at Latitude Posted by Lauren on 21 July 2008. Mood:

Franz Ferdinand treated fans to some new songs at the weekend's Latitude festival in the UK.

The Scot rockers, who have said that their next album will be delayed until 2009, played a selection of tracks from the as-yet-untitled record, including 'Kathryn Kiss Me', 'What She Came For', 'Turn It On' and 'Ulysees'.


It's official: Johnny Rotten is a cock Posted by Lauren on 21 July 2008. Mood:

Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon showed himself up at the weekend when he launched a verbal racist attack on Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke.

NME.com reports that the trouble happened at the Summercase festival, which took place in Spain yesterday.

They say that Bloc Party released a statement explaining how Lydon was hanging out with a number of British bands at the festival, when Okereke approached him and asked whether he'd thought about reforming Public Image Ltd.

The statement then explains how Lydon became 'became intimidating and aggressive, while his entourage responded with a racist tirade including the statement, 'Your problem is your black attitude'."

A scuffle apparently ensued with members of the Sex Pistols entourage, and Okereke suffered facial bruising, a busted lip, and cuts to his face and body. Foals frontman Yannis Philippakis and Kaiser Chiefs singer Ricky Wilson are said to have stepped in to assist the Bloc Party singer.

Festival security broke up the melee, and the incident was reported to police upon Okereke's return to the UK.

"It's not an issue of the physical assault, even though it was an unprovoked attack, it is the fact that race was brought into the matter so readily," he said in a statement. "Someone as respected and as intelligent as Lydon should know better than to bring race into the equation, or socialise with and encourage those who hold such narrow-minded attitudes. I am disappointed that someone I held with such high regard turns out to be such a bigot."


Blitzen Trapper plan new album Posted by Lauren on 18 July 2008. Mood:

Experimental folkies Blitzen Trapper are planning the release of their third album.

The Portland, Oregon sextet, who signed to Sub Pop last year, will release their fourth album 'Furr' in September.

Cover art and tracklisting below.


"Sleepytime in the Western World"
"Gold for Bread"
"God & Suicide"
"Fire & Fast Bullets"
"Saturday Nite"
"Black River Killer"
"Not Your Lover"
"Love U"
"War on Machines"
"Stolen Shoes & a Rifle"
"Echo/Always On/EZ Con"
"Lady on the Water"

Duffy the favourite for new Bond theme Posted by Lauren on 17 July 2008. Mood:

If you thought it couldn't get any worse than an incoherent Amy Winehouse singing the new Bond theme, how about a coherent Duffy?

The Welsh singer is now favourite to provide the theme to 'Quantum of Solace', according to a source at UK newspaper The Independent.

They say that the word at Pinewood Studios, where the film's being shot, say that Duffy is a shoo-in, and odds have been cut in a major way at Ladbroke's, too.

Fans could be hearing the new Bond theme live at Electric Picnic at the end of next month..

An artist's impression of what Duffy may look like singing a Bond theme

Watch Conor Oberst at work on new album Posted by Lauren on 17 July 2008. Mood:

Conor Oberst, currently readying the release of his first solo album (of-sorts) in thirteen years, has posted a video on his official site that documents him working on the self-titled album with his current Mystic Valley Band.

You can see it here:

Constantines to play post-EP gig Posted by Lauren on 16 July 2008. Mood:

The Constantines will play a post-Electric Picnic gig at Whelan's in September.

The Canadian band, who released their fourth album 'Kensington Heights' in April, will play Whelan's on September 12th.

Tickets are €13.50 and on sale now.

New additions to Electric Picnic bill Posted by Lauren on 15 July 2008. Mood:

More acts have been added to the Electric Picnic '08 bill (apart from the just-announced Grace Jones), and they are as follows:

Joan As Police Woman
Dan Deacon
Booka Shade
Stephanie Dosen
The Stunning
Martina Topley-Bird
Nitin Sawhney
Laura Marling
The Balanescu Quartet

The first acts for the Body and Soul stage have also been announced:

The Hideous Penguin and the Deviant Crew
Ultan Conlan
Johnny Hoban (Trad)
One Day International
Dark Room Notes
Mauxuam (live)
Helios Jive
Small Hours Saturday
Rarely Seen above Ground
Vivienne Long
Ronan O Snodaigh
James Yorkston
David Kitt
Jesse Evans
Matt Elliot
Donal Dineen
Vinny Kilduff & Steve Cooney
Armoured Bear
The Yard Dogs

GRACE JONES added to line-up Posted by Lauren on 15 July 2008. Mood:

Electric Picnic organisers have scored a massive coup: Grace Jones is to play this year's festival, reports On the Record.

The 60-year-old Jamaican-American singer/actress/model/crazy woman will play the sold-out festival at Stradbally, which takes place on August 29th, 30th and 31st.

Jones recently played the Massive Attack-curated Meltdown Festival in London last month, and will release her first album of new material in almost twenty years, 'Hurricane', in October.

Here's 'Slave to the Rhythm' live:

Video: Jape - 'I Was A Man' Posted by Lauren on 07 July 2008. Mood:

Here's the video for the new Jape single, 'I Was A Man' - taken from the third Jape album, 'Ritual'.

