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World War Z

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    The allegory is the senselessness of the zombies in this story (having read the book). A tradition that goes back to "The Plague" by Camus.

    Posted 21:49 | Tue 18th Jun 2013
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    Not a bad flick at all. Relentless action with no cheese.

    Posted 17:29 | Sun 23rd Jun 2013
  • View Profile for Paul CorriganPaul Corrigan

    This flick played like an xbox game with different scenes setting different challenges for Bradser, getting to the plane on bikes while it re-fuels and making his way to the lab with the vials of diseases without getting bitten. I'm not sure Brad's character was a former UN soldier as is mentioned above but his trademark self conscious acting is in full swing here, only a 2* movie for me

    Posted 21:14 | Mon 24th Jun 2013
  • View Profile for DucksinarowDucksinarow

    One of the best action films I've seen in a long time...Gets the heart rate up.

    Posted 16:22 | Wed 26th Jun 2013
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    Very surprised to see what a high star rating you gave this one. Hollywood chickens out again. I agree with Corrigan, 2 star, 2.5 max.

    Posted 03:20 | Sun 7th Jul 2013
  • View Profile for babs bunnybabs bunny

    great action movie right from the start.edge of your sit stuff.

    Posted 04:02 | Sun 7th Jul 2013
  • View Profile for DoubleLetterDoubleLetter

    Cannot believe so many people like this. I thought it was woefully childish at times, it doesn't properly start for me, its just jumps into an all out pandemic out of nowhere. The only clever pieces of storyline (the wall of Isreal was being built because of a prediction of this outbreak etc.) was taken from the book. Pitts wife plays the same same character she played in Gangster Squad. And I agree with Corrigan 100%, at times its like a XBox game especially the scenes in Korea... Wait till the DVD, or just rend 28 Days Later...

    Posted 10:49 | Sun 7th Jul 2013
  • View Profile for hdkhdk There is plenty of allegory in this movie. It's just not what you would typically expect in a zombie movie.

    Posted 13:28 | Tue 16th Jul 2013
  • View Profile for di_larkdi_lark

    Hollywood pap, suckers.

    Posted 14:31 | Thu 25th Jul 2013
  • View Profile for di_larkdi_lark

    Hollywood pap, suckers.

    Posted 14:31 | Thu 25th Jul 2013
  • View Profile for di_larkdi_lark

    I didnt mean to say it twice (ffs)!? webadmins please delete!

    Posted 14:33 | Thu 25th Jul 2013
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    This one was pretty bad in my opinion.

    Posted 01:43 | Wed 14th Aug 2013
  • View Profile for gretagreta

    I watched this not expecting a great deal or to be really in to it, but I am pleased to say I was very wrong, really liked this movie, I have always loved the idea of zombie movies but some are ridiculous this had a background, a history, well worth a watch.

    Posted 12:51 | Fri 28th Mar 2014

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