Wreck-It Ralph


Wreck-It Ralph

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    I can't wait to go to see this in next spring!!! This film's gonna be brilliant!

    Posted 19:26 | Mon 5th Nov 2012
  • View Profile for justmejustme

    i'm looking forwar to seeing this film. i can't wait to bring my daughter. trailer look great reminds me of all the older games i used to play ha ha

    Posted 17:39 | Sun 2nd Dec 2012
  • View Profile for grainnegrainne

    when isw this out in dublin

    Posted 20:59 | Sat 12th Jan 2013
  • View Profile for MeMe

    Can't wait to see this Friday going with my hubby and daughter. Looks great

    Posted 20:28 | Wed 6th Feb 2013
  • View Profile for SilmaASilmaA

    After watching the trailer, I definitely want to watch Wreck-It Ralph! I remember walking into my office at DISH and hearing about Sarah Silverman doing a cartoon voice over, but Im a bit surprised that I forgot all about it. Although its no longer showing in theaters near me, I can still see it without hunting down the Blu-ray. Blockbuster @Home that I get thorough DISH sends me titles from my queue by mail so I know that I can add it now and get to see it when its released on disc without leaving my house.

    Posted 00:38 | Wed 20th Feb 2013

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