Directed by the wonderful M&E, animation by the equally fantastic D.A.D.D.Y.

Top Festival Picks: Jim Carroll Posted by Lauren on 07 July 2008. Mood:

1) Silver Apples (Electric Picnic)
"Look, it's the Silver Apples, alright? When psychedelic space-cadets like these decide to land their mothership in the middle of Co Laois, you do not ask questions, you just go."

2) Foals (Electric Picnic)
"I can't get their tunes out of my head at the moment. I don't think I'm alone."

3) Roisin Murphy (Oxegen)
"Wild Wickla woman goes to the races."

4) Battles (Oxegen)
"See, post-Leaving Certers on the tear, maths can be useful."

5) My Bloody Valentine (Electric Picnic)
"Still staring at their shoes and still (hopefully) reaching for the skies."


Jim Carroll is The Ticket's music critic, presents his own show on Dublin's Phantom FM, and blogs at On the Record.

The Presets prep new album Posted by Lauren on 02 July 2008. Mood:

Sydney-based electronica duo The Presets are about to release their second album.

The follow-up to 2005's 'Beams' is called 'Apocalypso', and is released in Ireland this Friday, July 4th.

The tracklisting is:

"Kicking and Screaming"
"My People"
"A New Sky"
"This Boy's in Love"
"Talk Like That"
"If I Know You"

See Giveamanakick for free this Friday Posted by Lauren on 02 July 2008. Mood:

Limerick band Giveamanakick are participating in a free gig in Dublin this Friday - so if you're interested in a taster for their Electric Picnic set, you may be interested in popping along.

They'll be supporting The Dudley Corporation, who launch their new album 'The Year of the Husband' at Andrew's Lane Theatre on July 4th.

Doors 8pm.

Carbon/Silicon to release live album Posted by Lauren on 02 July 2008. Mood:

Carbon/Silicon are set to release a live album.

The band, fronted by former Clash guitarist Mick Jones, will release 'Carbon Casino' via their website, with just 2,000 copies available.

The album was recorded in London in February, and the tracklisting is as follows:

'Magic Suitcase'
'War On Culture'
'The News'
'National Anthem'
'The Truth'
'Soylent Green'
'I Loved You'
'Woke Up This Morning' (with Alabama 3)
'Why Do Men Fight?'

A-Trak does an LCD Soundsystem Posted by Lauren on 02 July 2008. Mood:

Turntablist/DJ A-Trak is following in the footsteps of LCD Soundsystem by releasing a 45-minute long track to motivate joggers.

The track, 'Running Man: Nike + Original Run' was commissioned by Nike, and is available via iTunes now.

"I don't really run, but I got excited by the musical challenge," A-Trak said. "I had to weave sounds together so the runner didn't get interrupted or distracted."

Adrian Crowley keeps tour diary Posted by Lauren on 02 July 2008. Mood:

Singer-songwriter Adrian Crowley has been keeping a very well-written, entertaining diary of his recent UK tour over at The Irish Times's On the Record blog.

Part one can be read here, part two here, and part three here.


Glastonbury kicks off this weekend Posted by Lauren on 25 June 2008. Mood:

The Glastonbury festival kicks off (unofficially) tomorrow, and although there are 3,000 tickets still on sale, it's set to be a fantastic weekend of music.

Irish fans who are not travelling to the festival will nonetheless be interested in proceedings at Worthy Farm, as many of the acts playing Glasto will hit our shores for Oxegen and Electric Picnic over the next few months.

For terrestrial viewers who are interested on getting a taster of what their favourite bands' performances might be like, BBC2 will be showing Glasto coverage at the following intervals:

Friday June 27th: BBC2 @ 11pm.

Saturday June 28th: BBC2 @ 4.15pm and 9.30pm.

Sunday, June 29th: BBC2 @ 5pm and 10.45pm.

People with the fancy-schmancy BBC3 can view the schedule here.

Elbow plan post-EP Irish gig Posted by Lauren on 25 June 2008. Mood:

Elbow fans are in for a treat; not only are the Mancunians set to rock Electric Picnic in August, but they'll come back for more when they play Dublin's Ambassador in October.

The band, currently enjoying success with their excellent fourth album 'The Seldom Seen Kid', will play the venue on October 27th.

Tickets are €31/€33.60 and on sale from usual outlets from this Friday (June 27th).

I may have posted this video before, but it's just such a great song..

Grinderman plan album #2 Posted by Lauren on 23 June 2008. Mood:

Grinderman are planning to record their second album as soon as they've finished touring this summer.

Nick Cave, who fronts the band (who are three of The Bad Seeds), told UK radio station XFM that the follow-up to last year's eponymous should be released in early 2009.

"When we go in to make the next Grinderman record we don't want it to sound like the last Bad Seeds record or the Grinderman record before and we're forced to find something new. But that's always been the way!," he said.

"There's a lot of work around the Grinderman project that we wanna do in a more serious way this time. The thing about Grinderman was that we just threw out the record and we made it very quickly. We wondered about its effect on us, and it was hugely important on The Bad Seeds."

