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    'the same woman in every Malick movie ever: passive, child-like and defined by the love for their men.' Not sure if I agree with this statement. Chastain's Mrs. O' Brien in 'The Tree of Life' does not fall under this description. To label her as such would be an injustice. She is an emotionally wrought and complex character. I vaguely see your point about Holly in 'Badlands', but again find the description to be a gross over-simplification of her character. Can't wait to see To The Wonder. But the underwhelming reviews have me feeling slightly ominous.

    Posted 13:22 | Tue 5th Feb 2013
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    This review might as well be called "Gavin Burke is an idiot who is incapable of understanding art". Every movie Malick makes is the same, would you go back to Michael Bay you philistine hack.

    Posted 23:10 | Thu 7th Feb 2013
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    I have just registered with this website to comment on this. I have not been a great lover of Malick films. Art can be brief; it does not have to hit you over the head repatedly to get its message across. I will go to see this and, but at bit like T_Crowley, an a bit ominous, not due to the review but from past Malick experience. Also, more a comment on the nature of the comments below this review. T_Crowley disagrees with the review and states his case. Bertaut disagrees with the reviewer and descends into the realm of abuse. Clearly you fancy yourself as a film critic Bertaut, judging by some of your other posts. Funny though, when looking at your other "work" here (for I suspect that is what you think you are doing") your praise the same reviewer for Charlie Casanova, yet elsewhere you decry his apparently poor grammar. Does punctuation come into it Bertaut? Surely your comment should have ended with a question mark (or maybe you were trying to be rhetorical, eh?). Would a semicolon have been more suitable between same and world, rather than a comma. Play the ball Bertaut, not the man! Or is that too much a commoner reference for you to get?

    Posted 10:30 | Fri 8th Feb 2013
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    Well, I'm a Terrence Malick fan and I loved To The Wonder. Sure, it's not a film for everyone but Malick has always been a niche director. I thought it beautifully captured what it means to be in love. It's certainly a lot more honest than the manufactured love stories that come out of Hollywood.

    Posted 11:46 | Sat 23rd Feb 2013

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