Little Caesars

Classified: 4 Star

+353 1 6718714
5 Chatham House, Balfe Street,
Dublin 2

Little Caesars

Little Caesar's Pizza is the original restaurant in the Little Caesar's chain. It opened its doors in 1991 and was a popular haunt from day one with its lively athmosphere, tasty Italian cuisine and value for money. Twelve years on and it still has managed to maintain its unique charm that people keep coming back again and again.

Average Main Course:
Italian, Pizzeria
Price: 1 euro


  • View Profile for CarolineCaroline
    Classified: 4 Star

    Great little place to sit back and get pampered after a days shopping. Staff friendly, great tasty food at a reasonable price. Give it a go....

    Posted 22:57 | Tue 7th Sep 2010
  • View Profile for lennemcglennemcg
    Classified: 3 Star

    Little caesars opposite the westbury in dublin city centre is lovely, go there all the time for lunch. Nice an cheap and always tasty.

    Posted 15:55 | Fri 13th Aug 2010

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