Grinderman - 'No Pussy Blues' (Live on Jools)

Conor Oberst releases album artwork Posted by Lauren on 23 June 2008. Mood:

Conor Oberst - aka Bright Eyes - has revealed the artwork of his new album.

For the first time, the Nebraskan singer-songwriter has put himself on the cover of an album, which is released later this year, is believed to be self-titled, and can be seen below.


Chromeo team up with Daryl Hall Posted by Lauren on 20 June 2008. Mood:

Chromeo have teamed up with '80s pop star Daryl Hall for a one-off recording.

The Canadian electro-rock duo have recorded a performance with the musician - one half of Hall & Oates - which will be broadcast online on Hall's website www.livefromdarylshouse.com.

Santogold to tour the US with Coldplay Posted by Lauren on 19 June 2008. Mood:

By the time you see her at Electric Picnic, Santi White - a.k.a. Santogold - may be an empty husk of a person.

Well, not really - but there's always that possibility, considering that she's been announced as the opening act on several of Coldplay's forthcoming US tour dates.

A strange choice, you may say, but who are we to argue with Mr. Martin...

The Black Lips have Tesco ad pulled Posted by Lauren on 18 June 2008. Mood:

Atlantan rockers The Black Lips have revealed that one of their songs was set to be used in a TV ad for Tesco, before the company pulled it due to its lyrical content.

The band claim that their song 'Veni Vidi Vici' was poised to soundtrack the ad before the supermarket pulled it at the last minute.

"They listened to the lyrics and they got cold feet and pulled the plug on the ad," the said, adding "They took it away because we mentioned Muhammad and Jesus."

Rotten vs. Duffy Posted by Lauren on 18 June 2008. Mood:

Poor oul' Duffy's not having the best week.. several of her musical peers have been lining up to take a pot-shot at the 'Mercy' hitmaker.

First Alison Goldfrapp accused the singer of having no soul (or words to that effect), and now Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten/Lydon has reportedy made the Welsh warbler cry.

The Sun reported today that the two had a bit of a run-in at Monday's Mojo Awards in London. Apparently Duffy, who had never met the ageing punk, hugged him from behind during an interview, causing him to turn around and snarl "You never do that to me." (Other tabloids accuse him of using much more colorful language).

He later claimed that he had no idea who she was, but by that stage, she'd fled the building in tears...

Sigur Rós play free festival Posted by Lauren on 18 June 2008. Mood:

Sigur Rós and Bjork are playing a free festival at the end of the month - the only problem is that it's in their native Iceland.

If you fancy taking an impromptu jaunt to Reykjavik, however, you may be interested in the Nattura Festival, which takes place in the city's Laugardalur Park on June 28th.

It's set to be one of the biggest concerts that the country has ever seen.

Here's Sigur Rós performing new single 'Gobbledigook' at last weekend's Bonnaroo Festival in the USA.

ELECTRIC PICNIC SOLD OUT Posted by Lauren on 17 June 2008. Mood:

Electric Picnic is now sold out, according to a statement being circulated by promoters.

"All 32,500 tickets for the internationally renowned Arts and Music festival in Stradbally, Co. Laois are now sold out", the press release says, adding that the last of the tickets were snapped up earlier today, June 17th.

A-Trak added to Electric Picnic line-up Posted by Lauren on 17 June 2008. Mood:

Canadian turntable whizz A-Trak has been added to the Electric Picnic bill.

The man known as Alain Macklovitch to his mother will play the Stradbally festival on August 30th.

He joins his brother David Macklovitch at Electric Picnic, whose double act Chromeo were announced as participants last week.

A sample of the man's skillz...

Electric Picnic in jeopardy? [UPDATED] Posted by Lauren on 17 June 2008. Mood:

A cloud of doubt has been cast over this year's Electric Picnic festival, according to this morning's Metro newspaper.

The front page carries a story that throws the future of the festival - including this year's event, which has reportedly sold out - into jeopardy, due to huge debts amassed by the promoters POD.

The Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO) is seeking more than €432,000 from POD for royalties from music played at the event(s), and the case was taken to the High Court yesterday.

According to the article, the court was told that "IMRO had repeatedly written to POD owner John Reynolds, asking to be paid €180,000 for music played at the Electric Picnic events held in Laois in 2004, 2005, and 2006, but was met with a range of different excuses."

It also said that the promoters hadn't provided returns for the Garden Party and Lovebox festivals of 2006 and 2007, as well as last year's EP, until February.

IMRO have now threatened to go to court to prevent future events held under the POD banner from going ahead - including Electric Picnic.

The case was adjourned for three weeks, as POD were "willing to lodge the disputed amount and allow the matter to be settled by mediation."

If all is settled, the festival will go ahead at Stradbally on August 29th, 30th and 31st.

[UPDATE: POD have issued a statement denying that the festival's future is in trouble, which can be read below.]

"The Electric Picnic 2008 is not in doubt or in jeopardy contrary to press and media reports over the last number of days.

