Miss Universe Ireland 2012

Tiffany Stanley - WENN.com
Tiffany Stanley - WENN.com
Tiffany Stanley   Louise Johnston   Suzanne Jackson, Carla Jackson   Holly Carpenter   Sarah McGovern, Kristi Kuudisiim  
Lauren Taylor   Daniella Moyles   Nadia Forde   Jamie White, Holly White   Nadia Forde, Debbie O'Leary  
Holly Carpenter   Andrea Roche   Adrienne Murphy & boyfriend Luke Kennedy & mother Maeve Murphy   Adrienne Murphy   Andrea Roche & Adrienne Murphy  
Cristiona Aston, Faith Barnett, Sinead Noonan, Kerri Nicole Blanc   Lyn O'Connor   Mima Pkarcikova, Joanne Taylor   Sinead Noonan   Rozanna Purcell, Alison Canavan  
Faith Barnett   Melina Skvortsova   Daniella Moyles   Rozanna Purcell   Daniella Moyles, Louise Johnston, Lauren Taylor  
Claire McElligott, Tanya Zorrilla   Rozanna Purcell, Adrienne Murphy   Adrienne Murphy   Emily McKeogh   Adrienne Murphy  
Adrienne Murphy & boyfriend Luke Kennedy   Cristiona Aston   Leah O'Reilly   Adrienne Murphy  


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