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    when 2 c dis movie and it was just a brill of a laugh, must go 2 c it.

    Posted 19:21 | Wed 13th Apr 2011
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    FUNNIEST FILM IN AGES!!! Danny McBride is a legend and James Franco is brilliant as the brother! Have to see this one twice!

    Posted 10:27 | Sat 16th Apr 2011
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    thanks to winning on i got to shake danny mcbrides hand thanks entertainment

    Posted 20:43 | Sat 16th Apr 2011
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    This film is atrocious!! I went based on the review and comments left here, but it was aweful. I can't believe the generous budget they managed to get for this, never mind the oscar nominated actors! I don't mind a bit of vulgarity, if it's funny, but I spent the entire running time waiting for the funny to start and it never did. Don't waist your hard earned money like I did.

    Posted 10:01 | Wed 20th Apr 2011
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    This film is like the badly scripted porn flick but unfortunately without the porn. Going on a word of mouth recommendation (now de-friended) and the 'people who brought you Pinapple Express' factor we thought this might just be alright but God NO! I didn't see the illiterate RR's idle thought on the film either. Best thing about this film is Natalie Portman, the worst part is everything else. Actually reminded me of Big Trouble in Little China without Kurt Russell, It is that bad! This film was obviously created by some pothead producer with far too much money to throw around. Outrageous is one thing but it's just the tedious amounts of 'crap' & 'dick' placed in every second line. I'm sure it'll be great for the potheads but my suggestion is don't see this unless you're completely off your tits on something.

    Posted 23:56 | Sat 23rd Apr 2011
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    Definitely one for the guys!! Vulgar throughout, but if that's your thing you'll enjoy - a stoner twist on the traditional fairytale - mix Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty.

    Posted 22:45 | Sun 24th Apr 2011
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    I didn't think it was that bad - It did have its moments. I found myself laughing at the vulgarity. Admittedly, it was disappointing in many respects. With a cast like this, I expected something incredible. But it was OK for a bit of a laugh. I think everyone's being very harsh! Especially the critics at Rotten Tomatoes!

    Posted 11:42 | Mon 25th Apr 2011
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    I have been going to the cinema on a weekly basis for the past 11-12 years, and have seen countless films over the years. I have never posted a comment before, mainly because I prefer to make up my own mind so I don't think many people would care what I think either. But this film is so bad I can't let it pass without warning people. Without doubt, this is the worst film I have ever seen. I am a big Danny McBride fan, so I had high hopes for this. It is so bad I actually wanted to get up and leave. Unfortunately I stayed until the end, foolishly hoping there would be something worth the €10. McBride has one or two moments, but they are so deep in the rubbish they almost go unnoticed. I cannot understand how this did not go straight to DVD, regardless of the budget (impossible to guess what it was spent on. The special effects are like an episode of BBC's Merlin). If this is the direction comedy flicks are going, my cinema days are numbered. Please don't go to see this, you will regret it.

    Posted 13:38 | Tue 3rd May 2011

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