POD Concerts is in dispute with IMRO over certain issues relating to the high fees charged by IMRO to it for "public performance" of music which are in addition to the fees paid to the artists to perform. IMRO is seeking to charge POD Concerts for performances from non-music artists involved in the Electric Picnic.

POD Concerts have been in longstanding discussions with IMRO about the issues, however IMRO has recently chosen to issue proceedings rather than mediate the disagreement. IMRO had previously refused payment from POD Concerts of the amounts now in dispute.

IMRO has not sought an injunction against Electric Picnic 2008 or any other music events promoted by POD Concerts pending a decision in the case.

In addition, in the meantime, the High Court has agreed with POD Concerts' offer to pay the disputed fees into a holding account, and POD Concerts has confirmed that it will pay IMRO's fees for Electric Picnic 2008 and so will be fully entitled to stage the event.

Recognising POD Concerts' request to discuss the issues with IMRO rather than litigate, the High Court has ordered IMRO to mediate the dispute before it will hear its case."
IMRO have now threatened to go to court to prevent future events held under the POD banner from going ahead - including Electric Picnic.

The case was adjourned for three weeks, as POD were "willing to lodge the disputed amount and allow the matter to be settled by mediation."

If all is settled, the festival will go ahead at Stradbally on August 29th, 30th and 31st.

Goldfrapp disses Duffy Posted by Lauren on 16 June 2008. Mood:

Alison Goldfrapp has spoken out against the music industry's 'conveyor belt' of Amy Winehouse-a-likes in an interview with magazine The Lipster - citing Duffy as a prime example.

Goldfrapp said: ""It's breeding what will be the next big thing. Great, we've had Amy Winehouse, so now let's have ten of them, and we'll train them up. That's essentially what Duffy is. I think she's got an amazing voice but essentially she's been trained to sound and be like that."

Spot on, I'd say, Alison, luv...

Here's a spine-tingling song that I'm hoping will be incorporated into Goldfrapp's Electric Picnic set..

Sex Pistols berate Coldplay, Police Posted by Lauren on 16 June 2008. Mood:

That Johnny Rotten is a tough 'un to keep quiet.. not only did the former star of 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!' dub The Police 'bumholes' at the weekend, but the Sex Pistols frontman has also launched a tirade on Coldplay, the daring devil that he is.

Rotten said of Chris Martin and co.: "I pity the poor b*****s who have to watch them. They are utterly humourless. I met them a few years ago, said hello and realised they were just men in anoraks. They looked like a gang of little poncy masturbators. There is no fun, they don't offer joy. Their music has a couple of quite nice tones here and there but it's a box of tosh sold to slightly inadequate, half-baked people."

That's it, Johnny.. rage against the system.

Here's a treat from when the Sex Pistols were actually relevant..

Sex Pistols on The Bill Grundy Show, 1976.

Franz Ferdinand album delayed again Posted by Lauren on 12 June 2008. Mood:

The new Franz Ferdinand album is not likely to be released this year, according to frontman Alex Kapranos.

It's been three years since the Scottish art-rockers' last album 'You Can Have It So Much Better' - but it looks like fans will be waiting until 2009 to hear its follow-up.

said: "We've still got quite a bit of mixing to do but because we don't really know how long it's going to take, we're going to put the release date back a bit. I can't see it coming out this year. I think it's more likely to come out in January or something like that."

NEW ELECTRIC PICNIC ADDITIONS ANNOUNCED Posted by Lauren on 10 June 2008. Mood:

More acts have today been added to the Electric Picnic line-up, and they are as follows:

Gemma Hayes
Super Extra Bonus Party
The Black Lips
The Faint
Hercules and Love Affair
Crystal Castles
Cut Copy
Digital Mystikz
The Presets
The Congos
The Herbaliser

Weekend tickets, €240, are still on sale.

The Roots host 'picnic' in Philly Posted by Lauren on 10 June 2008. Mood:

Hip-hop group The Roots warmed up for the Electric Picnic by hosting a picnic of their own in their native Philadelphia last weekend.

Several artists partook in the 'Roots Picnic' mini-festival, including Gnarls Barkley, Deerhoof, Diplo , Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, the Cool Kids, J*Davey, and Esperanza Spalding, as well as The Roots themselves with Jazzy Jeff on DJ duties.

Pictures from the day can be seen here.

Portishead 'won't be doing any more gigs this year' Posted by Lauren on 10 June 2008. Mood:

Portishead fans who were keeping their fingers crossed for an Electric Picnic date may be disappointed - guitarist Adrian Utley has said that the band's recent Primavera Sound gig will probably be their last of 2008.

"I don't think we are going to be doing any more gigs this year," he said. "But we'll possibly do some next year."

You mean we won't be getting any of THIS??

I say never say never..

New Sigur Rós album streaming now Posted by Lauren on 10 June 2008. Mood:

If you're a Sigur Rós fan, and can't wait until June 20th - when their new album 'Mea sua i eyrum via spilum endalaust' is released - you may want to head to their official site to hear it.

The album is now streaming in full HERE.

