Thor: The Dark World


Thor: The Dark World

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    Really enjoyed this. Loved the first one so was predisposed to like this one too. I'd agree with the review that the baddie plot is kind of irrelevant considering we've got Loki in the mix again doing what he does best but the film doesn't lose anything for that. I like that they've kept the two worlds in the film. Having Darcy et al holding the fort on earth works well against seeing more of Asgard. My only bugbear and I'm sure comic book fans wouldn't give a damn about this but I hoped to see a bit more of the Thor/Jane relationship. I thought there could at least be a few more scenes between the two of them and not to spoil the plot but she didn't offer any visible support in key moments of Thor's life in this which I thought was a bit strange. Not even a hug! Anyway, the film is well worth a look and it is laugh out loud funny in a lot of it. Good night's entertainment.

    Posted 15:14 | Thu 31st Oct 2013
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    Too much fiction here and a bit repeat of first movie and same genre and tough speeches like lord of the ring , scenes are good but not a great movie , no more than 3 stars from me , captain phlilips is a much better film

    Posted 19:00 | Sun 3rd Nov 2013
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    Another one to see, great in 3d, few funny lines, would definetly recommed it give it 7/10

    Posted 13:33 | Mon 4th Nov 2013
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    Not so much a great movie as a collection of great scenes held together by a weak story line and forgettable enemies who never really seemed very threatening. The amount of convenient situations that just happen to happen also take from this movie, you know the hero is never far from help, a way out of trouble or ever really beaten so there's on urgency to anything that happens. Loki steals the show hand saves this movie from being a 2 star mess but only just. 3/5 stars for me

    Posted 08:46 | Tue 5th Nov 2013

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