'Hitchcock' World Premiere

Michael Wincott - WENN.com
Michael Wincott - WENN.com
Michael Wincott   Geneviève Robert; Ivan Reitman   Sacha Gervasi, Jessica de Rothschild   Karina Deyko   Cloris Leachman  
Robert Forster and Guest "Hitchcock" World Premiere - AFI FEST 2012 Presented By Audi, held at Grauman's Chinese Theatre Hollywood, California   Sacha Gervasi, James D'Arcy   Ed Lauter   Kurtwood Smith   Jordan Essoe  
Kevin Smith; Jennifer Schwalbach Smith   John Savage, Blanca Blanco   Peter Fonda   John Savage, Blanca Blanco   Marshall Herskovitz; Landry Major  
Jay Roach and son Jackson   Sacha Gervasi, James D'Arcy   Jeff Cronenweth   Sacha Gervasi; Jacqueline Lyanga   Karen Black  
  Sacha Gervasi; Jacqueline Lyanga   Ed Lauter   Jay Roach   Marshall Herskovitz; Landry Major  
Pamela Martin   Teresa Modnick; Jerry Mathers   Jordan Essoe   Robert Forster and Guest   John Savage, Blanca Blanco  
Karina Deyko   Danny Elfman; Mali Elfman   Hector Guy; Brenda Vaccaro   Stephen Rebello   Peter Fonda; Margaret DeVogelaere  
Mimi Rogers   Kurtwood Smith   Mimi Rogers   Karen Black   Brenda Vaccaro  
Scott Keogh   Jay Roach   John Savage     Ed Lauter  
Sacha Gervasi, James D'Arcy   Pamela Martin   Danny Elfman   Peter Fonda; Margaret DeVogelaere   Blanca Blanco  
John Savage   Blanca Blanco   Jerry Mathers   Scott Keogh   Robert Loggia and wife Audrey O'Brien  
Lady Victoria Hervey   James D'Arcy   Robert Loggia and wife Audrey O'Brien   Sacha Gervasi   James D'Arcy  
Ed Lauter   Robert Forster   Courtney B. Vance   Tom Pollock   Richard Portnow  
Lainie Kazan; Karen Black   Richard Portnow   Blanca Blanco   Kevin Smith   Sacha Gervasi, James D'Arcy  


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