BODYTONIC announce their EP line-up Posted by Lauren on 09 June 2008. Mood:

Irish DJ collective Bodytonic will, as usual, be hosting their own area this year. Electric Picnic 2008 will see the dance aficionados run no less than three tents in their 'village', with the main tent capacity at 2,000, and the two smaller ones 500 each.

The line-up so far is:

Roni Size Presents Reprazent (Live)
The Count and Sinden (Live)
Rob Hood
Toddla T
Trus'Me (Live)
Lindstrom & Prins Thomas
Charles Webster (Live) feat. AtJazz, Emily Chick and Terra Deva
Kerri Chandler (Live)
Sambatuc Samba Band
Stevie G
Fish Go Deep
DJ Spinna
Aaron Jerome (Live)
Christian Prommer presents Drum Lesson (Live)
Assquake DJs
Barry Redsetta
Downtownsounds DJs
Billy Scurry
DJ Scope and Tu-Ki (ChoiceCuts)
Bodytonic Soundsystem
Stee Downes
Stereotonic DJs
Giles Armstrong (Electric City)
Mano (Live)
Barry O'Donovan (Lunar Disko)
Tiddlerz & Lynam (091 DJs)
Breakdown vs. Breakology
Generic People
The Disconauts

Electric Picnic additions expected this week Posted by Lauren on 09 June 2008. Mood:

That's right, keep your eyes peeled as there's rumours that the Electric Picnic folk will be unleashing a bevy of bands that are joining the line-up this week...

We'll have any news as soon as it hits the wire.


Jape plays FREE gig this Saturday Posted by Lauren on 04 June 2008. Mood:

Wunderkid Jape will be playing a free instore gig at Tower Records on Wicklow Street on Saturday, June 7th.

His third album 'Ritual' is released on June 6th, and instead of having a launch gig in the same week, Mr. Egan and co. will play an instore to enable fans to save their shillings.

It takes place at 6pm on June 7th, and the first 200 people to turn up will gain entry.

Photos: Tinariwen Live In Norway Posted by Lauren on 04 June 2008. Mood:

Hipster Bible Pitchfork has some pretty cool pictures of Electric Picnic participants Tinariwen playing in Norway last week.

I'm really looking forward to seeing this lot at EP '08 - if nothing else, they'll be different. No skinny jeans, battered Converse and lop-sided haircuts, in other words.

Plus, it's a fairly slow news day..


Click HERE for more...

Video: Jape - 'Graveyard' Posted by Lauren on 30 May 2008. Mood:

'Graveyard' is taken from Jape's third album 'Ritual', released on June 6th.

Here's its homemade video..

Adrian Crowley to play Crawdaddy Posted by Lauren on 30 May 2008. Mood:

Adrian Crowley will play Dublin's Crawdaddy ahead of his Electric Picnic set.

The Galway native, who released his critically-acclaimed album 'Long Distance Swimmer' last year, will play the venue on July 4th.

Tickets are €14/17 and on sale now.

Sex Pistols release new live DVD Posted by Lauren on 29 May 2008. Mood:

Sex Pistols are to release a live DVD this summer, ahead of their Electric Picnic performance.

'There'll Always Be An England' contains footage of the band's gigs at London's Brixton Academy last year, as well as 98 mins of extras.

It was directed by long-time collaborator Julian Temple, who directed their famous 'Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle' mockumentary of 1980.

The tracklisting for the DVD, which is out on June 30th, is as follows:

'Pretty Vacant'
'No Feelings'
'New York'
'Did You No Wrong'
'Beside The Seaside'
'Holidays In The Sun'
'(I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone'
'No Fun'
'God Save The Queen'
'Anarchy In The UK'

Download new Sigur Rós song now Posted by Lauren on 29 May 2008. Mood:

Sigur Rós have made a song from their forthcoming new album available for free download.

'Gobbledigook' and its video are available from www.sigurros.com now.

It's taken from the album ''Með Suð í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust', details of which can be found below.

Top Festival Picks: Turlough Gunawardhana Posted by Lauren on 27 May 2008. Mood:

Turlough Gunawardhana (pictured) of Dublin-based band The Chapters gives us the lowdown on who he's looking forward to seeing at this year's Electric Picnic..

1. My Bloody Valentine
"Would like to see what all the fuss is about!"

2. Cathy Davey
"I've seen her way too many times this year, but you can never get enough of Cathy Davey."

3. Sigur Ros
"I've never seen them live, but I love their albums. Mostly listen to them on the plane. I'm a really bad flyer, so I listen to them to relax me - works every time! A friend of mine went to see them in the Olympia a few years ago and he said that it was a religious experience."

4. Wilco
"One of my all-time favorite bands. I saw them in Vicar St. recently and it was one of the best live shows I had ever seen. All members of the band are unbelievably gifted."

5. Foals
"I have been told that they're amazing live. Not mad on the lead vocals, but the music is great."


Sigur Rós announce new album details Posted by Lauren on 27 May 2008. Mood:

Sigur Rós have announced details of their forthcoming fifth album.

The tongue-twisting title is 'Meo Suo í Eyrum Vio Spilum Endalaust', ensuring that people worldwide will go into shops asking for "Err.. the new Sigur Rós album?", and the cover features several people streaking while running across a motorway. Don't try this at home, kids.

