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    coolio can't wait to see it finger crossed it's good xxxx

    Posted 20:54 | Thu 13th Jan 2011
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    my son is 8 now he loved the first 2 and when he seen the the trailer for this one he said we have to and see that it looks brillint we cant wait for it

    Posted 12:39 | Thu 12th May 2011
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    is it in 2d or 3d?

    Posted 17:03 | Sat 25th Jun 2011
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    Posted 00:36 | Tue 28th Jun 2011
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    where to woch it

    Posted 00:39 | Tue 28th Jun 2011
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    the movie is cool

    Posted 00:39 | Tue 28th Jun 2011
  • View Profile for FilmBuff76FilmBuff76

    I was pretty disappointed with this third one. The mistakes made in the second one haven't been corrected - too many characters, too many robots, too much going on and it's far too long. There's not enough of the Bumblebee-Sam relationship either, which made the first film so enjoyable. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley should stick to her day job as an underwear model as well. I mean seriously... how many babes can this nerd get? Mediocre.

    Posted 21:21 | Wed 29th Jun 2011
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    Posted 23:11 | Wed 29th Jun 2011
  • View Profile for nualanuala

    saw the film last night in 3D and loved it, far better than the second one.

    Posted 14:54 | Thu 30th Jun 2011
  • View Profile for HBarcaHBarca

    So this is as good as Thor then? 3/5??

    Posted 22:21 | Thu 30th Jun 2011
  • View Profile for OksanaOksana

    From what age can come?

    Posted 10:54 | Fri 1st Jul 2011
  • View Profile for noelnoel

    Worse than the first better than the second but still very very silly and far far too long, no real script to speak of, the dialogue is laughable, the acting pretty bad, the fx while brilliant in places, you would think with all the money spent Mr Bay and his editors could manage to notice all the air canisters used to flip cars could be removed and not just left to roll across the screen tut tut!!Pay attention, at best 2 stars purely for the 3D which is bloody good and the final 30mins which is bloody good. Now more Transformers Movies please.

    Posted 19:30 | Fri 1st Jul 2011
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    Oops i meant, Now no more Transformers movies please.

    Posted 19:31 | Fri 1st Jul 2011
  • View Profile for rrrr

    brillant movie, robots fighting is cool and better than the second film, great watch and must see, i will give it 3/5.

    Posted 20:21 | Fri 1st Jul 2011
  • View Profile for jcdfjcdf

    The first half hour was enjoyable with LaBeouf looking for a job. Once the CGI battle at the end began, I fell asleep. Less is more and more is less with action sequences. There was too much here.

    Posted 22:47 | Fri 1st Jul 2011
  • View Profile for GarethGareth

    Not going to blow you away and very drawn out but if you take it for what it is, then this is a good action movie that will entertain young and older movie goers 3/5.

    Posted 00:03 | Sat 2nd Jul 2011
  • View Profile for SelenthiaSelenthia

    Its good enough

    Posted 01:57 | Sat 2nd Jul 2011
  • View Profile for Dunham81Dunham81

    Yall need to stop. Transformers was actually a really good movie. There is nothing to complain about. I grew up watching the cartoon and they did a good job of introducing a lot of the characters. What else do you want? I enjoyed the fact that the movie was long. I got more for my money

    Posted 04:01 | Sat 2nd Jul 2011
  • View Profile for Tyler DurdenTyler Durden

    Can somebody in Hollywood PLEASE stop Michael Bay from making any more movies at least until he (i) has a script in place, (ii) with a semblence of a plot, and (iii) actually contains something close to human dialogue. Bay can direct action (see "The Rock") but that had a decent script and story.

    Posted 22:38 | Sat 2nd Jul 2011
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    Also, the most memorable line from TF3 was lifted directly from the end of "Star TrekII - Wrath of Kahn" as said by Spock ("The needs of the many..."). Very lazy.

    Posted 22:43 | Sat 2nd Jul 2011
  • View Profile for ellegibbonsellegibbons

    This movie is clearly made for the boys :) therefore great visual effects, battle scenes, dramatic music, and oh Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Dare I say more??? Does exactly what it says on the tin, you either like this type of movie or you dont - I liked it!

    Posted 08:40 | Mon 4th Jul 2011
  • View Profile for daviddavid

    The movie is great I like the action the 3D is great. But they needed Megan fox that new girl sux bad. She is not even that great at acting or looking good. She was just a stick doing nothing. If Megan fox was still there I think the movie would had taken a different direction and been even bett

    Posted 12:14 | Sat 9th Jul 2011
  • View Profile for yN0tyN0t

    entertaining. loved the close ups on the new transformer ;) - Rosie Alice Huntington-Whiteley was born 18 April 1987 in Plymouth, Devon, England

    Posted 11:42 | Sun 10th Jul 2011
  • View Profile for MelanyfontanaMelanyfontana

    Absolutely BRILLIANT!!! I'm fast hurtling towards the big 3-0 but I am a huge Transformers fan. I loved it(and never thought Id see myself crying at a film where cars turn into robots!!!) Optimus Prime and Shia are welcome around mine anytime...Im sure theres an opening for an aging love interest if there is ever another one made........

    Posted 13:04 | Tue 12th Jul 2011
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    Not only the best Transformer film but the best action film next to avatar i've seen in a few years, top notch action packed film loved every second of it, 100% worth the watch.

    Posted 21:44 | Mon 18th Jul 2011
  • View Profile for EoghanEoghan

    This was a great movie really enjoyable for the whole family. Lots of affect which made the movie one of my favorites but the only problem that i had with this movie was the Megan Fox was not in it which completely changed it, have the nice actress to replace her made a big change in it, all in all a top movie to see.

    Posted 17:06 | Thu 21st Jul 2011
  • View Profile for &Ishouldknow&Ishouldknow

    Among rumours of recycled footage Transformers 3 opened this weekend & quickly snaffled up $94 million in box office takings. Despite detractors from the previous 2 films it would seem the Transformers franchise is doing its best impression of Decepticon leader Megatron, you just can't keep it down. Being avid fans of the series and of course Michael Bay (Bad Boys anyone?) the lads & I tootled off to see this latest instalment on Saturday. I should point out that Adam's shoulders usually drop approximately 2 feet when he realises films are in 3D, he hates the bland colours & cumbersome glasses, we had it on good authority though that for full enjoyment 3D was the only D to see. Shia la Beouf returns as the beleaguered Whitwickey, inexplicably jobless despite having saved the world twice with the stunning Rosie Huntington-Whitely on his arm. This being Rosie's debut role, she was brought in to replace Megan Fox who had allegedly commit career suicide. But there is zero, zilch explanation as to why she would be with LaBeouf's character. This girl is traffic stoppingly gorgeous, the word stunning invented for her and her ilk but unfortunately it would seem her talent, acting wise, ends there. She does have an ungodly ability in the midst of an intergalactic smack down to keep a jacket white though, which is handy. Having asked Aaron what he thought (He being 15 & she being a Victoria's Secret Goddess) he replied, she's a bit Blue Steel is she not? I love that kid more & more each day. He hit the nail on the head.

    Posted 22:19 | Tue 9th Aug 2011

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