Zero Dark Thirty


Zero Dark Thirty

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  • View Profile for John Jur LavelleJohn Jur Lavelle

    this is cool caint wait 4 the film navy seals so hard true heros

    Posted 07:50 | Thu 23rd Aug 2012
  • View Profile for KingKing

    None of these heroes are happy about this film though. Watch the second clip here:

    Posted 23:27 | Wed 16th Jan 2013
  • View Profile for Tyler DurdenTyler Durden

    A spoiler-free review, excellent. I want the ending to be a surprise...

    Posted 13:16 | Wed 23rd Jan 2013
  • View Profile for PatPat

    Hope to see this Friday night. Those Navy Seals are top class.

    Posted 16:29 | Wed 23rd Jan 2013
  • View Profile for FilmBuff76FilmBuff76

    Whatever the politics, this is what cinema is all about: urgent, compulsive viewing that holds a mirror up to our troubled times. Outstanding film.

    Posted 14:43 | Sat 26th Jan 2013
  • View Profile for DoubleLetterDoubleLetter

    Absolutely incredible !

    Posted 16:37 | Sat 26th Jan 2013
  • View Profile for LindaLinda

    Not sure about this film thought it was a bit far fetched . Wouldn't be running out to purchase it

    Posted 17:07 | Mon 4th Feb 2013
  • View Profile for daithidaithi

    Hmmm, if you like Homeland then you won't go too far wrong here but it was slow and frankly quite tedious. Chastain is about the only thing worthwhile in it, the last 30mins aside. The torture scenes are no more graphic in nature than anything seen Rendition and pale in comparison to some of gore seen on the big screen lately. Want an American CIA Middle East movie then see the far far far superior Argo.

    Posted 20:16 | Mon 4th Feb 2013
  • View Profile for smsuttonsmsutton

    I cannot believe Zero Dark Thirty got four stars, it is without a doubt, in my opinion, the worst film of the year. Badly written, badly directed and the acting is just passable. Any film with lines like, 'do your f...king jobs, find me people to kill' automatically turns me off. Although I suppose the line, 'you don't want to be the last person with a dog collar in your hand' is kinda funny but I can't recall ever saying to my boss, 'I'm the one who found the'. The likes of Rust and Bone didn't even get nominated for an Oscar and Zero Dark is up for Best Picture. Made me weep.....

    Posted 11:33 | Sat 9th Mar 2013

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