It's released worldwide on June 23rd and the tracklisting is:

'Inní Mér Syngur Vitleysingur'
'Góoan Daginn'
'Vio Spilum Endalaust'
'Suo í'
'Ára Bátur'
'All Alright Eyrum'


Cathy Davey guests on new Autamata single Posted by Lauren on 27 May 2008. Mood:

A video of the single in question, called Cloud Seekers, is not available, but it can be heard at Autamata's MySpace page.

It's pretty good, it must be said. Taken from the new Autamata album 'Colours of Sound'.

Video: Franz Ferdinand - 'Michael' Posted by Lauren on 23 May 2008. Mood:

Ahhh, but their first album was great... really...

CSS reveal album artwork Posted by Lauren on 22 May 2008. Mood:

Here's the artwork to CSS's second album 'Donkey'. Errr.. what is it? Looks like a glass duck with a big arse to me.


Ham Sandwich added to bill Posted by Lauren on 22 May 2008. Mood:

Kells band Ham Sandwich have been added to the Electric Picnic bill.

The quintet released their debut album Carry the Meek earlier this year, and it's set for release next week in the UK, too.

Cathy Davey Confirms Summer Tour Posted by EI Team on 19 May 2008. Mood:

Cathy Davey has just confirmed a string of dates around the country this summer.

As well as The Electric Picnic, Cathy will be playing some of Ireland's best arts and music festivals including the Samhradh Festival, Dundalk on May 31st, Junction Festival, Clonmel on July 9th, Earagail Arts Festival, Letterkenny on the 10th, Cork X Southwest, Skibbereen on July 26th, Spraoi, Waterford on August 1st, Mitchelstown Music Festival on the 2nd and Kilkenny Arts Festivalon August 8th.

She also plays Dolan's Warehouse, Limerick on June 18th, Dublin's Olympia Theatre on June 20th and the Roisin Dubh in Galway on July 20th.

See our gig listings for more details.

My Bloody Valentine Remaster Classic Albums Posted by EI Team on 15 May 2008. Mood:

My Bloody Valentine frontman Kevin Shields has remastered the classic albums Isn't Anything from 1988 and Loveless from 1991. Both albums are due to be reissued on June 16th and will include new sleevenotes from Shields.

The new edition of Loveless will be a two-disc set with a reworking of the original album alongside a version created from the original analogue tapes. For those of you too young to remember it, here's the video for the album's opening track Only Shallow:

Top Festival Picks: Johnnie Craig Posted by Lauren on 14 May 2008. Mood:

These are State's Johnnie Craig's (pictured) Top 5 Must-Sees at Electric Picnic:

1. Yacht
2. Foals
3. Jape
4. Franz Ferdinand
5. Tindersticks


ELBOW added to line-up Posted by Lauren on 12 May 2008. Mood:

Fans of Mancunian indie-rockers Elbow will be pleased to hear that they've been added to the Electric Picnic line-up.

They'll be hitting Stradbally on Saturday, August 30th.


Here's a clip from their stunning gig at Vicar Street last month.

Guy Garvey - will you marry me, and sing to me forever?

Get a taste of Large Mound next month Posted by Lauren on 09 May 2008. Mood:

Irish band Large Mound, who recently supported Ted Leo and The Pharmacists on their UK and Irish tour, will be playing their critically-acclaimed 2002 album 'Raised On Rock' in full Upstairs at Whelan's on June 6th.

Support comes from Queen Kong and admission is €8, payable on the door.

Foals slam new London Lord Mayor Posted by Lauren on 06 May 2008. Mood:

Foals have spoken out against the recent election of Conservative MP Boris Johnson as Lord Mayor of London on their MySpace blog.

Guitarist Edwin said: "We're flying back to London from New York. The jet lag is one thing, but the fear that we'll be flying into a city that isn't so much a newly fascist city-state than one big gilded joke of a newspaper column made rotten flesh [is another]. Boris 'Picaninny' Johnson, we salute you - sort of like we'd salute any smug, self-satisfied old Etonian holding a statute-book to our heads. Congratulations and good luck with the Olympics."

No guestlist for the Johnsons at any Foals gig this summer, then?

Cathy Davey forces man to eat soap Posted by Lauren on 06 May 2008. Mood:

She may be all sweetness and light on the outside, but Cathy Davey has revealed a darker side to her personality: she makes people eat soap and then uploads the videos to her MySpace page.

See below for evidence..

Jape donates old track to fans Posted by Lauren on 02 May 2008. Mood:

Richie Egan of Jape has very kindly made an old track of his available for free download from his MySpace site.

'Cathedrals' will not feature on the forthcoming third Jape album, 'Ritual', set for release next Friday.

Personally, I am positively salivating just at the thought of finally having a quality recorded version of this amazing song:

Lisa Hannigan to tour Ireland Posted by Lauren on 02 May 2008. Mood:

Lisa Hannigan plans to get some live practice in before her Electric Picnic performance, so she'll be taking to the road next month to play small venues around the country.

