The Wolverine


The Wolverine

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  • View Profile for joeyjojojrshabadoojoeyjojojrshabadoo

    Completely agree incredibly boring, not quite as bad as origins but its up there, only good part was the sneak preview of days of future past...hopefully it'll live up to the hype

    Posted 12:19 | Sun 28th Jul 2013
  • View Profile for emsie1984emsie1984

    This movie is not worth seeing......just sneak in at the end to see the teaser for the new X-Men!

    Posted 08:11 | Thu 1st Aug 2013
  • View Profile for elleelle

    I disagree this movie is so worth seeing. it kept me entertained all the way up to the end and anyone who did not like the movie is obviously not a fan of the xman movies.

    Posted 20:23 | Wed 7th Aug 2013
  • View Profile for DoubleLetterDoubleLetter

    Incredibly boring. Nothing got to do with X-Men at all (two mutants in this incl. Wolverine himself). Its as if this was a Japanese movie that borrowed an American character. I couldn't WAIT for it to end I ran out the minute the credits came up - didn't even know there was a sneak peak =/

    Posted 13:16 | Thu 8th Aug 2013
  • View Profile for BrianBrian

    It tends to drag a bit but Hugh Jackman is good as always.

    Posted 03:40 | Sun 11th Aug 2013
  • View Profile for Right HereRight Here

    I was disappointed by this one and spent most of my time in the cinema waiting for it to end.

    Posted 17:20 | Tue 13th Aug 2013

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