This Is 40


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    Terrible movie but on the plus side I got some great sleep during it!

    Posted 10:00 | Wed 13th Feb 2013
  • View Profile for FilmBuff76FilmBuff76

    A bit on the dull side allright. These characters should have stayed as supporting characters. Apatow really is indulging himself in the editing room though. 134 minutes for a comedy-drama? That's almost as long as a Transformers film.

    Posted 08:24 | Fri 15th Feb 2013
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    Very bleak and heavy movie, and not that funny. And I really cant understand how they were allowed to ruin the ending of LOST for anyone who hasnt seen it!

    Posted 20:08 | Tue 19th Feb 2013
  • View Profile for princess of lawprincess of law

    I thought this movie was great!! Put me in such a great mood it was a real feel good movie!! My boyfriend liked it too!!

    Posted 21:19 | Wed 6th Mar 2013

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