Juniors Deli and Café

Classified: 5 Star

+353 1 664 3648
2 Bath Avenue, Dublin 4

Juniors Deli and Café Juniors Cafe & Deli, located at 4 Bath Avenue, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. Open daily for lunch, brunch and supper, with a selection of wines, their motto is ‘Eat heartily and give the house a good name" .Their menu changes daily, depending on what's in season and fresh! Absolutely everything is homemade!

Average Main Course:
Cafe, Bistro
Price: 1 euro


  • View Profile for AmigoAmigo

    What a little gem of a place. Very smal, quirky but fantastic food !

    Posted 16:52 | Tue 17th Apr 2012
  • View Profile for sarahjsarahj

    really like this place for lunch and dinner, good varied menu, i had sausages and mash for main one time, nicest ever i've had! love the chicken and pastrami ciabattas too :)

    Posted 17:57 | Fri 13th Aug 2010

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