BAFTA Nominees 2013

Joaquin Phoenix -
Joaquin Phoenix -
Joaquin Phoenix   Zero Dark Thirty   Seven Psychopaths   Seven Psychopaths   Les Miserables  
Les Miserables   Lincoln   Lincoln   Life of Pi   Life of Pi  
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel   Argo   Anna Karenina   Anna Karenina   Emmanuelle Riva  
Anne Hathaway   Ben Affleck   Bradley Cooper   Juno Temple   Sally Field  
Christoph Waltz   Kathryn Bigelow   Jessica Chastain   Suraj Sharma   Ang Lee  
Helen Hunt   Amy Adams   Alicia Vikander   Michael Haneke   Hugh Jackman  
Quentin Tarantino   Andrew Riseborough   Marion Cotillard   Dame Helen Mirren   Jennifer Lawrence  
Daniel Day-Lewis   Tommy Lee Jones   Javier Bardem   Alan Arkin   Dame Judi Dench  
Skyfall   Skyfall   Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall   Elizabeth Olsen   Philip Seymour-Hoffman  


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