The Erics

    • Vote for: Irish Bachelor Irish Bachelor
      Irish Bachelor Men come in all shapes and sizes (and sometimes duos because we hate to leave a bro out) and we can't help but love them. Especially when they're eligible and send us all aquiver. But which one is Ireland's favourite?
    • Vote for: Irish Bachelorette Irish Bachelorette
      Irish Bachelorette All you ladies who independent, show us those hands. Yes, these women are the ones who have managed to avoid putting a ring on it, and while that may be bad news for their pursuers, it's good news for all the the admirers out there who want to know what a girl wants.
    • Vote for: Irish Red Carpet Moment Irish Red Carpet Moment
      Irish Red Carpet Moment From bamboozling boobage to vicious fuchsia, there were plenty of fashion successes and failures on the Irish red carpet scene. Who will be crowned King or Queen of the Red Carpet? That's up to you.
    • Vote for: Irish TV Show Irish TV Show
      Irish TV Show Will that cat strike it third time lucky for Love/Hate in 2013? Or has Nidge got a bit of stiff competition from The Fall's 50 Shades hunk Jamie Dornan? Which Irish TV show had you reaching for the fizzy orange this year?
    • Vote for: Irish Twitter Head(wrecker) Irish Twitter Head(wrecker)
      Irish Twitter Head(wrecker) They're funny, crude, astute, bonkers, and at their best, a combination of all four. And best of all they all do it in 140 characters or less, which, in the 21st Century, is a most desirable skill set. Headwreckers in the best possible way.
    • Vote for: Irish Album Irish Album
      Irish Album 2013 will be remembered as a particularly vintage year for Irish music. So much so, in fact, that it was a particularly difficult task narrowing down our Best Irish Albums shortlist to just ten. Any one of these would be a worthy winner...
    • Vote for: Irish Act Irish Act
      Irish Act For a country with a relatively small population we continue to produce outstanding Irish acts at a fierce rate. Whether you're into rock, pop, electro or folk, there's truly something for every palette in Ireland today and here are ten of the best.
    • Vote for: Irish Sporting Moment Irish Sporting Moment
      Irish Sporting Moment Ireland's sports stars have always punched above their weight on the world stage - in some cases literally - and the exploits of our athletes this year means this could possibly be one of the closest calls for Best Irish Sporting Moment yet!
    • Vote for: Irish Festival Irish Festival
      Irish Festival Whether it's standing in a field roaring along to your favourite band or sitting in a theatre silently weeping at an extraordinary piece of theatre, Ireland's festival scene is one of the best in the world. Now we need you to tell us which is No.1.
    • Vote for: Irish Newcomer Irish Newcomer
      Irish Newcomer Our fair isle has a rep for pumping out some great names that go on to garner international fame, but even they had humble beginnings. 2013 was no different and here are the people we think stood alone this year and are destined for greatness.
    • Vote for: Irish Legend Irish Legend
      Irish Legend Legends are not born, they are made. And this year saw many an Irish person rise to the status of legendary. From sport to politics to literature and pop culture, here are our ten legends of 2013. But who's yours?
    • Vote for: Irish Couple Irish Couple
      Irish Couple We may not have a Posh & Becks of our very own that are on the same level as Les Beckhams, but there's still some fierce competition in the Irish celebrity ranks for top place in the couple stakes. But who will it be?
    • Vote for: Honourary Irish Citizenship Award Honourary Irish Citizenship Award
      Honourary Irish Citizenship... While us Irish are just deadly in general (for the most part anyway), there are plenty of other deadly folk out there that we wouldn't mind calling our own. Sure you never know when Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane will need to call someone up!
    • Vote for: Ireland's Favourite WTF Moment Ireland's Favourite WTF Moment
      Ireland's Favourite WTF Moment From getting lucky on the streets of Dublin with a taxi driver to Russell Brand completely owning US news anchors, Ireland loved the madness the internet brought to our eyeballs this year. But are you Team Brand or Team Japanese Dinosaur Prank?
    • Vote for: Ireland's Favourite Movie Ireland's Favourite Movie
      Ireland's Favourite Movie Did you love getting lost in space with Sandra Bullock? Or did Katniss Everdeen's fight against the Capitol have you reaching for an inhaler? 2013 was a great year for movies, and now we need to know what one did it for you.
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