Hot Press reports that the Hannigan will play the following venues:

Cyprus Avenue, Cork (June 6)
Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh (8)
DeBarra's, Clonakilty (10)
Black Box, Belfast (17)
Balor Theatre, Ballybofey (18)
Arts Centre, Ballina (21)
Campbell's Tavern, Headford (22)
Arts Centre, Roscommon (24)
Venue TBC, Sligo (25)
The Glens Centre, Manorhamilton (26)

Here's Ms. Hannigan's collaboration with Gary Lightbody, 'Some Surprise'..

New Young Pony Club step in for Grace Jones Posted by Lauren on 02 May 2008. Mood:

New Young Pony Club were forced to step into the breach last night at a launch in London, when singer Grace Jones didn't show.

Jones was in the city to perform at the launch of LG Scarlet TV, but according to The Mirror, refused to leave her hotel suite until she was paid the full amount of her £75,000 fee.

Host Miquita Oliver allegedly came on stage to announce that "Grace Jones is a bitch", before explaining that NYPC would be performing instead.

Grace Jones is not playing Electric Picnic, but she's more interesting than NYPC, so here's a video of hers.

Duffy nominated for three Mojo Awards Posted by Lauren on 01 May 2008. Mood:

It's been a busy year so far for Welsh warbler Duffy. Since releasing her Bernard Butler-produced debut album, she's been acclaimed by all and sundry (well, almost - we found the record in question a bit, err, duff).

Nonetheless, she's been nominated for three gongs at this year's Mojo Awards, scooping nods for Song of the Year, Album of the Year and Breakthrough Act.

Here she is strutting her stuff on 'Later..' with 'Mercy', aforementioned potential 'Best Song'... harumph.

Download free CSS song now Posted by Lauren on 01 May 2008. Mood:

Look, I know there's been a lot of CSS-related news of late, but they are releasing a new album next month.

That album is called 'Donkey'. A track from it has been made available by the band to download for free from HERE now. It's called 'Rat Is Dead (Rage)', by the way. Enjoy.

Top Festival Picks: Cillian McDonnell Posted by Lauren on 28 April 2008. Mood:

Lakota Media/Totally Dublin's Cillian McDonnell drums with Dublin band Halfset (pictured below) and Adrian Crowley.

"My survival guide for the Irish festival season is a very simple one. Try not to consume your own body weight in wine on the first night of any festival, especially if that wine flows from a plastic tap attached to a 2ltr cardboard box - probably not a good vintage.

Be prepared for the inevitable breakdown in communications, timetable each day in advance but don't cram your schedule with several bands. Relax and enjoy the good music, festivals should be about quality, not quantity.

Personally, I think it's always good to catch some international and homegrown talent at every festival. With that in mind, my top tips for EP '08 are:

My Bloody Valentine
Adrian Crowley

EP '08 so kindly gives the Irish festival goer the first chance to see the legendary My Bloody Valentine live on Irish soil, and Krautrock sensations Faust. Tindersticks are set to release a fabulous new album, 'The Hungry Saw', which is a real return to form for Stuart Staples and Co. Then throw on your Jackie's Army t-shirt and get down the front for local heroes Jape and Adrian Crowley - two Irish artists who can hold their own on any International bill."


CSS booked for birthday bash Posted by Lauren on 24 April 2008. Mood:

Who says money can't buy you indie bands at your birthday party? Not Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, that's for sure - the billionaire has just booked Brazilian band CSS for his daughter's 16th shindig.

The group will perform with Klaxons for an undisclosed fee at young Anna's party in London.

Will it make it to 'My Super Sweet 16', though? That's what I want to know..

Bright Eyes man plots solo album Posted by Lauren on 24 April 2008. Mood:

Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes is releasing his first solo album in 13 years this summer.

The self-produced, self-titled album was recorded in Mexico, and will come out on Merge Records in August - just in time for all you Bright Eyes fanboys and girls to learn all of the words before Oberst's Electric Picnic set.

The tracklisting is:

'Cape Cañaveral'
'Lenders In The Temple'
'Danny Callahan'
'I Don't Want To Die (In The Hospital)'
'Eagle On A Pole'
'NYC -- Gone, Gone'
'Valle Místico (Ruben's Song)'
'Souled Out!!!'
'Milk Thistle'

Here's a nice Bright Eyes video: 'First Day of My Life'.

Tinariwen to play Cork, Galway Posted by Lauren on 24 April 2008. Mood:

Malian music collective Tinariwen have announced gigs in Cork and Galway for this summer, as well as their appearance at Electric Picnic.

They'll play festivals dates in Cork and Galway on July 21st and 22nd, respectively.

More details on these gigs as we have them.

My Bloody Valentine curate ATP festival Posted by Lauren on 24 April 2008. Mood:

They're back, and they're making sure everyone knows about it, too... Kevin Shields and co. have curated the first ATP New York festival, due to be held at Kutshers Country Club in Monticello, NY from September 19 - 21.

MBV will also be playing at the festival, and they haven't forgotten their Irish roots, either: they've added Tipperary gal Gemma Hayes to the bill, according to Billboard.com.

