What Richard Did


What Richard Did

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    So this is a fictionalised story of a true event? How does that work!?

    Posted 09:59 | Wed 3rd Oct 2012
  • View Profile for BryceBryce

    A good story that's not quite exciting enough in its own right - so they added loads of extra untrue bits to make it better!

    Posted 11:00 | Wed 3rd Oct 2012
  • View Profile for DoubleLetterDoubleLetter

    ^ Haha. So from now on, when some-one says "That would make a great movie" they can also say "That would make a terrible movie, but if we add robots, it will be a hit !"

    Posted 17:01 | Wed 3rd Oct 2012
  • View Profile for LM94LM94

    Jack reynor is a fantastic actor, he thought me a few months back and he was a great teacher.

    Posted 22:23 | Thu 4th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for TomTom

    Can't wait to see this, Lenny Abrahamson can do no wrong in my book.

    Posted 13:05 | Fri 5th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for FilmBuff76FilmBuff76

    A little over-hyped by Irish critics, but What Richard Did is a fine film.

    Posted 14:31 | Sat 6th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for MullerMuller

    Plan to go and see tonight ....would u recommend......

    Posted 14:19 | Mon 8th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for ABC1ABC1

    I want to take my boys to see this - they're aged 16, 14 and 10. Is it suitable (especially not sure about the 10 year old)?

    Posted 18:58 | Fri 12th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for FilmBuff76FilmBuff76

    What Richard Did is a 15A, so you can take them if you want. I saw just a few older teenagers at the screening I was at - probably too slow-moving for younger teenagers. There's nothing too risky in the film - some swearing and violence. Older teenagers might appreciate it.

    Posted 12:25 | Sat 13th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for FitzFitz

    I definitely wouldn't bring a ten year old.

    Posted 11:59 | Tue 16th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for CicCassCicCass

    Brilliant!! Portrays modern Dublin perfectly, GO SEE IT!

    Posted 13:35 | Sat 20th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for RainbowRainbow

    There is no such thing a "privileged area" - just "privileged families". Stop pandering to the Ross O'Carroll Kelly style stereotypes. There are poor, working class, council housing estates in the so called posh Blackrock too.

    Posted 13:27 | Sun 28th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for ShankillDublinShankillDublin

    Shockingly bad. First 37 minutes was boring intros to the tedious teenage characters and their ridiculous lives, then we have the killing (some interest there), couple of interesting scenes after that, then more vacuous s**te until the credits roll. Really poor.

    Posted 14:55 | Mon 16th Sep 2013
  • View Profile for GafferGaffer

    LM94, young Reynor is such a good teacher, you say he "thought" you, well done, you're an A student. Movie (just saw it on RTE last night) was well acted but the beginning really dragged and the fact that it's a loosely based on a fictional book about the disgraceful killing of Brian Murphy made it all a bit directionless for me. But some very good performances in fairness.

    Posted 13:36 | Thu 31st Oct 2013

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