Shields worked with Hayes on her forthcoming third album 'The Hollow of Morning', set for release next month.

The full ATP New York line-up is:

My Bloody Valentine
Built to Spill performing 'Perfect From Now On'
Meat Puppets performing 'Meat Puppets II'
Thurston Moore performing 'Psychic Hearts'
Tortoise performing 'Millions Now Living Will Never Die'
Fuck Buttons
The Drones
Wooden Shjips
Edan with Dagha
Gemma Hayes
Thee Silver Mount Zion Orchestra

Foals rock The Academy Posted by Lauren on 24 April 2008. Mood:

Oxford band Foals rocked Dublin's Academy at their sold-out Irish debut last Sunday night.

The Electric Picnic participants played the majority of their debut album 'Antidotes' at the gig, as well as fan favourites Mathletics and Hummer.

Can someone explain something to me, though? There were more checked shirts at this gig than you'd see at a line-dancing convention - is it some sort of fashion statement memo that I've missed out on? It wouldn't be the first time.. *sighs while adjusting legwarmers*

Here's a wobbly video of 'Olympic Airways' from same gig.

The Roots pull Fall Out Boy collaboration from new album Posted by Lauren on 17 April 2008. Mood:

Philly hip-hop collective The Roots have pulled a collaboration with Fall Out Boy singer Patrick Stump from their new album, because it 'didn't fit in'.

'Birthday Girl' was supposed to be the lead single of their new album 'Rising Down', although it will be made available as a digital download through iTunes.

Lead Root ?uestlove said: "It was just sticking out like a sore thumb. Initially it was going to kick-start the record... but then that didn't work. Then we were going to have a 'halftime' thing where it was gonna come in the middle of the record as a break from the political thing, but that didn't work, either."

Stump has not commented on the matter, but he is believed to have locked himself into a dark room for a good weep.

Here's the offending article:

Watch Tinariwen documentary here Posted by Lauren on 17 April 2008. Mood:

Acquaint yourselves prior to EP with these amazing musicians from Mali, if you haven't already - Tinariwen are supposed to be incredible live.

Here's a short documentary on the making of their latest album, 'Aman Iman'

Sex Pistols participate in exhibition Posted by Lauren on 17 April 2008. Mood:

Visiting London next month? Well, you might want to check out a photography exhibition starring Electric Picnic participants Sex Pistols, then.

The aging punks are amongst the subjects of the 100 Club's new permanent exhibition 'Picture Show', which features the aging punks in iconic poses alongside the Rolling Stones.

'The 100 Club's Picture Show' is open to the public from May 9 - 11, from 12pm to 4pm.

Sigur Rós finish new album with Flood Posted by Lauren on 17 April 2008. Mood:

Icelandic geysers (everytime, I know - I can't help it) Sigur Rós have recorded their latest album with producer Flood (Smashing Pumpkins, U2) in Reyjavick - and it should be hitting the shelves sometime this summer.

11 (as-yet-untitled) tracks will form the basis of the (as-yet-untitled) follow-up to 2005's Takk. It's said to be 'stylistically different' to their previous work, with more guitar and fewer strings featured.

Franz Ferdinand side-project releases album Posted by Lauren on 17 April 2008. Mood:

Franz Ferdinand drummer Paul Thompson hasn't been resting on his laurels while his 9-5 have been taking a break from the album-touring-album-touring circuit; he's been writing, recording and playing with Correcto, a Glaswegian quartet who recently released their self-titled debut album on Domino.

Fear not, though - Thompson will be back behind his kit for the Ferdies' Electric Picnic performance later this year, and for the release of their forthcoming third album.

Jape readies third album Posted by Lauren on 17 April 2008. Mood:

Crumlin lad Jape is about to release his long-awaited third album 'Ritual'.

Sometime Redneck Manifesto member Richie Egan has had label trouble over the past few years, which has delayed the release of album #3 - but it finally gets a release on Friday, May 9th.

The tracklisting for 'Ritual' is:

1. Christopher and Anthony
2. I Was A Man
3. Replays
4. Graveyard
5. Phil Lynott
6. Streetwise
7. At the Heart of All This Strangeness
8. Apple In an Orchard
9. Strike Me Down
10. Nothing Lasts Forever

Check out Jape's video for 'Floating' here - nearing 1 million views on YouTube!

CSS bassist quits Posted by Lauren on 14 April 2008. Mood:

CSS bassist Ira Trevisan has left the band.

The Brazilian electro-poppers will have their bass duties overseen by drummer Adriano Cintra, and will employ a session drummer for live shows.

Trevisan said of her departure: "I decided to move forward and dedicate more of my time to fashion and other projects. Just a big change of priorities, as I will never stop playing music.I am also a bit worried about climate change. People should care more and do something about it. I decided to fly less. CSS will always be in my heart. They said goodbye to their bass player, but they won a new life-time fan. In health and sickness, in happiness and so forth. Blah blah blah, so help us God."

CSS's forthcoming gig at The Academy on May 7th is not believed to be affected - nor is their Electric Picnic performance.

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